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Monday, November 4, 1996

John and Barbara, after arriving at Tom and Margo's, find out that Martin has been injured in an apparent "mugging" by some "kids." Lisa tells Barbara she won't be going with her on their buying trip for Fashions to New Orleans, at least until she finds out the extent of Martin's injuries. Barbara balks, saying they always have fun on this trip and asks Martin if he can be without Lisa for a few days. John thinks that Martin is faking, but Bob assures him that his injuries are real. Lisa will be taking Martin home and that's final and leave. Everyone attacks John for not leaving Lisa alone, reminding him of his debacle in his engagement party for Lisa and the stunt he pulled during Ben's benefit party. John assures them that he and Barbara have proof that Martin is a fraud. Barbara explains her call to Aviation Authority and the faxed documents they sent her on Martin's pilot license. Tom asks if either of them talked to Martin about it. Barbara says she did, but didn't believe his explanation. Barbara also mentions her seeing Martin with Mai-Ling together everywhere, talking in Chinese about Lisa, Oakdale or Carly. Bob defends Martin by saying that since he grew up in Hong Kong, he would have learned the language. John asks how many people Martin would know in Oakdale to be taking in Chinese with? John also tells them about observing Martin having lunch with Chinese businessmen. Margo, Tom and Bob are not convinced. John asks Margo to check Martin out to prove him wrong. Call Interpol, FBI, whoever. Margo won't. John questions about the mugging... why did it happen? Nobody knows. John asks if he was robbed? Tom says no, but that he scared them off, put up a fight. John keeps pushing for an investigation. Tom says no, they have no proof to do so. It would be unethical and illegal without any kind of evidence. John questions if Tom cares about Lisa's well being at all, that she may be in danger. Bob offers that he agrees with Tom, there is nothing to go on. Martin certainly doesn't need Lisa's money, if that is what John is worried about. What could Martin be after? That's what John wants to know, maybe they will find out if they investigate him. Margo tells John to drop it, just bow out and don't interfere anymore. John tells them that he has no need to embarrass himself over Lisa again, so why would he lie? Why would Martin? John says that he plans to find out, with or without their help as he and Barbara leave.

Lisa gets Martin tucked into bed. Martin tells her he is sorry for not being able to cook the dinner he had planned for her. Lisa says that it's ok and that she'll have something brought up from the restaurant for them. Martin thanks her for saving him. Lisa won't hear of it, telling him that it's more like the other way around... him saving her since the first day they met. Later, Lisa tries to get Martin to eat, but he complains that it's too hard to chew. Lisa offers to make some bullion up for him, but he tells her that he's tired. Lisa agrees that he needs to sleep. Martin isn't sleepy, he just wants her to keep him company. He can't believe this happened to him. Lisa is sorry that she didn't see anything. Martin seems surprised. She does mention that an Asian man stopped to help her pick up one of the toys she dropped for Adam and Casey on her way back to him. The doorbell rings. Martin tells her to just ignore it, but she thinks it may be A.J. checking up on them. She opens it to find John barging in. She wants to know what he wants. He tells her it'll only take a minute and that he has something for her.

Paul and Sarah are working late in Paul's suite on EAS business. Paul is glad that the renovations are almost complete. It's getting tedious to keep putting business away so the maid won't throw something away by accident. Sarah tells him that she doesn't mind working there, it's an intimate environment. There's a knock at the door. Neither of them are expecting anyone. Paul opens the door to find Zoe, who came to collect on Paul's offer to take her to dinner. Paul tells her he's tired and doesn't want to go. Paul looks at Sarah who tells him not to look at her, she didn't put Zoe up to it. Zoe manages to talk Paul into dinner and has Sarah come along as well. At dinner, Zoe wants Paul to explain again what she will be doing for EAS. Paul explains that he will make her a big star. Zoe tells him she is already a star, but Paul says she will be a bigger star with EAS. Zoe wants to know how things are going. Paul says the system will be on-line soon and her on-the-air segments are almost complete. Sarah wants to leave, but dessert is coming so she stays, feeling left out. Zoe and Paul continue to talk business. He tells her the ad layouts are ready when she wants to stop by and see them. Zoe asks to see them now. Paul leaves to go upstairs and get them. Sarah wants to know what Zoe is up to? Why didn't she just jump in his lap? Zoe exclaims she "knew it" while Sarah continues complaining about how she doesn't like the way Zoe is acting with Paul, flirting, etc. Zoe claims she was just trying to get Paul out of his suite for a while, that he's been working too hard. Zoe admits her tactic was shameless. Sarah is worried that Paul doesn't know Zoe's real intention but Zoe thinks he does. Paul is a big boy. Sarah gets up to leave, but Zoe stops her. She wants to know if she and Paul make a good couple? Sarah doesn't think so and wants to know why Zoe needs to have every man she sees and that she really isn't interested in Paul. Zoe proclaims a "got ya" but Sarah tells her to "butt out" and that she isn't interested in Paul anymore than he is interested in her. Zoe wants to know how she would know if she doesn't go after him. If you don't someone else will. Sarah says it isn't her problem, but Zoe tells her it is unless Sarah wants to end up alone. Are you willing to fight for what you want or not?

Ryder, with Dani at the Hughes home, thinks her "genie" costume is really off the wall and will skip the "wishing" that she wanted him to make. Doorbell rings. Ryder goes to get it, hoping it's Nikki, but it's just more kids. Dani gives them candy and Ryder jumps out, scaring them. Ryder is depressed that even kids have more freedom than he does. Dani tells him that he was the hero and deserves a medal for saving her from Richard. Dani begins kicking herself again, saying that his probation/house arrest is all her fault, but Ryder says that it isn't. Three months will go fast, but will seem like a lifetime too. Dani offers horror movies and popcorn to make the evening go by. Doorbell rings again. Ryder gets the door as Dani goes to make popcorn. It's Nikki this time and he's obviously happy to see her. She's impressed with the makeup, but Ryder tells her that Dani took forever putting it on. He didn't think she was coming over. Margo offered to take care of the kids so she could come. They start kissing. Dani sees them. (She's not a happy camper about it either!) They come back to living room and Dani has the popcorn ready. Nikki tells Dani her costume is great. Was she going to a party? Dani says it was just for the kids coming to the door. Nikki offers to help Ryder now and Dani excuses herself (rather reluctantly) to make some phone calls. Nikki sees Ryder as he watches Dani leave the room to go upstairs. Jealousy mode comes in and Nikki mentions how "scantily clad" Dani was. Ryder says he wasn't paying attention. Nikki thinks it was her intent, but wonders why he isn't furious with her. Ryder explains that she has been apologizing and has been trying to make up for it. Nikki doesn't understand her, that everything has to be a 5-act greek tragedy. Ryder wants to know if Nikki only came over to talk about Nikki because he has something else in mind. They begin kissing again. Dani, who didn't go upstairs, hung back to eavesdrop and has a "plotting" look on her face. Ryder stops kissing Nikki only to start laughing. He has transferred some of the makeup on his face onto her. Nikki gets up to leave. Ryder doesn't want her to go, but she doesn't want to give Hal a reason to impose a curfew on her. Dani comes back down after Nikki leaves. Ryder tells her he's closing up the "candy store." Dani tells him that if there is anything she can do to make the situation any easier for him, to let her know and goes back upstairs to go to bed. Ryder stands there, not knowing what to make of it.

Lily, searching for proof of an accomplice at the lime pit, hears noises as the wind blows hard. Lily tells herself that it's just the wind/halloween jitters. A tree breaks at the trunk from the wind and falls down on top of her. Diego, huddled in the brush in shock, is torn on whether to help her as it would revealing as to why he happens to be there instead of at the hospital on an "emergency." Diego decides to help her. Lily tells him that she is having trouble breathing. Diego has her try to move her fingers and toes. He is relieved to know that she can and doesn't appear to have any spine trauma. Diego is unable to move the tree off of her, but manages to move it enough to allow her to breathe easier. Lily wants him to go for help, but he refuses to leave her side. He tries using he cellular phone to call for help but he's out of range. Diego thinks of using something to use as leverage to pick the tree up off the ground far enough for her to get out. He uses a big tree branch for leverage, but it snaps and the tree moves further onto Lily, making her pass out. Diego tries to get her to breathe small breaths, but she doesn't respond to him. He starts pushing at the tree, but it doesn't budge. He then begins digging next to her and soon can get his legs under the tree to give him additional leverage. Pushing with everything he can muster, he finally gets the tree to roll off her. Lily soon begins to breathe again and looks up at him, not a word is said.

Mike follows the woman that Diego met in the lime pit to the Stratford Arms. She gets her key from the front desk. Mike, waiting for the desk clerk to turn his back, follows her further. She goes into room 313 and Mike listens at the door. Mike goes back down to the lobby, waits for the clerk to turn his back again, and goes out the front door. He then comes back through the door, like he just arrived and goes to the desk. He tries to obtain the name of the woman in 313. The clerk tells him since he already has the number, just use the house phone to announce his arrival. Mike says he'll just wait for her to come down, since she was supposed to be "expecting" him. Mike stands arounds, then, like it hits him, goes back to the desk to explain to the clerk that he just met the woman at Yo's and he doesn't remember he name. Mike doesn't want to "lose" his chance with this woman and attempts to bribe the clerk to give her name. The clerk hands the money back to Mike and refuses to give the name, citing hotel policy. Mike knows he won't get anywhere with the clerk, devises another plan. He steps outside, sees the Valet Parking sign and comes back in to the desk. He tells the clerk his car is gone and that he told the valet parker he would only be inside a minute. The clerk says that Mike is wrong that valet parking is already closed. Mike says the sign is still up and that he talked with someone. He tells the clerk that, for his sake, the car better not have been stolen. The clerk goes outside to check and Mike goes behind the desk to find out the woman's name. She is registered as "Jane Smith." Mike figures that is probaby not her real name. Mike returns upstairs and knocks at the door, calling out her name, and gets no response. Mike tries the door, which opens, and looks inside.

Tuesday, November 5, 1996

John, who stopped by Lisa's, barges in to talk to her for just a minute because he has something for her. He hands her a video cassette. She wants to know what it is. John just tells her to watch it, not explaining any further. She doesn't want to view it. John decides to tell her that it's a video copy of the public apology he made at Ben's benefit party. Lisa gets upset and accuses him of having planned the whole thing. He tells her that the copy is from WOAK because the crew was there filming segments of the event. He still wants her to view it. John says they both need to get past the engagement fiasco. Lisa wants to know if he wants her to believe that he's sorry? Martin, at this point, is seen eavesdropping, standing behind the bedroom door. Lisa will believe John is sorry only if he leaves Martin alone. What did Martin ever do to you that you go around town dragging his name through the mud? John offers to Lisa that doesn't the "mugging" seem strange to her, just a little? They didn't take his wallet, money, anything. Lisa, furious at this point, tells John that she doesn't think it's strange and will never forgive him for what he's done. She kicks him out of her penthouse. Martin, smiling, returns to bed. At little later, we see Martin sitting on the couch in the living room talking to Mai-Ling on the phone. He tells her that he received her message, the one with three men beating him up. He tells her that he will do whatever the Cartel suggests that he do in order to get Lisa to begin Get Real shipments again. He suddenly changes the conversation as Lisa enters the room. He thanks the caller and hangs up. Lisa wants to know if he should be out of bed? He says he feels much better and wonders if it's time for another pill? Lisa gives him one and asks who it was on the phone. Martin explains that it was a friend of his from Hong Kong. Martin apologizes for Lisa missing her New Orleans trip again. Lisa tells him that Barbara will be ok by herself. She asks if he overheard the fight she had with John? He claims he didn't, must have dosed off. What did John want? Lisa didn't know, probably to mend fences. Lisa changes subject back to phone call, wanting to know what he friend wanted. Martin's friend wanted to know if Martin wanted use of his yacht. Lisa tells Martin he should go. She would easily go with him if she were able to get away. Martin tells her she can, but Lisa can't. Not with Barbara out of town and her responsibilites with Fashions, Mona Lisa, etc. Martin insists that she needs to get away and asks her when her last good vacation was. She says it was when she went to Hong Kong to set up manufacturing of Carly's line, but Martin argues that it really wasn't a vacation. He thinks the cruise will be good for her. Lisa points out that Bob wants him to rest and he wouldn't get any with her around. Martin tells her he doesn't want to go if she wasn't with him.

Zoe and Sarah, in the restuarant at Lakeview, are arguing about Paul. Zoe wants to know if Sarah is willing to fight for what she wants? Sarah only thinks of Paul as a business associate, not in a romantic way and that Zoe is way off base. Sarah points out to Zoe that it looks the same way between her and Ben. Zoe is telling Sarah about how good looking Paul is and how she should go for it when Paul returns with the ad campaign material. Paul wants to know "who" is good looking. Sarah scrambles to say that it was someone else in her past. Paul tells Zoe about the ad campaign and that he wants her to appear on the talk show circuit. Sarah says that she has a few agency contacts in New York and will set it up. Zoe announces that she is tired and wants to go. Sarah says she should be going too, but Zoe tries to get her to stay and hammer out the ad campaign with Paul. Sarah gives Zoe a "stop it" look and says that she can work on it tomorrow. Paul tells them he's going to go take care of the check and walk them both to their cars. Zoe gets upset that Sarah isn't working with her help to get Sarah alone with Paul. Sarah tells Zoe to just butt out, and leave the restaurant. Later, back at the Kasnoff house, Zoe explains to Sarah the reason she is helping is because Sarah helped her so much to get her career of the ground and that she's trying to repay the favor by showing her how much Sarah cares about Paul. Sarah wants to know what her problem is. Zoe points out that Emily is playing hard ball, but Sarah is nowhere to be found in the game. Sarah tells Zoe that Emily wants her to back off. She not in competition with Emily. Zoe doesn't understand Sarah... she's fallen hard for Paul, but why won't you go after him? Sarah says that Emily is beautiful, and she's not. Zoe says she is, but Sarah tells Zoe that people say it just so they can get close to Zoe. Sarah says that men aren't attracted to her. Zoe accuses Sarah of being afraid. Sarah wants to know of what? You're afraid to admit that you love Paul. Sarah finally admits that she is, but that it won't do any good. Zoe wants her to say it again. Sarah says she cares for Paul, but it's a lost cause. Sarah thinks that if she had a chance, it would have happened by now. Zoe thinks that Sarah needs to show a different side of herself. (Can you say MAKEOVER???)

Paul, after walking Zoe and Sarah out, returns to his suite. Emily is laying in a relaxed position on the couch, but Paul doesn't see her. He picks up the phone and makes a call overseas. As Paul waits for the person he wants to talk to, Emily asks, surprising Paul, if he ever thinks about anything other than business. He asks her how she got in and why? Emily shows him a letter, and then reads it aloud. It was a letter Paul wrote to her after the first time they made love. Paul is surprised by it. He thought all the letters they ever wrote to each other were burned long ago by them. Emily tells him that she found it tonight and it took her back again to a time when she felt happy. Paul doesn't want to talk about it, that he has better things to do. Emily agrees, walks up to him and they kiss. Paul pulls back. (This is the 2nd time he's done that to her... you think she would get the hint!) He asks her to leave. Emily asks him if he remembers how things used to be when he wrote that letter. He does, but things are different now. Emily says they aren't for her. Paul is the only one who made her feel loved whereas James made her feel cheap. Emily thought that she didn't deserve him at the time she broke off their engagement. She doesn't believe that he doesn't care about her anymore. Paul tells her that he doesn't know what would have happened if she hadn't broken off the engagement. Emily asks him if he is still angry. Paul says it isn't that, he doesn't have feeling for her anymore. Emily tells him that could change if he just gives it a try. Emily smiles. Paul tells her that she was always beautiful when she smiled. He thought she was always beautiful, even more now. Paul feels good to have cleared the air. Emily agrees. Paul tells her goodnight and opens the door so she can leave. As she goes, she tells him that the funny thing about love is that comes and goes whether you want it to or not.

Mike, at the Stratford Arms where he followed the mystery woman talking to Diego, knocks at her door. When he doesn't receive a reply, he tries the door and looks inside. Not seeing anyone immediately, he goes in and looks around. He find a window open that leads to the fire escape. (Drats! Gone as fast as she appeared!)

Lily and Diego enter the kitchen at the Snyder Farm. Lucinda is there, hysterical. Lily asks where Luke is. Lucinda tells her that she just put him down to bed. Lucinda is furious with Lily going out the lime pit alone and that Luke almost lost his mother tonight. Lily leaves to go check on Luke. Lucinda talks to Diego. She tells him she was scared when Diego called to say that he rescued Lily. Lucinda believes that Umberto maybe still alive and is trying to reach out to Lily after what Umberto did to Damian. Lucinda feels that Lily is obsessed with Umberto again. Diego tells Lucinda he feels like Lily's guardian angel. Diego doesn't know what he would have done if he had lost Lily. Lily returns from check on Luke. Lucinda wants Lily to be checked out by John right now. Lily assures her that she is fine, but if it would make her feel better, she will see John tomorrow at the hospital for a check up. Lucinda says goodnight and leaves. Diego turns and gives Lily a big hug. Mike arrives at the farm and knocks at the door. Lily is surprised to see him. He looks at Lily, dirty and brused from her ordeal, and asks what happened. Lily tells him she went to the lime pit. She saw on a movie Lucinda rented about someone bailing out of a car before a crash and began to think that Mike may be right. She tried calling him before she left, but he wasn't home. She went out there and while she was looking around, a tree fell and part of it pinned her down. If it wasn't for Diego, she would be dead. Mike tells her that he's glad she is ok. Mike starts to lecture her about going somewhere alone, but Lily stops him, she already had this lecture from Lucinda. Lily wants to change clothes and goes back upstairs. After she is gone, Diego starts to make coffee. Mike asks Diego how he happened to save Lily if he was supposed to be taking care of an emergency at the hospital? Diego tells him he was on his way back to Cal's when he saw Lily's car off on the side of the road and went to check it out. Mike thinks about it a second and tells him it isn't possible since the lime pit is out of the way to Cal's. Diego changes his story to say that he had received a second emergency call and as he was going there, saw Lily's car. He called back to the hospital to have someone else take the call, so he could check on Lily. Tempers start to get heated and they are practically screaming at each other. Diego wants to know what Mike is accusing him of. Lily would be dead if it weren't for him. Mike says he isn't accusing him of anything and understands it's been a rough night. Lily comes back down, wondering what all the shouting is about, as she can hear them upstairs. Lily asks Mike why he stopped by. Mike tells her it isn't important anymore and can wait until later. She wants to know if it pertained to Umberto. He doesn't say anything, just that it can wait because she has had such a rough night. Diego assures Mike that he will make sure Lily is fine before he leaves. Mike says goodnight and walks out. Later, after Lily has had a shower, Diego asks if she wants him to stay. Lily assures him that she will be fine. Diego accuses her of not being able to put Umberto behind her. She's obsessed and could have died because of it. What would have happened to Luke if that had happened? Diego wants her to promise to put it behind her, but she can't. She explains that going to the lime pit wasn't on a impulse, and that she has been thinking about it for some time. She thinks that Umberto is still alive.

Lucinda, returning from the Snyder farm, talks to John. John tells her that Martin was beaten up from some kind of mugging but that he doesn't buy a word of it. John can't believe that Lisa is nursing him back to health. Lucinda wants to know why John was at Lisa's. John claims he's trying to receive atonement from her. John tells her about the proof Barbara got about Martin's pilot's license. Lucinda asks if Lisa knows about it, but John tells her no. He tells her that Martin claims that the reason he didn't tell Lisa that he was an experience pilot was to restore Lisa's faith in men. John tells Lucinda it was like the time Martin duped her. Lucinda points out that Martin didn't get duped by him, only that Martin's family didn't think that Mary Ellen (Lucinda back then) wasn't suitable as a wife for Martin. John tells Lucinda that Martin has even moved into the penthouse, probably for the "kill." Lucinda wants to know what that could be, but John doesn't know. Why does Lisa trust him? John doesn't want to see Lisa get hurt. John feels, in a perverse way, that he owes Lisa. He blames himself. Lisa would have never have gotten involved with Martin if he hadn't embarrassed her at their engagement party and needed to leave town to get over it. Lucinda points out that the reason John did it was because Lisa was trying to end John's medical career. John doesn't know what Martin could be after and Lisa may be in danger because of it.

Wednesday, November 6, 1996

Zoe is seen talking on the phone with someone, asking if they are ready for her and Sarah. Zoe says great and that they will be there soon and hangs up. Zoe comments to Sarah about how she has been eating ever since she told Zoe about her feelings about Paul. Sarah wishes that she had never told Zoe. Zoe tells her that they are a team and that she has a plan. The doorbell rings and Sarah open the door to find John standing there. He wants to talk to Sarah for a few minutes. She asks him if he remembers Zoe? He does and says hello to her. He wants to talk to them about Lisa. He and Lisa are family and has been concerned about her recently. He understand that they spent some time with Lisa while in Hong Kong. They told him that they met her while on a photo shoot. They want to know what John is worried about. John tells them that Lisa picked "something" up in Hong Kong. Sarah asks if it was a virus, but John tells her it is more like a fever that Lisa can't get rid of, seems to be serious. Sarah asks if the fever has a name and John says that it goes by the name of Martin Chedwick. Zoe and Sarah just look at each other. Zoe says that Lisa seemed very fond of Martin while in Hong Kong. John wants their perspective since they were around the time Lisa first met Martin. Sarah tells him that Martin helped her considerably. She also tells him that Lisa's purse was stole just after she got off the plane and Martin got it back for her. John muses that Martin came to Lisa's rescue again. He asks if Martin caught the person who took Lisa's purse. All either of them knew was that Martin returned her purse later that night. They didn't know how he got it back. They ask if Lisa is having a problem with Martin? John replies that he is having a problem with him. He thinks that Lisa is getting carried away with Martin. He wants to know if Martin did anything else? Sarah tells him that Martin helped her with business matters. He didn't want her getting involved with anyone "shady" and introduced her to Mr. Quan, who set up the production line for her. John is intrigued that everyone Lisa is doing business with in Hong Kong is somone that Martin is friends with. It appears that Lisa is very dependent on Martin. Sarah wants to know if Martin did something to John, that you suspect him of something? John tells her not yet and thanks them. He leaves. Sarah asks Zoe what that was all about. Sarah wonders if maybe they should call Lisa. Zoe tells her that it appears John is "green" with envy over Martin's relationship with Lisa. Zoe asks Sarah if she has ever been jealous? Sarah says she doesn't know. What about Emily? Zoe thinks that Sarah should do something about that. She asks Sarah if she wants to know about Zoe's plan. Sarah says she doesn't but Zoe tells her anyway... Zoe is going to subject her to a MAKEOVER! (Didn't I say that a couple of days ago?) Zoe doesn't think Sarah likes that plan. Sarah asks Zoe about the reason Zoe wants her to do a makeover. Is because she can't compete with Emily? Zoe says no, it's because Paul has gotten used to seeing her the way she is now. He just needs a dramatic shock to see the other side of you. Zoe tells her to trust her and they leave.

Lisa, who finds Martin out of bed, sitting the the living room, doesn't think he should stay in bed. Martin says that he is fine. Lisa still can't believe that he was beaten and says that if Bob thinks it's ok, he should go on the cruise his Hong Kong friend offered. She is sorry that she won't be able to go. Martin tells her that it would mean alot to him. She can't think of anything better than to sail the South Pacific with him, but she really can't go, not with Barbara in New Orleans and with Get Real's problems. Martin stresses that once Carly's designs are back on the racks and with Barbara back in a few days, this is the perfect time to get away. She understands, but says it's just not feasable at this time and that he should just go alone. Martin asks if there is another reason why she won't go? Lisa says no, like what? Martin thinks that maybe it was her talk with John? Lisa tells him that she doesn't listen to anything John has to say anymore, especially where Martin is concerned. She wants to know if Martin thinks she has doubts about him? Martin admits he was wondering about that. Lisa says she doesn't, just has a lot of things to take care of. Martin points out that an opportunity like this doesn't come up often. It would do her alot of good to go. He can add the islands of Bora Bora and Bally, if she wants. Lisa says that she's always wanted to go to those islands. Martin says that they are so beautiful that he can't describe them to her. If it would make her feel better, they would have separate suites. Lisa proclaims that Martin is making it harder to say no. Martin winces in pain a moment (for dramatic purposes, of course) and Lisa makes him take another pain pill. She wants to see those "thugs" put in jail for what they did to Martin, but he just thinks it would be a lost cause. Lisa says she has to go to fashions for a while and will be back to fix him lunch. She leaves to get ready. The phone rings and Martin answers it. It's Barbara. He asks how New Orleans is? Things are fine but she wants to talk to Lisa. Martin asks if here is a problem? No problem, she just wants to talk to Lisa. Martin lies and tells her that Lisa has already left and doesn't know when she will be back. Barbara just wants him not to forget to tell Lisa she called. He tells her he won't and hangs up. The doorbell rings. Lisa comes out of her bedroom to answer it. It's a package being delivered for Martin. Lisa is really curious and wants to know if he's going to open it? Martin doesn't want to and Lisa makes a joke about him making it seem like it could be a bomb or something since he's reluctant to open it. (Grabs your attention, doesn't it, in light of Martin's wounds) He finally opens the box. Inside is a smaller box which he opens to find an assortment of Chinese herbs. Lisa picks one up and smells it. Martin tells her this must have come from his friend in Hong Kong he talked to the night before. He finds an hourglass with a note attached, that Lisa doesn't see, which says that time is running out. Martin changes the subject back to the cruise and makes a final plea. He just wants the two of them to get away... please trust me. Lisa just gives him a big smile. She says she doesn't know what to say. Martin wants an answer right now. Lisa finally agrees to go and wants to know when he planned to leave. Martin wants to leave right now!

Mark talks with an employee at Kasnoff Construction about adding ten men so they can bring the EAS project in on time. Diego enters as the employee leaves. Diego tells Mark he needs his help about Lily. He wants to add something special to the house for Lily and Luke and will pay whatever Mark thinks is fair. Diego wants Mark to build a dog house that is a replica of the main house because he will be getting Luke a puppy once they move in. It's meant as something new for Lily to focus on since she is so obsessed about Umberto. Diego explains to Mark the events of the previous evening at the lime pit. He trying to encourage her to focus on Luke. Mark will do what he can to help. Diego also tells Mark that he is having Mike add something to the interior of the house for Lily, but had to tell a little lie about it. Mark looks at him funny. Diego explains night he went out to lime pit but didn't want Lily to know about it. Mike had confronted him about it and to protect Lily to her that what Mike and him were talking about. Mark comments that it looks like Lily means alot to Diego. He replies that she does. Mark says that's it's obvious. Diego hopes that it's the same. She's strong and needs to put Umberto behind her, but Mike won't let it go. Mark agrees that Mike has been headstrong about it. Diego asks Mark to convince Mike to just drop it. Mark says he'll try, but that he can't guarantee results. Diego thanks him and leaves. Later, Mike shows up at the office. Mark tells him that the EAS project looks like it's on schedule and has customers knocking at the door now... Diego was just here. Mike wants to know what he wanted. Mark explains about the dog house and that Diego wants Mike to drop the Umberto investigation for Lily's sake. Mike tells Mark about Diego's encounter with the mystery woman. He followed her to the Stratford Arms and when he went in to her room, she was gone. Mark thinks Mike should tell Lily. Mike says that he needs to get more information about this woman before he can tell Lily. He leaves and heads to Sparky's Garage. He asks Sparky if he's willing to help him get Luty Bell ready to take to the track. Sparky sure is.

Mike stops by the Snyder farm to talk to Lily. Is she alone? Diego isn't there and didn't spend the night if that's what he meant. Lily asks why he wanted to know. Mikes doesn't think Diego is the man Lily thinks he is. She wants to know why. Mike, comments that this isn't easy. She wants to know if this is why he came by last night. He says yes and that he should have said something while Diego was there. It concerns the lime pit last night. Lily jumps in at sand that if Diego hadn't seen her car, she'd probably be dead right now. As she was explaining why she went out there, Mike flashes back to Diego meeting up with the mystery woman. Lily snaps Mike out his trance and says that she thinks she knows Diego better than he does. Mike is concerned about Diego's push of her dropping the search for evidence of Umberto. Mike tells her than he can't shake the feeling that the person who died in the car was not Umberto, no matter if there is hardly any evidence to prove otherwise. Lily agrees with him. Mike thinks that's great news, thought she dropped all interest. He wants to get back to going gangbusters on the idea but Lily refuses to get involved. She says she was almost killed and that this obsession is ruining her life. She needs to be there for Luke. Mike doesn't want her to give up, and that there is a lot more to Damian's death. He doesn't want her to regret it later and pick up on a trail that would be dead cold later. Lily wants to know what all this has to do with Diego. Mike knows that she and Diego are getting closer and he wants her to be happy. He didn't think she would ever get over Damian. Lily says she hasn't but that Diego helps her keep going. She asks if there is something that Mike isn't telling her. He came thinking that she was giving up. Diego has been pushing her to drop it since the accident. Mike thinks Umberto is trying to throw them and police off the track by staging death. Lily tells him that Luke is her first priority and that nothing else matters. Mike gets ready to say something else, but stops. Lily sensed it and wants him to just say whatever he has to say. He tells her to keep her eyes open. He knows how she feels about Diego and doesn't want her hurt again. Lily tells him that Diego has helped her put her life back together. Mike says he's sorry and leaves. Later, Lily takes Luke out to the pond. Diego shows up, looks at her expression on her face and asks if everything is ok? She says she fine. She says that Mike stopped by to talk to her. Diego looked worried. They talked about Umberto and Mike picking up where they left off but Lily tells Diego she doesn't want to pursue it. He asks if they had a fight. Lily says they did, but she's not mad at him, he just said some things she didn't like. Mike just wants what's best for her. Diego tells her that he wants the same thing. They kiss. Diego sees a beauty in her eyes.. of joy and hope. Lily says it's hope. They go back to kissing.

Thursday, November 7, 1996

Paul spent most of the episode trying to fight back images of his father, interferring with his work, as he had lunch in the Lakeview restaurant. Emily, who was having lunch with Susan, watched him as he struggled. He appeared like he was dealing with an imaginary friend.

Emily invited Susan to lunch to give her advice (which doesn't work for her) that she needs to find somebody or she will be alone the rest of her life. Emily was using this as a "stepping stone" to get an account for Worldwide by setting up her mother up on a date with the client, but Susan wanted nothing to do with it.

Sarah completes her makeover. Zoe took her to a place that poked, proded, weighed, measured and questioned everything about her. She was uncomfortable at first, but well worth the wait. She comes out feeling better about herself not to mention looking good!

Martin and Lisa get ready to head to the yacht in Hong Kong to sail the South Pacific. Barbara talks to Lisa who tells her not to go because Martin isn't the man she thinks she is. Lisa is convinced that John has gotten to Barbara with his nonsense and hangs up on her. Barbara decides to leave New Orleans and return to Oakdale. She is going to show Lisa the proof about Martin's pilot license.

Hopefully Friday will be a much better day!!

Friday, November 8, 1996

It was a busy day, so I'll just take a big breath and away we go...

Jones stops by Kasnoff Construction office to talk to Mark. She thinks that maybe he hasn't been completely honest with her. Mark doesn't know what she's talking about. She hands him the plans she found in a closet. He tells her that it was supposed to be a surprise for her. They plans are for the new house he promised to build her. She balks that they were supposed to make the plans together. He says they are, but the plans she found are just something to start from. He also tells her that he's found a couple of land plots that he found so she can pick one. She feels bad, and wants a "guided tour" of the house. Mark starts walking her through how he invisions each room. The phone rings. It's Paul, telling him how impressed he is about how fast things are coming along. Mark says he's got his best men on the project so they can meet the deadline. Mark returns to complete the tour for Jones. At the end, he picks her up so he can carry her over the "threshold." She thinks it's wonderful. Mark tells her to speak up now if she has any changes, but she doesn't have any. During the tour, Mark mentioned children. Jones wants to know how many he wants. He thinks two will be enough. Mark wants to make a good life for her and the kids, with a big backyard for them to play and climb trees, etc. She comments that Mark must really love her. He says he does and that things can't get any better.

Nikki stops by Sparky's Garage after getting a message from Ryder. He needs her help to get out of the house arrest for the night. Nikki won't let him violate parole. He tells her that nobody will find out. She reminds him that he has to carry the pager and call from either home or work within ten minutes or they come to pick him up, no exceptions. If he gets caught, the judge will send him to jail. She wants to know why they are even talking about it. He tells her it's risk free and that nothing bad is going to happen. She wants to know how he can be so sure. That's why he needs her. Mike is racing at Cedarville tonight and wants Ryder to be a pit mechanic for him. It's been a big dream for Ryder and didn't think about telling Mike that he is under house arrest. Ryder wants her to wear the pager and if it goes off to call the officer and give an excuse why he can't come to the phone. Nikki doesn't think that the officer will believe her. She wants to know why he can't carry the pager. He tells her that the cars and crowd will be loud and they don't have a flag to hold the race while he answers a stupid page. Nikki doesn't want him to go, but he tells her he has to. Opportunities like this don't come around often. Nikki wants him to call the judge and explain the situation and see if the judge will cut him a slack. Ryder doesn't want to take the chance. He tells Nikki to put herself in his position. Do you think Mike won't get someone else to do the job? There are plenty of guys who would give anything to be in the pits and he doesn't want to miss out. Ryder says he's going with out without her help. Whatever she decides, he'll understand.

Martin tells himself that he's going to take Lisa away and won't come back until he has control of Get Real (It is undetermined if he was flashing back to a conversation or not.) Lisa comes in with his luggage ready. He wants to leave for airport now so they can relax before they leave, but Lisa wants to stay there at the penthouse. Besides, she promised Barbara that she would wait. Martin suggests that Lisa defers to Barbara and won't do anything without her approval. Lisa denies it. Barbara doesn't approve of this trip, but Lisa is going anyway. Martin wants to know why they are waiting then. Lisa says that Barbara sounded upset and, as a friend, wants to find out what is wrong. Martin suggests that he knows what wrong with Barbara. A little later, Lisa tells him that their bags are downstairs and the she called for the car to be brought around. Lisa wants Martin to elaborate on what he thinks is wrong with Barbara. He tells her that he thinks Barbara is jealous of their relationship since it didn't work out between Barbara and Martin. He thinks that since Barbara has separated from Hal, she has been lonely. Lisa doesn't think Barbara would give into jealousy since they are best friends. Martin points out that people change, especially when the want the same thing. Martin tells her the car is waiting. Lisa hates to leave before Barbara comes back. Martin thinks that there is a chance Barbara will persuade Lisa not to go, that she is too involved in Lisa's life. Lisa thinks that there is some truth to that. She admits that Barbara hasn't had the best luck with men. Martin thinks Barbara has given up and isn't interesting in anyone and Martin won't let her get in their way.

John waits for Barbara at the airport. Her plane is late. John asks why she didn't call him from the plane, but Barbara tells him not to start. He wants to know why she didn't just tell Lisa over the phone about Martin. She says that Lisa wouldn't believe her without proof. They leave for Lisa's. On the way, John's car gets a flat and he doesn't have a spare. As they walk to get help, Barbara breaks a heel and they stop to rest a minute. John wonders why she took the only copy of the license with her. Barbara didn't think Martin was going to move so fast, he was practically on his "death bed" the day before. John tells her about his visit with Zoe and Sarah earlier in the day. John talks about finding out that Martin came to Lisa's rescue in her purse snatching, but Barbara already knew about it. John tells her he thinks it was all set up by Martin. Barbara thinks about it a moment and thinks John may be right. John asks if she knows the people Lisa is doing business with in Hong Kong. She knows some of them. John wants to know if they were all recommended by Martin. She says it wouldn't surprise her. He tells her that, as Lisa's partner, she should check them out. As she nods, she hears a truck approaching, jumps up and, hiking her skirt up a bit, gets him to stop and give them a ride. When the finally get to Lisa's, Barbara tells him how much of a gentleman he was to sit in the back with the chickens. (What a great smell...) John admits it was a relief to hear them squak. The ring the doorbell, no response. Barbara hopes they didn't leave yet. John and Barbara call out to her as they knock and ring the doorbell. They don't notice an envelope on the floor by the door.

Connor is seen exercising in her suite. There's a knock at the door. Connor stops momentarily to open the door, without seeing who it is, and gets back to exercising. Kirk enters, commenting that she looks movtivated. As she finishes up, he says that even though she's been researching business ideas, he has one that can't miss. He has a way to help Paul make EAS bigger than Paul ever thought of. He explains that they will mass market to a different demographic that what Paul is working on, focus on the non-peak morning hours. Connor can't see why Paul would want their help. Kirk points out that it is a market that Paul has neglected. It would generate less profit, but at the same time would cost less to produce. Connor likes the idea that Kirk has obviously put some time into researching. Kirk tells her to get into a power suit as they have a meeting with Paul soon. Once they get into the meeting, Kirk tells Paul that he has made some bad moves with Kingsley/Malta and Worldwide. Paul says he knows about the embezzeling. Kirk asks that he hear them out. Connor and Kirk take turns talking. Connor says that they and Paul have worked in the past and know how to produce results. They would like to buy the overnight hours. They would take all the risks, deal with vendors and handle all details. They present the numbers for Paul to look over, which includes protection for Paul should it fail. They believe that while the demographics are different, it still has the potential for big buying power. Paul is impressed with their idea, zeroing in on the one gap in his plan. He thinks it will work. They want to move onto the next section of their presentation but Paul wants to run it by Sarah first, but she hasn't been in yet. Paul gets up to call her, gets the answering machine again and just leaves a message, telling her to get there right away. Paul apologizes to Connor and Kirk about Sarah being tied up. He will call them back with a decision once he talks it over with her. They look forward to hearing from them soon. Paul tells them their proposal has merit and Sarah will like it too. Connor says they will wait for the go-ahead. When they do, Kirk will take care of the technology and she will take care of the creative/production end. Paul says that's fine and he will work closely with Kirk and Connor will work closely with his construction and designers. (Can we guess who that will be?!) Connor and Kirk leave.

Paul, remembering images with James at the Lakeview restaurant, realizes that James may be right about Anthony Tilton (orginal backer of EAS but now fronting for Lucinda) controlling an awfully large block of stock. He decides to have Sarah call and talk to him. He calls Sarah only to get the answering machine. He leaves a message, wondering where she could be, and why doesn't she answer. Scene changes to Sarah and Zoe staring at answering machine. Zoe asks her why she doesn't answer and talk to him, but Sarah says she isn't ready yet. What if he sees through the makeover and it backfires on me? She's afraid that Paul won't take her seriously anymore. Zoe asks if that isn't what she wanted in the first place. She wants Paul to respect what she brings to EAS. Zoe tells her that she is allowed to show another side of herself to him. Zoe wants Sarah to make him notice her, but Sarah is nervous. Zoe assures her that Paul will go crazy about her so she should just relax. Zoe comments that she thinks Sarah is afraid with being beautiful. Sarah doesn't think that appearance should be a big deal, and doesn't want to pin all her hopes on the makeover. Zoe tells her that she has all that and brains too. If she cares about Paul as much as she says she does, then maybe she should circulate, make him jealous. Zoe says that her attitude and how she carries herself will make Paul wonder how you did it. First he'll think it's the dress, then he'll think it is the makeup and then, as Zoe guarantees, he will see her differently from now on, and isn't that what she wanted? Sarah smiles. The phone rings again and Sarah knows it's Paul. Zoe wants her to answer it, but she says she can't. The machine answers and it is Paul. He says that he has some people there who have a proposal for them on the table and needs her input and she needs to come down there right away. Zoe wants to know if Sarah's plan is to just ignore Paul. If it is, she wants her money back from the makeover. The doorbell rings. Zoe opens the door and Ben enters. He doesn't get a big welcome and wonders if they were expecting someone else. He sees Sarah and asks what happened? Sarah gets upset and walks away. He asks her if he said something wrong? Sarah says yes. Is it the makeup, too heavy? He tells her she looks terrific, but now she thinks he's just being nice. He tells her that if it looks like he's shocked, it's just that she isn't the "little Sarah" he used to know. He fumbles on how she looks and Zoe helps by saying beautiful. Ben agrees. Sarah asks if he really means it. He does. Sarah tells him it was Zoe's doing, taking her to Chicago. He says she looks great. Zoe sends Ben into the kitchen to get them some water. When he's gone, Zoe points out that she got an unsolicited approval from a M-A-N. She smiles and picks up the phone to call Paul. Paul tells her that he needs her now. Sarah says it isn't a good time. Paul says they have things that have to be discussed today. Sarah wants to meet in private first, to make sure they are on the same wavelength. Paul wants her to meet him in the Lakeview Terrace. She says she'll be there as soon as possible. Zoe sends her upstairs to get ready.

Ben returns with water for Sarah and Zoe. Zoe says she isn't thirsty anymore, but Ben tells her to drink up. It's good for her and besides, it's doctor's orders. Ben asks where Sarah is. Zoe tells him that she left to take care of something. He admits that Sarah looked great, had it going on. Zoe says that the only thing she did was take her to Chicago, the spa did the rest. Ben tells her that you got Sarah to do something for herself and she doesn't do that too often. You're a good friend. Zoe asks why Ben stopped by. He wanted to talk to Mark to get his opinion on the clinic blueprints. Zoe asks to see them, seeing as she helped in the design. Ben tells her no, they are only blueprints. Zoe goes ballistic, just because she's a model she must be too stupid to know how to read them. Ben says he didn't mean it like that. Zoe says he did, but doesn't want him to apologize, he'll only make it worse. The phone rings. Zoe answers it. She tells a caller she doesn't identify that she didn't forget and that's it's important to her too. Ben looks intruigued. She goes on to tell the caller that she'll be there and then hangs up. Ben asks if everything is ok. She says everything is fine, just make yourself comfortable. Mark will be here soon. Ben asks if she is sure since she looks edgy. She tells him it isn't anything she can't handle, grabs her coat and leaves.

Paul waits for Sarah in the Terrace. He sees flowers everywhere and asks an employee nearby what is going on. She tells him that an engagement party is going to be held here. Paul, surprised, asked if people still do that. She tells him that yes, there are still some optimists in the world and walks off. Sarah enters. She comments that it looks like their too early for the party. Paul turns around to see Sarah in a short cut cocktail dress. She asks him if he's ready to get that drink. Paul just stands there, mouth open in shock.

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