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Monday, October 21

John arrived at Lisa's birthday party, unwanted, and tried to tell Lisa that he had something important that she needed to know. Lisa didn't want to have anything to do with him. Martin then announced that it was time to move to the next segment of his surprise party. Lisa, Martin, Barbara, Tom, Margo, Bob, Kim, and Nancy got into waiting cars, leaving John. Lisa was taken to an elegantly decorated room while circus performers demonstrated their acts.

While mingling around, Martin's female friend from Hong Kong, posing as a food server, stopped to talk to him. Surprised, Martin asked why she was there. She told him that the cartel was losing faith in him.

John also made a surprise visit and motioned Barbara to step out and talk to him. He told her that he had hard evidence that Martin was after Lisa, but since Lisa wouldn't listen to him, he wanted Barbara to tell her. Barbara wasn't convinced. John couldn't understand why she would stand by while Martin scammed Lisa deeper and deeper.

Martin, meanwhile, talked with the operator of the circus performers. The operator wanted to know if his check was ready. Martin claimed that since he had been so busy getting the surprise ready for Lisa, he hadn't had time. He said he would add a bonus and pay him the next morning. After the guy left, Martin's friend returned to scold him for wasting the cartel's money on a bonus.

John returned to give Barbara a piece of paper with both a telephone and a license number written down on it. John asked Barbara to call that number and ask about the license number. He said it would enlighten her about Martin.

Connor asked Kirk for some advice about what to do with Mark, since she thought there were major problems in Mark's relationship with Jones. Connor wanted to warn Mark that she thought Jones was trying to take advantage of him. Jones had claimed to Connor that everything was just fine between her and Mark, even though Connor had overheard a conversation between Jones and a saleswoman that she was having problems with her "boyfriend." Kirk was convinced that Connor was jealous, which Connor later admitted. She wanted to convey to Mark that even though he and Jones were having problems, he could turn to Connor for support.

Kirk was convinced that Connor was still in love with Mark, even though she still loved Cal and was torn between the two. Kirk suggested that since Cal was doing fine, she should stop feeling guilty for lying to Cal that she wasn't in love with Mark, even though she still was. Connor called to talk to Mark, but all she got was the answering machine. Connor chalked it up to fate and assumed that somebody was trying to tell her that she wasn't meant to be with anyone. Kirk tried to keep her spirits up by telling her she had to go and fight for the man she loved.

Kirk wondered if Connor was being objective with the situation. Connor believed that Mark might still be on the rebound. Kirk asked her if she was still in love with Mark. She said she was, and Kirk told her to go out and find Mark and talk to him. Connor went to the Kasnoff home but found no one there. She found a note for Sarah that explained that Mark had "gone to heaven" and would be back in a few days.

Mark and Jones made plans to get away from Oakdale and be alone together. Jones packed a few things, and then they made a stop at Mark's to get a few things for him. Mark talked to Mike on the phone and asked him to "hold the fort" while he was gone. He then left a note for Sarah outside the front door, and they left town.

Mark and Jones arrived at their "getaway," which was nicely furnished. They turned down the lights and lit a few candles. Jones excused herself, and Mark lit the remaining candles, arranging them all around the room. Jones emerged from the bathroom in a long white lingerie gown.

Diego, who was hiding from Mike in the bushes at the lime pit, snapped a twig and was almost discovered, but threw Mike off the trail. Diego returned to the Snyder Farm, out of breath, and ran into a surprised Lily. She wondered if the reason he had stopped by was to ask her why she hadn't wanted to go to Spain with him, but he said he wanted to apologize to her if it had seemed like he was pressuring her to go. He told her she meant a lot to him, whatever happened. She said she felt the same way, but asked him "What's going on?" She sensed something just wasn't right, but Diego assured her that everything was fine; he was just disappointed that they were not going to Spain.

Mike then showed up, and Lily wondered why. He said he had been looking around the lime pit to check something out. He told her that it felt like someone had been there, even though he hadn't found anyone. Mike then let her know that the path around the lime pit was a shortcut to a fish hatchery, but Diego interrupted him to say that it would explain the trampled brush around the road

Mike assured Lily that he wouldn't be driving himself nuts over the crash anymore. Just as Mike started to leave, he pointed out some brush that was hooked on Diego's jacket. Upon pulling it off, Mike looked it over then glared at Diego. Diego claimed he had just been at the Snyder pond, lying on the ground and looking at the stars. Mike took the brush with him as he left. Diego and Lily said goodnight, and Diego turned to watch Mike leave.

Tuesday, October 22, 1996
Ben went home to his new loft and found Zoe lying on top of his new bed in the middle of the floor. Ben wanted to know what she was doing there and how she had gotten in. She said the super had let her in, and she was there waiting so they could gather ideas about decorating. He asked if she liked the place, and she replied she did. Zoe, still blushing, offered that she was only checking out how soft the mattress was, as he could hurt his back if the mattress was too soft.

Ben didn't seem to buy that idea, but asked her what kind of ideas she had for decorating. She thought some contemporary art, some leather chairs in the corner, and maybe a few spiking plants. Ben didn't want the plants because they required too much attention. Zoe thought that he meant he wouldn't have enough attention for anyone. Ben said it applied only to plants, not people. He said he didn't want anything fancy, but maybe a great big picture of Zoe to hang on the wall.

Jessica showed up later and saw the bed she had recommended to Ben. Zoe turned to ice and said hello to her. Jessica said she had only dropped by to give Ben the loan papers and the title of the loft for his signature. Discussion returned to decorating, and Zoe announced that she didn't think the bed would go with her plans. She told Ben he should have waited. Jessica said that since the bed was there, they should decorate around it. Zoe thought it was an "eyesore."

Ben apologized to Jessica for Zoe having said that, but Jessica didn't mind, as she had one just like it. She said a bed didn't have to be pretty as long as one could sleep in it. She added that demanding jobs required a good night's rest. Zoe countered that her schedule was just as demanding, and she wouldn't want to get insomnia in an "ugly" room. Jessica took that as her cue to leave, and Ben walked her out. Zoe said she hated lawyers and their beds.

Ben returned and showed Zoe the rest of the loft. Zoe didn't know what to do about the loft anymore and suggested he get Jessica to help. Ben didn't agree and told Zoe she was incredible, talented, beautiful, and successful, but she was a spoiled woman. She felt that Jessica and Ben had trashed her ideas. She hated the bed. Ben said she was jealous of Jessica. She denied it, but her eyes revealed her jealousy. Zoe said she knew how Ben felt about her and didn't feel inspired by either him or the loft. Ben inspired her by kissing her.

Paul went to the Stewart cabin. While he was there, he thought back to his father, James. He raised a gun to his father's image and asked James to leave him alone and give him back his life. Paul told James that he had been having the same dream and nightmare and wanted to get on with his life. He didn't need help from James, and he wouldn't do it the way James would have -- cold, hard, and merciless -- and he wouldn't fail. He said he hated James. He hated the way James had treated Barbara and Emily.

Paul didn't want to do business the way James had, lying to everyone. James said he had never lied to Paul and that he loved him. Paul wanted to take the curse off the money and use it for something good. He had tried to forget about James; he had started a new life. He called James a monster. He admitted that he should have believed what everyone had been trying to tell him. James thought that Paul still loved him. Paul said he didn't and cocked the gun.

James told Paul to give him the gun, but Paul wouldn't do it. James said that Paul had regretted shooting him since it had happened; that was why he kept dreaming about it. Paul said he had needed to because James had been planning to kill Emily. James said she had deserved it because she was a whore.

James said that Paul couldn't kill his love of James. Paul said he would do it and fired the gun six times. The image of James and the gun disappeared, leaving Paul standing outside the cabin, crying. Paul then left the cabin and went to meet with Lucinda.

Lucinda and Paul discussed EAS, and Paul thanked her for not making trouble with the lease. Lucinda congratulated him on the work he had done so far. Lucinda asked if Barbara was invested in EAS. Paul said she wasn't. Lucinda asked if there were any local investors. Paul said that he didn't need any and that he was fully capitalized.

Lucinda said that she was impressed with Paul and wished him every success in his venture. Paul was surprised by her wish, saying that was not what the book of Lucinda said. She asked what the book said. Paul told her that it said she was ruthless and would break anyone who got in her way.

Lucinda claimed that she had changed since they had last met and that she didn't hold a grudge. Paul said that a leopard couldn't "change its spots" and that people were willing to do whatever was necessary to get what they wanted. Paul wanted to build EAS alongside WorldWide; he asked if they could coexist and prosper, but Lucinda refused. Paul got up, left, and returned to his hotel suite. Just before he opened the door, the image of James returned, bloody, and James told him how well he had done against Lucinda. James disappeared again, leaving Paul dazed.

In the sauna room of a health club, Lily startled Sarah, who was daydreaming about Paul and her dancing at the Free Clinic benefit. Lily asked Sarah if it was her first time there, and Sarah said it was. Sarah asked Lily the same question, but Lily said she went there every chance she got, especially while Luke was around. Lily said she'd heard that Sarah had been busy since she had returned to Oakdale. Sarah said that with Zoe and EAS, it had been more work than she wanted but that she was having fun working with Paul.

Lily told Sarah she needed to slow down or she would burn out. Sarah agreed but said that Paul had a good thing going and that he was a brilliant man who had good business ideas. It was not just about making money, but providing a great service. Sarah asked how long Lily had known Paul. Lily said that she and Paul had known each other since they were kids. Lily asked if Paul talked about his father with Sarah. Sarah said she only knew Paul's father was wealthy and successful.

Lily said she didn't consider James successful, since he had been a criminal. Sarah was surprised to learn that Paul's father had been into drugs and dirty deals. Lily said Paul had looked up to James before the "incident." Sarah asked about the incident. Lily told her that Paul had killed James. Sarah's mouth dropped like a rock.

Afterwards, Lily treated Sarah to the session, since she owned the place. Sarah mentioned to Lily that Paul had been having nightmares. Lily asked what the nightmares were about, but Sarah didn't know, since Paul never wanted to talk about it. Lily trusted that Paul would tell her in good time, since she was such a good friend to him. Paul couldn't get through it alone.

A very happy Jones woke up in Mark's arms. Both of them were happy to have gotten away from Oakdale and about how great the night before had been. Jones asked Mark what he was thinking. He said he was thinking about her and how beautiful she was. Jones said she didn't want to lose him.

Mark said that Jones was not going to lose him and expressed how lucky he was to have her in his life. Jones said she felt the same way. Jones said she had always been unlucky with guys, falling for the wrong ones, until then. Mark said that it was the first time that he had been peaceful and felt complete with someone. Room service, which Jones had arranged the night before, interrupted them.

The maid asked them if it was their first time there. They said it was. The maid went on and said that couples always returned each year and added that Mark and Jones made a perfect couple. The maid left, and Jones started to feed strawberries to Mark. She asked him what he felt like doing that day. He just wanted to spend the day in bed. Jones got up and said she had just the thing to start the day off right and disappeared into the bathroom.

Mark got up to find out what was taking Jones so long and found her in the middle of a bubble bath. Jones asked if he cared to join her. He dropped his robe and jumped in. Mark and Jones pondered about what the maid was talking about and made a date to return the same time the next year. The couple heard music, and Mark investigated. He opened the window overlooking the garden and, still in the tub, Mark and Jones watched a wedding with their hands intertwined, and they kissed when the priest instructed the couple getting married to do so.

Connor was inquiring about the hotels and inns outside of Oakdale and was finally able to find where Mark and Jones had gone. Connor joined Kirk for breakfast. Kirk asked her if she had found Mark. She said she had. Kirk convinced her that she needed to go there and break things up between Mark and Jones. Lucinda showed up and started badgering Kirk. Lucinda mentioned she had heard that Connor had paid off the foreclosure that Lucinda had started against Kirk's condo.

Lucinda didn't understand why Connor would aid someone who embezzled. Connor said to lay off Kirk, but Lucinda said that she wouldn't. Lucinda accused Connor of deception, going on to point out the "scarlet A" on Connor's shirt, saying that Connor should be more interested in saving her reputation instead of Kirk's. Lucinda left them alone and made a call to Anthony Tilton, the original major investor of EAS, and asked him if he had received the papers from Lucinda, making her the new major investor. She asked him to keep it a secret and said she would tell Paul when the time was right.

Connor showed up at the inn where Mark and Jones were staying. She went to the front desk and asked for the room number. The manager said it was against policy to give that information out. Connor said okay, and then said she would use a house phone to talk to him. The manager informed her that there were no phones in any of the rooms; that was why the place was called "Heaven." Connor then heard music and inquired about it. The manager told her that the inn was known as a great place for weddings in the garden.

Connor rushed out, thinking that it was Mark and Jones, but found out that it was not. After spending a few minutes watching, she went on with her search. Connor found a maid and asked if she knew which room Mark was in. The maid told her that she needed to get that information from the front desk. The maid walked off, but a cart was against the wall, and Connor looked at a receipt on it, which Mark had signed.

Connor made a note of the room number and knocked at the door. The door opened, and Connor entered, calling out to Mark. She didn't find anyone in the room. Connor returned to the front desk and learned that Mark and Jones had checked out. Connor assumed that it hadn't worked between Mark and Jones, and she left happy.

Wednesday, October 23, 1996

Dani wrote in her diary about Ryder, saying that they had been together for months and everything was going great. Ryder showed up at Nikki's. Nikki said she had to go to school. Ryder said they could talk immediately or they could talk there; either way, he was going to talk to her. Nikki said it was a waste of time because they were history. Nikki said she had to go, or she would miss her ride. Ryder said it was fine; he would be late for work. Nikki stopped in her tracks. He told her that he would be staying around.

Bob and Kim talked about the change in Ryder's court date. They trusted Dani would tell the judge that Ryder had rescued her. Kim hoped that Dani didn't "lose" her voice again. Bob said he hadn't been able to find anything wrong with her. They believed that Dani might be afraid to testify.

Dani walked in and wondered why Bob and Kim were home. Kim asked her why she wasn't in school. Dani said it was her slow day, just two periods, and Kim remembered. Bob and Kim asked her if Jessica had gotten a hold of her to let her know that the court date had been moved up to that day. She hadn't known, but she was ready to testify. She knew how important her testimony was.

Ryder told Nikki that he wasn't going anywhere. Nikki didn't display any emotion over it. She thought she had lost him forever. He told her that she was stuck with him. They kissed. Ryder asked her if she had missed him. "Of course I missed you," she said. He said he had missed her "like crazy," and it was time to make up for lost time. Ryder let her know that the court date had been moved to that afternoon. He asked her to be in court. She said she would be there.

Dani changed her clothes and returned downstairs. She asked Bob and Kim how she looked, and if they thought the judge would like it. They told her it didn't matter what she wore; what mattered was what she told the judge. Dani thought about how Ryder would love her for telling the truth.

Ryder and Nikki entered, laughing about something. Dani looked surprised. Dani asked them if they had made up. They said they had. Dani went to her room, hopping mad. She threw and tore items around the room and turned up her punk music. Ryder and Nikki knocked at her door. She answered, and Ryder thanked her in advance for testifying. He said she was his "star witness."

Sarah entered Paul's suite. Paul turned around and said hello, but Sarah had a strange look in her eyes. Paul had a flashback to James and the gun in his own hand. Paul asked Sarah if she was okay. She said she was fine. Paul got back to work and said that his meeting with Lucinda hadn't been productive. Sarah asked what it had been about. Paul told her it was a preemptive strike.

Sarah seemed upset. She asked Paul why he hadn't asked her to go with him. He told her it was something he'd had to do. Sarah then mentioned that she had seen Lily in the sauna and that they had talked about him. Paul laughed, wondering what women talked about him in a sauna. She told him that she had learned about James and how he had died. Paul got upset and told her that the subject was off-limits.

Emily knocked at the door. She looked at Paul and Sarah's faces and asked what was wrong. Paul said he had to get out of the room. Emily went with him. They sat down in a restaurant. Emily asked if he wanted to be alone. Paul said that Sarah knew about James and what had happened. Emily said she knew how difficult it had to be for him.

Emily said that if Paul hadn't shot James, then Emily wouldn't be there. Paul had saved her life, and she would always be grateful. She said that it had taken a lot of guts to stand up to James. They talked about the good times, like their trip to Paris and the view from the hotel room; the night that Paul had proposed to Emily and she had accepted; the diamond necklace he had given to her, which she had returned after the Lombard trial. Emily wished that they could go back to the way things had been.

Sarah interrupted them with business. Paul left to take care of it. Sarah turned to leave, but Emily said, "Not so fast." Emily warned Sarah that she was not in Paul's league, and she was just an annoying "gnat" who should be swatted away. Sarah countered that she was not after Paul; they just worked together. Emily believed that Sarah wanted Paul, but Sarah countered that it was really Emily who wanted Paul, to be as close as she was with James.

Sarah said that if Paul really wanted Emily, it didn't make sense for Paul to go take care of the problem instead of sending Sarah back up to stall. That caught Emily off-guard. They returned to the suite. Emily asked if everything was taken care of when Paul got off the phone. He said everything was fine. Paul's cell phone rang again. As he was talking on the phone, Emily got ready to leave. She apologized to Sarah. Emily said Sarah should keep working hard for EAS, and she would take care of Paul.

Connor showed Kirk the tree house that Mark had built for her. Kirk made the same assumption that Connor had -- that the reason Mark and Jones had checked out of Heaven Inn so fast was that it hadn't worked out between them. Connor planned to "bare her soul" when she finally got to talk to Mark. Kirk and Connor talked about what a great place the tree house was. They saw a bunch of litter and wondered who had left it there.

Kirk found a lipstick-smeared handkerchief and showed Connor, who immediately thought that Mark and Jones had been spending time there. Kirk found a broken sleigh bell strap. Connor was heartbroken over it. Kirk said it had been beaten up by the weather, but could be repaired. Connor believed it to be a sign. Connor thought that maybe Mark and Jones were still together.

Connor wondered if Mark had gotten her message. She wondered if Mark would want her back. Connor couldn't see why after she had turned his world upside down. The affair should never have happened. She insisted she wasn't a bad person. They had fought their passion for a long time, and it had ruined her relationship with Cal. Mark had opened himself up to Connor, and she would never forgive herself for telling him that she didn't love him. Kirk asked why, if she loved Mark, it couldn't work both ways.

Kirk said that what Connor and Mark had was powerful. Kirk told Connor that she and Cal had never been meant to be together. Connor didn't believe that. Kirk pointed out that there was a huge age difference and that they had different views on almost everything. Their relationship had been doomed from the beginning. Connor conceded that they had drifted apart.

Kirk further pointed out that Connor and Cal had resolved their relationship. She and Mark had not. She needed to find out from Mark where they stood. Kirk told her that love was a precious thing, and she should not give up on the biggest gift of all. Kirk helped Connor repair the bell strap. Connor wondered why love had to be so complicated. She was happy to be back in the tree house, though, and decided not to let Mark go, no matter what.

Mark and Jones checked back into the Heaven Inn. They mentioned that they should never have left in the first place. Mark and Jones started kissing again. Jones asked him if he had any regrets. He said he had one. His words took Jones back, and she asked what it was. Mark told her he regretted having let things get so far out of perspective. Jones commented that they were together at that moment.

Their clothes started flying, and they made passionate love. Mark commented on how great it was. Jones was happy to be with him. Mark said he would always be around. She asserted that she wouldn't let him get away "this time." He said he was not going anywhere.

Jones promised if he got away, she would track him down. He told her that he would be with her for life. He would never leave. He promised with all his heart that they would be together for the long haul. They made love again.

Jones implied that Mark might not be in shape to keep up with her. Mark then worried about whether he would be enough for her. She said he was. He wanted to make her as happy as he was. Jones changed the subject and said that she couldn't sleep on the right side of the bed and made Mark change places with her.

Later, after another round of lovemaking, Mark wanted to know if Jones could take that much time away from work. She said she could. Mark then announced that he wanted to build a house with her -- make the plans and build it stone by stone with her. Jones was in complete shock. She wondered if she was dreaming, and Mark pinched her to point out that she was not. They said that they had a great life ahead together and went for "Round 4."

Thursday, October 24, 1996

Sarah turned off the music Zoe was listening to during an intense workout. Zoe asked why. Sarah explained it was so loud that the whole neighborhood could hear it. Zoe apologized. Sarah asked about the intense workout. Zoe didn't want to talk about it or "him" and turned the music back on.

Sarah asked who "he" was, and asked if it was Ben. Zoe confirmed it. Sarah wanted to know what had happened, because it had seemed as if Zoe was decorating Ben's loft. Zoe said she had bought a plant but didn't care what he did with it. Sarah wanted to know what he had done. Zoe said Ben had bought a bed. He was insensitive; he hadn't asked first, and she hated it.

Sarah was shocked that Zoe was having a fit over a bed. Zoe claimed it was all wrong and that she had offered to go pick out a new one, but Ben didn't want to. She wanted his loft to be special. Sarah told her that Ben probably hadn't meant to hurt her feelings and that he was probably sorry. Zoe said he had already tried to make her feel better. He had wanted to give her a little inspiration, so he had taken Zoe in his arms and kissed her.

Sarah asked if it had been nice and had made everything okay. Zoe hadn't felt that way and had walked out of his loft. Sarah made sure she was hearing Zoe right: Zoe had walked out over a bed. Zoe said it wasn't just the bed. Sarah had wanted to know if there was something Zoe was not telling her. Zoe said she wanted the loft to be perfect.

Zoe said that Ben had gone and bought a bed that "she" had picked out. Sarah asked who "she" was. Zoe replied that it was Jessica, "Ben's lady lawyer," and asked if Sarah could believe that. Sarah believed that Jessica had just been helpful. Zoe said Jessica could have him, that he didn't respect her. Sarah thought that Zoe was being impossible, and she was jealous.

Zoe wanted to know what she was supposedly jealous of. Sarah said it was Jessica. Zoe said, "Absolutely not!" Zoe called Ben an inconsiderate pig. Sarah thought Zoe was overreacting, that Ben hadn't meant to offend her, and that he was not inconsiderate. Sarah pointed out what Ben did for work as proof. Zoe said that was work; she was referring to everyday. Zoe brought up the "shampoo incident." Sarah wanted to know about the incident.

Zoe explained that one day when she had gone to take a shower, Ben had used up all her shampoo and hadn't replaced it. Zoe said he just didn't get it. Sarah said she got it. Zoe said she had tried to help and was tired of thinking about him. Sarah thought Zoe was being too hard on him.

The doorbell rang. Sarah answered the door and found a delivery man with flowers for Zoe. They were from Ben. Zoe said to send them back, but Sarah tipped the man and closed the door. Sarah told her they made a good peace offering. Zoe conceded that they were beautiful. Sarah replied by saying, "Uh-huh."

Mike helped Ben move into the loft. Mike asked Ben about Zoe's decorating, and what was up with it. Ben didn't want to talk about it. Mike wanted to know why. Ben asked if Mike wanted the long or the short version.

Mike thought the long version would be more exciting. Ben told him about Zoe's blowup over the bed. Ben liked it, but Zoe didn't like the style. Mike told Ben to never let a woman think he was taking her for granted. Ben didn't think he was; he had sent her flowers, thanking her for her hard work on the benefit. She had never mentioned them or thanked him for them, and he wondered who was taking who for granted.

Mike said Ben was in deep trouble. Ben wanted to know why, because it didn't seem like such a big deal to buy a bed to sleep in. Mike wanted to know if Ben had explained himself. Ben said he had tried, but she had refused to listen. Ben had even tried again. Mike wanted to know how.

Ben said he had tried showing her how important she was to him by kissing her. Mike asked if that was a good thing. Ben said it hadn't been and that she had walked out. Mike looked amazed. Ben told Mike he was not sure what it was all about and speculated that maybe Zoe just liked to argue.

Mike wanted to know if there was something Ben wasn't telling him. Ben said he had bought the bed that Jessica had picked out. Mike explained that if Ben wanted a woman's touch, he needed to stick with one woman and that Jessica was the problem. He said that women were territorial. Ben thought that Zoe was just being impossible.

Mike told Ben that Zoe was jealous. Ben said, "So?" Mike wanted to know if she should be. Ben told him, "Absolutely not!" Ben said it wasn't the first time Zoe had "flipped out." Mike said that Zoe understood when things were explained.

Ben said he had tried to explain, like the time she had flipped out about her shampoo. Mike wanted to know about the incident. Ben said that Zoe had had a fit when he had used up her shampoo. He had tried to replace it, but it had been the wrong kind. Zoe had refused to use it.

Ben had said that shampoo was shampoo. Zoe had countered by telling him that a scalpel was just a razor. Ben said that Zoe just didn't get it. Mike said he got it. Ben said he had had it with having a woman's touch; he would decorate himself.

The doorbell rang, and Ben answered it. It was a deliveryman with the plant that Zoe had ordered. Ben mumbled that he had told Zoe, "No plants." Mike told him it was a nice plant, not plastic. Ben conceded that it was kind of interesting. Mike wanted to know if Ben forgave her. Ben said he might give her another shot at decorating.

Lily dropped by Cal's to invite him to the "event of the season" -- a dinner party at Emma's the following week. Emma, Diego, Lucinda, and Susan would be there. Cal wanted to know if she had already invited Susan. Lily asked if something had happened with Susan. He said yes, something he hadn't expected. He had gotten an ego boost because Susan really "liked" him.

Lily wondered why Cal was surprised. She said it had been obvious at the benefit. Cal had only realized it at a recent lunch with her. She had given him a look that had thrown him for a loop. Lily thought that Susan was great for him, and wondered if he had feelings for her. Cal said it had been a complete surprise and that he cared about her like a good friend. When she gave him the "look," he had been shocked; he didn't like that kind of surprise.

Lily told Cal it was because he wasn't in control. Cal wished that Susan had said something before it had gotten that far. He conceded that they had been spending a lot of time together, and he might have led her on unintentionally. He had confided to her about Connor, and Susan had been supportive and a great listener. Lily asked Cal to listen to himself and said that most couples started off as friends.

Cal thought it was too soon, as he was separated from Connor and in the middle of a divorce. Lily thought he was acting like life was over. Cal didn't think he was in any shape to get involved again. Lily thought he was shutting down on life, and she wouldn't sit by and listen. It was not the Cal she knew and loved. Cal said he was not shutting down. He wanted to focus only on his family. Cal didn't want to talk about it anymore and made an excuse that he had a new horse to check on, but he said he would attend the party.

Susan surprised Emily with a birthday party. Susan suggested she call some friends to go over, but Emily said she wanted it to be just the two of them. Susan asked her to open the champagne. Emily was surprised it was real, as Susan hadn't had alcohol in the house and wanted to know if the whole bottle was for her. Susan said she might have just a sip, but could really use a stiff drink.

Susan's words scared Emily. Susan told her not to worry, she wouldn't really have the stiff drink. She was just a little depressed, and it was no big deal. Susan went to get Alison, but Emily stopped her. Emily wanted to know why Susan wanted a drink.

Susan said it was nothing, but Emily wouldn't ignore the signal. Susan told her that because she was going through a divorce with Larry in her 40s and was a mom, she worried about going through it alone. Emily took Susan to a mirror and showed her how beautiful and mature she was. Susan didn't want to go through dating and be rejected again. Emily asked about Cal. Susan admitted she had a crush.

Susan also regretted that if a girl told a guy how she felt, he would tell her, "Let's just be friends." Emily asked her if she had told Cal how she felt. Susan admitted that she hadn't. Cal had looked at her with fear in his eyes and then had made an excuse to leave because of business. It had hurt her feelings, and she didn't want to be hurt again. Emily pointed out that Cal was not like Larry; Emily felt that Susan was assuming that Cal wasn't interested in her.

Emily thought that Susan needed to get it out into the open and tell Cal how she really felt. She needed a way to work through the problem instead of going for a drink. Emily knew Susan wasn't sleeping at night. She thought talking to Cal might surprise Susan and that Susan underestimated him. Emily added that Cal might have the same feelings for Susan.

Lisa talked to her Hong Kong production company to tell them to halt production and shipment of the Get Real line, though it might just be temporary; she hung up. Lisa told Barbara that she felt she had let Carly down by not estimating the damage the knock-offs from Donald Chen's designer would do. Barbara said she wasn't responsible for that but wondered how Martin had gotten Chen to back down.

Lisa believed Martin had appealed to his conscience. Barbara wasn't convinced and wondered why knock-offs were still in discount stores. Martin had told Lisa they wouldn't be there for long. Barbara wanted to know how Martin had convinced her.

Lisa thought that Barbara was mad at Martin for cancelling her birthday party. Barbara said it wasn't about the party; it was the way he treated Lisa that bothered her. It wasn't normal. Lisa found Martin charming, a miracle worker. Barbara told her that Martin was always two steps behind her, giving parties and gifts, and saving her life and her business. He was almost like a genie that appeared from a lamp Lisa rubbed.

Lisa thought Barbara was exaggerating. Barbara pointed out that he had no life of his own. Barbara thought it was creepy. Lisa said he was wealthy and could do whatever he wanted and thought Barbara was overreacting. She thought Barbara felt ignored.

Lisa made plans to take Barbara out for a late lunch. Martin then showed up, wanting to take Lisa out himself and wondered if Barbara would mind. He had something important to talk to Lisa about. Lisa said she already had plans with Barbara, but Martin insisted that he wouldn't ask unless it was really important. She asked if they could talk about it later, or perhaps there at Fashions, but Martin claimed it wasn't the place.

Lisa apologized to Barbara and said she needed to go with Martin. Barbara wanted to know why, but Lisa said she didn't know herself. Barbara claimed that Martin was monopolizing all her time. Martin interrupted Lisa and Barbara and told Lisa they needed to go because they had reservations at the Lakeview. They left.

Barbara commented to herself that Lisa might believe in genies, but Barbara didn't. Barbara then pulled out the piece of paper that John had handed her at Martin's birthday party for Lisa. She called the number and said, "This better be good, Dixon."

Martin, at Lisa's penthouse, heard the door open. He thought it was Lisa, but it was his cohort, Mai-Ling. He asked her how she had gotten a key, but she told him not to ask stupid questions. Martin told her they couldn't keep meeting like that because they were bound to get caught together. She told him not to patronize her, but told him she had a present for him.

Martin questioned her generosity, since it made him apprehensive. He opened it and found a watch. She told him it was a reminder that his time was running out. She told him to heed the warning. Martin said he was trying to protect the Get Real shipments, but she told him it wasn't good enough.

Mai-Ling's cell phone rang. It was the cartel's shipper telling her that Lisa had halted the Get Real line. Martin said it was only temporary. She said any delay put a sizeable dent in bond transportation that they could not afford. 1997 was rapidly approaching, and it was too late to find another way to ship.

Martin thought Mai-Ling was being unreasonable, but she said she was only being practical. If the funds were nationalized by the Chinese, Martin would pay for it. Mai-Ling grabbed him by the arm and told him even the best timepieces stopped working. She told him to get to work -- the clock was ticking.

Friday, October 25, 1996

As everyone was waiting downstairs, Dani wrote in her diary about how it was the biggest day of her life and that she had to save Ryder from himself. She couldn't wait until he saw her on the witness stand and added that he was the perfect man for her, not Nikki. It would be the day he would understand that without Dani, he would have nothing. Kim then knocked at her door and told her it was time to go. Jessica told Ryder to remain calm, as Assistant D.A. Bailey knew how to get witnesses to give responses they didn't intend to give.

Nikki inquired about Hal having to testify. Jessica assured her that he had probably been called to give details about the arrest. Dani and Kim walked in, and they left for court. Once there, Jessica and Assistant D.A. Bailey gave their opening statements. Bailey told the judge that Richard Warren had strong ties to the community.

Jessica objected, stating that Ryder also had strong ties to the community. The judge told them that pedigree was not the issue and to move on. Bailey continued, saying that Ryder had viciously and willingly beaten Richard. Ryder told Jessica that wasn't true. Bailey went on to say that Hal would be called to show that Ryder was a violent man and a danger to society.

Dani watched the events closely. Jessica started her statement, saying it was for the defense of Dani that Ryder had thrown Richard against the lockers, and they would prove it with Dani's testimony. Hal was then called to testify. Bailey asked Hal if Ryder had been arrested shortly after his attack of Richard. Ryder shouted out that it had been a bogus arrest. Jessica objected, citing that it was inadmissible. Bailey told the judge that it proved character, and Hal might have witnessed behavior while Ryder was in custody.

The judge said he would allow it, and overruled Jessica's objection. Hal testified that Ryder had been stopped and found not in possession of the registration for the motorcycle he was driving. They assumed he had stolen it. Ryder had told them that he had been test-driving it, and they had found that he had been telling the truth. Bailey dug deeper, asking if Ryder had been hostile.

Hal started to explain that Ryder might have been right, but Bailey asked him to just answer the question. Hal said that Ryder had been actng hostile. Bailey asked if Hal or any of his officers had done anything to provoke Ryder. Hal said no. Bailey finished, and Jessica started.

Jessica asked if Ryder had become violent or out of control. Hal said no. Jessica thanked him. Jessica changed the subject and asked Hal if he had been present the night Ryder had been stuck in the well and asked him to explain. Bailey objected, citing relevance.

Jessica said it spoke to Ryder's character and that Bailey had brought it up himself. The judge overruled the objection. Hal explained that Ryder had saved Adam, the rope he had used had broken, and Ryder had been caught in the well himself. Jessica asked if at any time his life had been in danger. Hal said yes. It had been raining hard, the water level had risen, Ryder's leg had been caught between two rocks, and the wall of the well had been falling down on him.

The scene changed to Bailey questioning Richard. Richard testified that he had been in the locker room, minding his own business, when Ryder had approached and thrown him against the lockers, demanding money. Ryder told Jessica that Richard was lying. Bailey asked if anyone else had been there. Richard said no. Bailey asked if there had been any girls present. Richard said no, it had been the men's locker room and that maybe Ryder had thought there had been someone there because it had looked like he had been "whacked-out" on drugs. Jessica objected.

The scene changed again to Dani watching Ryder testifying. As Ryder told his side of the story, Dani began to daydream and imagined Jessica asking Ryder if he loved Dani. Yes, he said. He loved her like crazy. She heard someone calling her name and snapped out of it, realizing that she was being called to the stand. As she was being sworn in, she crossed her fingers behind her back.

Barbara called the number that John had given her. It connected her to Aviation Authority. She inquired about the license number John had also given her and asked when and to whom it was issued. She was told it belonged to Martin. Barbara told them that couldn't be right because Martin didn't know how to fly. They spelled the name for her, and she said it was right. They told her that he had had the license for 30 years.

Barbara asked for the documents to be faxed to her and then hung up. She realized that the airplane incident with Martin and Lisa had just been a ploy he had set up to make Lisa think he was a hero. She agreed that John was right; Martin was just out after Lisa, and maybe Barbara and Martin needed to have a talk.

Lisa, having lunch with Martin at the Lakeview, asked him what was so important that she had needed to cancel lunch with Barbara. Martin said that only she could fix the problem, and she offered whatever help she could give. Martin hesitated then said he cared deeply for Lisa. He wanted to know if she could ever return his affections. Lisa said it was too soon.

She wanted to know what else was bothering him. Just then, Mai-Ling appeared behind Lisa so Martin could see her, and Martin began to fumble about. He told Lisa it wasn't anything. Lisa pressed, and Martin finally told her that he thought her business was asleep, but he had a golden opportunity to wake it up for the 21st century. Get Real was being held back by small thinking. Martin told her to expand Fashions and Get Real by going as a chain nationally. Get Real was a perfect signature line for a string of stores.

Lisa realized the amount of capital and energy it would take. She would need someone to run the stores, as she, Barbara, and the family were just too busy to help out. Martin wanted to know why she chose just family to run the chain. Lisa told him that she only trusted family. He pointed out that Barbara wasn't family, but she told him that she and Barbara had been friends for a very long time.

Martin was worried about her future and felt she was missing out on a wonderful opportunity. Lisa got up to powder her nose. Mai-Ling sat down and asked how it was going. Martin said he was working on it and needed more time. Mai-Ling told him the cartel was getting very nervous and wouldn't wait much longer. If Martin valued his life, he had better produce results soon.

Barbara walked in and saw Martin talking to Mai-Ling; she ducked before they saw her. Barbara moved close by and heard them talking in Chinese, but the last words were spoken in English, and she heard Mai-Ling tell Martin that excuses were no longer acceptable and how dangerous it was to disappoint the cartel. Mai-Ling got up and left, and Lisa returned. Lisa wanted to know what was wrong; she asked if he was upset because she had rejected his idea. He felt disturbed by her decision.

Lisa felt her business was very healthy and just the right size and that there was more to life than just business. Barbara then sat down with them and asked Martin if he minded. He said he usually didn't mind, but Lisa and he were talking privately. He asked if she would mind leaving. Barbara said she did and also that she had something interesting to add to the conversation.

As they were walking in the park, Connor told Kirk that Mark had told her that he had been thinking about her all the time that she had been helping Cal recover. She thought that if she hadn't lied to Mark about not loving him, they would be together right then. Kirk asked her if she was convinced that he was still on the rebound. She said that when they were together, it was like "heaven," so she believed he was. Kirk told her that she was ready to go and get him.

Connor didn't know if she could find Mark, as she hadn't found him since he and Jones had left the inn. Kirk asked for her cell phone. Kirk offered to call Mark, and she could talk to him. Connor didn't think it was a good idea. Kirk wanted to know why. He told her to tell Mark the same thing she had been telling him -- that she had lied to Mark about not loving him, that she was free, and that she loved him.

Connor wanted to know why Kirk was doing all that he was doing. Kirk said he wanted to see someone conquer love because he couldn't with Samantha. He wanted to see her and Mark make it. Connor said okay and gave Kirk the phone number. They waited for a while, but nobody seemed to be answering. Connor said to hang up, but Kirk was convinced someone had to be home because the machine wasn't answering.

Finally Mark answered, and Kirk handed to phone to Connor. Connor just stood there and listened to him, but she wasn't able to say anything before Mark hung up. Kirk said she needed to go to the house. He couldn't hang up on her when she was standing right in front of him. Connor went.

Mark and Jones returned to the Kasnoff house. They appeared quite happy after their getaway. As Jones went to make some coffee, Mark checked the answering machine and found the message Connor had left that they needed to talk. Mark deleted the message. When Jones returned, he told her there wasn't anything important. She wanted to know if he had missed her because she'd heard that absence made the heart grow fonder.

He said he had missed her and that he loved her -- and he wouldn't let anything get between them. Jones wanted to know where they should go from there and then recalled Mark's promise to build them a "love nest." They decided to live at Jones's cottage while it was being built. She told Mark she loved him, and they kissed. The phone rang and interrupted their kissing. Mark didn't want to answer it.

Jones said that she was incapable of letting a phone just ring and answered it, but she handed it to Mark, who said hello. Nobody answered Mark, and he hung up. Jones told him to go pack his bags, and she would get them something to eat.

The phone rang again. Mark answered and talked to someone he had apparently been waiting to hear from. The person told Mark that the delivery would be made very soon, and Mark hung up. Jones inquired about the delivery, but Mark wouldn't tell her and double-locked the door for privacy. Later, Mark had his bags packed and carried rings for them downstairs. The doorbell rang, and when Mark opened the door, he found Connor standing there.

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