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Monday, September 13, 2010
by Chanel S. Garner

At the Lakeview, Janet entered Dusty's room with a big meal. Dusty, however, said he needed love, not food. Janet insisted upon taking care of him after what Blackthorn's goons had done to him. She ordered Dusty back into bed, but he dragged her in with him.

As they made out, Dusty grimaced from a pain in his cracked ribs, and Janet wondered why she hadn't seen the truth in Blackie, Ralph, or Rocco. Dusty reasoned that she saw the good in people, and she shouldn't change that. He said he needed her more than ever, and he felt that she needed him, too. "More than ever," she uttered. They kissed again, but another pain hit Dusty. Janet felt a pain, too, and announced that she'd just had a contraction.

At home, Jack grinned, saying he was glad to wake up to Carly's smile that morning. As they made out, Jack guessed that the kids were wondering why their parents weren't downstairs. Moving in for another kiss, Carly assured him that the kids weren't wondering at all.

Downstairs, Sage attempted to carry a romantic breakfast tray to Carly and Jack's room, but Parker said their parents were being "plenty romantic" on their own. Sage wished their parents would get married again, but Parker reasoned that things were good as they were. In his view, marriage usually started trouble for Carly and Jack.

When Carly and Jack arrived downstairs, they found the breakfast tray and their wedding album, which Sage had left on the coffee table. Parker left the house, and Carly noted that Sage wasn't very subtle. Jack, however, figured that Sage was onto something.

Carly stammered, and Jack reasoned that things had changed for them after what had happened at the castle. He felt that instead of falling back into their old patterns, they'd worked as a team. "Without you, I'm incomplete," he told her. Carly felt the same way about Jack, but she worried that they might be setting themselves up to fail again.

Jack asserted that they wouldn't fail. He figured that they'd make mistakes, but they had to stop focusing on the negative and start appreciating what was right about them. "The first time I kissed you, I knew you were my future," he uttered. He felt that instead of questioning it, they needed to stick to it. "It's you and me forever, Carly. Say it," Jack urged. She hesitated, but repeated him. He kissed her and decided to make it official.

Jack sat Carly down and professed his love for her. He figured they'd have a rough road with the baby on the way, but nothing was standing in their path. He got down on one knee, but a phone call from Janet about her contractions interrupted him. Janet said that Jack wasn't required at the hospital, but he insisted upon meeting her. Once the call ended, he told a disappointed Carly that he should be with Janet. "And I should be with you, so let's go," Carly decided.

At the hospital, Dusty introduced Janet to John, the man who'd practically raised him. Janet left to meet her doctor, and John assumed that Dusty was about to become a father. Dusty said he'd explain things over coffee later.

In Janet's hospital room, the doctor marveled at how large the baby was. He diagnosed Janet with Braxton Hicks, and Dusty stared intently at the ultrasound. After the appointment, Dusty and Janet encountered Jack and Carly. Janet showed them a sonogram and apologized for the false alarm. Carly and Jack left, and Dusty grew distracted as he stared at the sonogram.

At the farm, Faith noted that Liberty was nervous after reading a letter. Liberty revealed that she'd been accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology, but she couldn't leave Janet alone to raise the baby. Parker arrived, and Faith announced Liberty's decision to reject a spot at F.I.T. Liberty explained her reason to Parker and ordered Faith to keep quiet about the letter.

Faith offered to model her new bikini by the pond for Parker, but he said he needed to talk to Liberty about something personal. Faith rolled her eyes as Parker and Liberty left for Al's Diner, where Liberty explained that she might go to F.I.T. once Janet was more stable. Parker announced that he wasn't going to college, either. He had another plan, and as he whispered it into Liberty's ear, Faith scowled at them from outside the window.

Just after Faith arrived home, Dusty and Janet entered. Dusty promised to get some rest right after he had lunch with John, who was leaving town soon. Dusty left, and Janet asked Faith if Liberty were around. Faith let the information about F.I.T. "accidentally" slip out on purpose, but begged Janet not to tell Liberty where she'd heard it. Faith stated that she'd told Liberty that Janet wouldn't want Liberty to sacrifice her future for Janet. Just then, Liberty and Parker entered. Janet roared Liberty's name and asked what Liberty thought she was doing.

As they discussed the F.I.T. acceptance, Liberty explained that she wasn't giving up her dreams; she was merely postponing them. Janet politely sent Parker and Faith out of the room, and Liberty insisted that she wanted to help her mother and bond with her new baby brother. She said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. "So is college," Janet countered.

Janet reasoned that Liberty had been given the gift of time, and Janet wouldn't let her waste a moment of it. Liberty, however, still worried about leaving her mother. Janet assured her daughter that she had plenty of support in Oakdale. Janet asked Liberty to give serious consideration to accepting the scholarship and going to New York.

On the porch with Parker, Faith brooded because he'd confided something in Liberty, but not her. Liberty charged outside and accused Faith of telling Janet about the acceptance letter to get rid of the so-called competition for Parker. Faith called it ridiculous, but Parker believed Liberty's theory. He left, and Liberty warned Faith that dishonesty would drive Parker away.

Over coffee at Java, Dusty asked John how far along the baby in the sonogram looked. John figured that it looked big enough to be born, and he asked what Dusty was implying. Dusty admitted that he'd had the feeling all along that it was his baby, but he'd accepted that it was Jack's based upon the due date. Seeing the size of the child in the sonogram, Dusty wondered if the due date was wrong. John considered that it might be wishful thinking on Dusty's part.

Dusty pretended not to be disappointed as John and he said their goodbyes. Dusty left, and John put Dusty's coffee cup in his briefcase. He took the cup to Memorial and asked a staff member to run a DNA analysis for a paternity test.

Dusty went to the farm, where Janet sadly told him about Liberty's indecision regarding the F.I.T. spot. Though Janet wanted Liberty to live out her dreams, Janet feared losing Liberty, who'd always be her baby. Dusty said that parents raised their kids to leave them, and it was a challenge. The baby kicked, and Dusty remarked that Liberty wasn't the only one beginning a new life. "We are, as well, and I'm not going anywhere," he said.

When Carly and Jack arrived home, Carly was anxious to finish the conversation they'd been having before Janet called. Carly figured that he'd been about to ask a very important question; however, Jack replied that he might have been mistaken about asking it. He reasoned that there was no way they should be making plans for the future at that time.

Jack stammered to explain his worry that his responsibilities as an infant's father would make things tough on his relationship with Carly and on the kids that they already had. A confused Carly stated that he'd known about those challenges when he'd been about to propose an hour earlier. She reminded him that he'd stood there and vowed to get through anything with her. "Well, did you mean it?" she demanded to know.

As Jack muddled through his confused emotions, Carly noted that during the hospital trip, she'd become secure, but he'd filled himself with doubts. She repeated the things he'd said to ease her fears, and he melted, saying that the words sounded so much better when uttered from her lips. Jack tried to flirt with her, but she elbowed him and said, "Are you gonna ask me the question or not?" Jack pretended that he'd forgotten what he'd meant to ask, but then he recalled that he'd wanted to know if she'd marry him. "Well, will you?" he asked.

Carly stated that she was thinking about it, but he wondered what there was to think about after she'd begged him to ask. Carly grew serious and stated that she'd love the baby because it would be his, but it would also be Janet's. While she could handle it, he had to give her a lot of slack in doing so. They decided that whatever life threw at them, they'd face it together. "So? Are you gonna ask me?" Carly again wondered.

Jack knelt down and sat her on his knee. He told her that she was his sun, his moon, his stars, and his universe. Without her, he was nothing, He wondered if she'd do him the honor of marrying him one more time. Carly tearfully agreed to marry him one last time, and they kissed.

Jack guessed that he had to get a new engagement ring, but Carly said she'd held onto the last one. Parker and Sage entered, but before their parents could say anything, Sage blurted out, "We know!" Parker and she had heard Jack proposing through an open window.

Parker asked if his parents were sure about their decision, and Jack vowed that they would be together forever that time. Carly promised that they wouldn't blow it that time around, and she suggested that she and Jack get married the following day. The family agreed, and they all hugged.

. . .

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