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Jensen Buchanan
AW's Vicky will not become an ATWT fixture
Posted Monday, October 25, 1999 - 2:29:44 PM
Sources confirm that Jensen Buchanan (Vicky McKinnon) is not going to return to As the World Turns, but Jake, her husband, is going to stick around for a while. So where are they going to take the story? Some have heard that Alec will pull another one of his assassinations, which was hinted near the end of last week. But how will he do it? Maybe a plane crash, maybe a drowning, or even a disappearance! Who knows? But what about those twins she's carrying? That would be terrible for Jake to lose Vicky and the babies!

One thing we do know---Jake's not going to take it very well. has learned that this storyline was mainly intended to make him "available" for one of the other ladies of Oakdale. That, of course, leaves viewers to wonder which woman that might be. So far, the leading candidate appears to be Julia. They have been dropping tiny hints here and there that might point towards a little bit of chemistry between the two. And since she's not been having very much luck in relationships at the moment, this should be a big turnaround for the both of them.

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