Bailey Chase
ATWT brings in another new Chris Hughes
Posted Sunday, December 15, 2002 9:33:58 PM
Bailey Chase has been cast as As The World Turns' Chris Hughes.

Chase may be best known for his work as Graham on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Chase also appeared in the first season of MTV's Undressed as well as the upcoming motion picture, Rats.

The role of Chris Hughes has been problematic for As The World Turns executives. In just four years, the show has seen four previous actors tackle the role. Christian Siefert has held the role for the longest period of time, Seifert joined the cast in 1992 before leaving in 1998. Former All My Children star Ben Jorgenson held the role briefly in 1999. That same year, Paul Korver was brought aboard. Korver exited in March 2001. Chris' most recent stint in Oakdale was short-lived; Alan White debuted in July 2002 and was dismissed in September.

A first airdate has not been announced for Chase, but it is expected to be before the year's end.

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