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Where In the World is Kim?
Posted Monday, August 06, 2001 11:38:35 AM
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It's been a question asked by As The World Turns viewers for several weeks. Where in the world is Kim Hughes? Dozens of email messages asking that question have passed through our mailboxes and our message board was overflowing with requests to put out an APB on the Oakdale resident.

Armed with more survival gear than Katie and Henry during their island escapades, set out to find the answer to the question so many fans have had.

As it turns out, fans need not worry about the actress' welfare. Kathryn Hays, who has played Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropolous Hughes since 1972, is on a previously scheduled vacation. It just so happens that Hay's vacation coincided with some storylines that could have really benefited from her presence.

"[The show] would have loved to use Kim in recent weeks but the actress has been on vacation," explains an ATWT spokesperson.

Soap stars usually have to ask for time off many weeks in advance so that the writers can adjust the show's scripts to account for their absence. It just so happens that Hays' leave coincided with a time when her Oakdale persona could really have been used.

Fans of Hays' Kim can rest assured that they will be seeing the actress and her character on-screen very soon.

"We will be seeing a lot more of Kim in the months to come," the spokesperson tells

In an almost ironic twist, Kim returned to the canvas the very same day this article was posted -- Monday, August 6th.

And so another ATWT mystery has been solved -- and we didn't even have to get our hands dirty. As always, keep it tuned to for all the latest news.

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