Tom Eplin
Eplin, Byrne, Conn share most wins, 2002
Posted Monday, February 12, 2001 2:07:24 PM
Following are the final results of this year's Dankies voting. Winners are denoted by boldface type. Due to rounding, some percentages in certain categories may not add up to 100%

Outstanding Leading Actor
Hunt Block (Craig Montgomery)10 %
Tom Eplin (Jake McKinnon)56 %
Jon Hensley (Holden Snyder)12 %
Michael Park (Jack Snyder)20 %

Outstanding Leading Actress.
Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder/Rose D'Angelo)62 %
Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh)7 %
Leslie Kay (Molly Conlan)13 %
Maura West (Carly Tenney)16 %

Supporting Actor
Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman)31 %
Scott DeFreitas (Andy Dixon)22 %
Scott Holmes (Tom Hughes)13 %
Paul Taylor (Isaac Jenkins)32 %

Supporting Actress
Terri Conn (Katie Peretti Frasier)53 %
Ellen Dolan (Margo Hughes)14 %
Kathryn Hayes (Kim Hughes)12 %
Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara Munson)19 %

Hunt Block (Craig Montgomery)39 %
Paul Leyden (Simon Frasier)26 %
Todd Rotondi Bryant Montgomery)13 %
Paul Taylor (Isaac Jenkins)21 %

Younger Performer
Terri Conn (Katie Peretti Frasier)35 %
Craig Lawlor (Adam Hughes)7 %
Kim Onasch (Jennifer Munson)24 %
Kristina Sisco (Abigail Williams)32 %

Attractive Male
Tom Eplin (Jake McKinnon)22 %
Jon Hensley (Holden Snyder)26 %
Paul Leyden (Simon Frasier)25 %
Michael Park (Jack Snyder)25 %

Attractive Female
Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder/Rose D'Angelo)23 %
Leslie Kay (Molly Conlan)38 %
Annie Parrise (Julia Lindsay)20 %
Maura West (Carly Tenney)17 %

Memorable Moment
Comeuppance: In front of all of Oakdale, Katie's dirty deeds are revealed.65 %
Hard to Do: Jack and Carly decide to put an end to their relationship.14 %
This Kiss: Stranded on the island, Lily and Simon share a kiss.10 %
I Do... Still: Tom and Margo Hughes renew their wedding vows.9 %

Favorite Storyline
Separated At Birth: Lily and Rose are separated at birth, but Rose shows up in Oakdale and makes her presence known.28 %
Castaways: Stranded on an island, Lily and Simon fight to keep their attraction to one another in check.8 %
I See Dead People: Jake's dead wife, Vicky, returns in a ghostly form.27 %
Comeuppance: Katie schemes and plots, but meets her downfall in front of all of Oakdale.35 %

Least Favorite Storyline
>Castaways: Stranded on an island, Lily and Simon fight to keep their attraction to one another in check.36 %
Forced Vows: Andy and Denise married to keep his father, John, from suing for custody of Hope.14 %
Scared Stiff: Andy fakes paralysis to hold on to Denise.35 %
Triangle: Julia and Carly both vie for Jack's attention.13 %

Favorite Character
Rose D'Angelo26 %
Jake McKinnnon34 %
Carly Tenney25 %
Lucinda Walsh13 %

Most Missed Performer
Lisa Brown (Iva Snyder Benedict)24 %
Keith Coularis (David Stenbeck/Reid Hamilton)23 %
Jamie Dudney (Georgia Tucker)22 %
Lauren B Martin (Camille Bennett)29 %

Recurring or Special Role
Lisa Brown (Iva Snyder Benedict)48 %
Rosemary Prinz (Penny Hughes)7 %
Anna Stuart (Donna Love)7 %
Ellen Wheeler (Victoria McKinnon)37 %

Least Favorite Character
Katie Peretti Frasier20 %
Simon Frasier16 %
Julia Lindsay38 %
Denise Maynard24 %

Worst Moment
I Love You: Lily tells Simon that she's in love with him.51 %
Scared Stiff: Andy's faked paralysis is revealed.24 %
The Wedding: Katie and Simon walk down the aisle and say I Do.23 %
0 %

Outstanding Overall Performer
Hunt Block (Craig Montgomery)3 %
Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder/Rose D'Angelo)43 %
Terri Conn (Katie Peretti Frasier)3 %
Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman)0 %
Scott DeFreitas (Andy Dixon)0 %
Ellen Dolan (Margo Hughes)0 %
Tom Eplin (Jake McKinnon)21 %
Jon Hensley (Holden Snyder)1 %
Kathryn Hayes (Kim Hughes)0 %
Scott Holmes (Tom Hughes)0 %
Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh)4 %
Leslie Kay (Molly Conlan)5 %
Michael Park (Jack Snyder)4 %
Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara Munson)0 %
Paul Taylor (Isaac Jenkins)1 %
Maura West (Carly Tenney)9 %


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