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Jensen Buchanan reprising AW role
Updated Sunday, September 24, 2000 3:20:59 PM
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Though nothing is set in stone, Jensen Buchanan is slated to make a return trip to Oakdale.

From 1991 though the 1999 series finale, Buchanan played Another World's Victoria McKinnon. Shortly thereafter, several Another World characters found life on CBS's As The World Turns. For one reason or another, in November of last year, As The World Turns writers decided to "kill" Victoria in an off-screen plane accident.

By all accounts so far, Victoria is dead --- and will stay dead, a rarity in the world of soaps. Script followers point to a recent comment by Donna, who mentioned feeling Vicky's "presence". It's been confirmed that Vicky's return will be in spirit form.

It remains unclear how long Buchanan will remain on-screen. A spokesperson for Buchanan confirms only that the actress will be appearing on As The World Turns, but stopped short of offering details on the length of time she'd be staying in Oakdale.

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