Gloria Walters (deceased)

m. Unknown
    c. Mary Ellen Walters (AKA Lucinda Walsh)
        m. Jacobo Esteban (Divorced; deceased)
            c. Sierra Esteban
                m. Tonio Reyes (Divorced)
                m. Craig Montgomery (Divorced)
                    c. Bryant Montgomery(deceased)
                    c. Lucinda Marie 'Lucy' Montgomery
                m. Alan Drake (deceased)
        m. Martin Guest (deceased)
            c. Lily Walsh (Adopted)
                m. Derek Mason (deceased)
                m. Holden Snyder (Divorced)
                    c. Miscarried child (deceased)
                m. Damian Grimaldi (Divorced)
                    c. Luciano "Luke" (Grimaldi) Snyder
                m. Diego Santana (deceased)
                m. Holden Snyder (Annulled)
                    c. Faith Snyder
                    c. Natalie Snyder
                    c. Ethan Walsh Snyder
                m. Damian Grimaldi (Divorced)
        m. James Evan Walsh (deceased)
            c. Bianca Marquez Walsh (Adopted)
            m. Name Unknown (James Walsh's 1st wife) (deceased)
                c. James Evan Walsh II (Walsh's son with unnamed woman) (deceased)
                    m. Edwinda (maiden name unknown)
                        m. Alexander Cabot (deceased)
                        c. Connor Jamison Walsh
                            m. Cal Stricklyn (Divorced)
                            m. Mark Kasnoff
                        c. James (Evan) Walsh III
                            m. Unknown woman
                               c. James Evan Walsh IV (deceased)
        m. John Dixon (Divorced)
        m. James Stenbeck (Divorced) (deceased)
        m. Brian Wheatley (Annulled)

m. George Keller
    c. Neal Keller (deceased)
        m. Michael Alcott (Divorced)
    c. Royce Keller
    c. Samantha Markham (given up for adoption; adopted by the Morrises)
        a. Cody Tucker
            c. Georgia Tucker
                m. Eddie Silva
        m. Kirk Anderson

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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