SULLIVAN Family Tree
Mr. Sullivan (deceased)
m. Frances Sullivan (deceased)
    c. Jennifer Sullivan (deceased)
        m. Chuck Ryan (deceased)
            c. Rick Ryan
            c. Barbara Ryan
                m. James Stenbeck (Divorced)
                    c. Paul Stenbeck / Ryan
                       m. Rosanna Cabot (divorced)
                       m. Emily Stewart (divorced)
                              c. Jennifer Ryan (deceased)
                       m. Rosanna Cabot
                    m. Gunnar St. Clair (deceased)
                    m. Hal Munson (Divorced)
                    a.Darryl Crawford
                        c. Jennifer Louise Munson (adopted by Hal Munson) (deceased)
                            a.Craig Montgomery
                                c. John Dustin Donovan (adopted by Dusty Donovan)
                            m.Mike Kasnoff (Divorced)
                            m.Dusty Donovan
                m. Hal Munson (Divorced)
                    c. William Harold Ryan' Will' Munson
                            m.Gwen Norbeck
                m. John Dixon (Divorced)
                    c. Johnny Dixon (deceased)
                m. Hal Munson (Divorced) (deceased)
                m. Craig Montgomery (Divorced)
                m. James Stenbeck (Annulled)
        a. unknown man
        c. Melinda Grey (deceased)
            m. Beau Spencer
        m. Bob Hughes
            c. Frances Hughes
                m. Darryl Crawford (Divorced)

    c. Kimberly Sullivan
        m. Jason Reynolds (deceased)
        a. Bob Hughes
            c. Sabrina Fullerton Hughes (adopted by the Fullertons)
                m. Colin Crawley (Divorced)
        m. John Dixon (Divorced)
            c. Andrew Dixon
                m. Courtney Baxter (Divorced)
                m. Denise Maynard (Divorced)
                    c. Hope Dixon
        m. Dan Stewart (deceased)
        m. Nick Andropoulos (deceased)
        m. Bob Hughes
            c. Christopher Hughes

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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