STENBECK Family Tree
Unknown man (Note--it's never been established who this man was. Some speculate it could have been Mr. Stenbeck's younger brother or it could have been Mr. Aldrin)
a. Greta (maiden name unknown) Aldrin
    c.James Stenbeck
(James was switched at birth with the real Stenbeck baby)
        a. Unknown
            c. David Stenbeck (deceased)
        m. Enid Constanza (deceased)
        m. Barbara Ryan (Divorced)
            c. Paul Stenbeck/ Ryan
              m. Rosanna Cabot (Divorced)
              m. Emily Stewart (Divorced)
                  c. Jennifer Ryan (deceased)
              m. Rosanna Cabot (Divorced)
              a. Meg Snyder Montgomery
                  c. Miscarried son (deceased)
              m. Meg Snyder (Divorced)
                  c. Eliza Ryan
              m. Emily Stewart
        m. Karen Haines (Divorced)
        a. Unknown (deceased)
            c. Jordan Sinclair
              a. Unknown woman
                  c. Cabot Sinclair
              m. Rosanna Cabot (Annulled)
        a. Audrey Coleman
            c. Henry Coleman
              m. Katie Peretti (Divorced)
              a. Vienna Hyatt
                  c. Miscarried child (deceased)
              m. Barbara Ryan
        a. Emily Stewart
            c. Miscarried child (deceased)
        m. Lucinda Walsh (Divorced)
        m. Barbara Ryan (Annulled)
      c. Ariel Aldrin (Greta's daughter by Mr. Aldrin)
        m. Burke Donovan (deceased)
        m. John Dixon (Divorced)

Mr. Stenbeck (deceased)
m. Mrs. Stenbeck (deceased)
    c. Gunnar St. Clair (deceased) (placed in the St. Clair orphanage as a baby; switched with Greta Aldrin's son)
        a. Nicole Berryesa Donovan (deceased)
            c. Dusty Donovan
              m.Jennifer Munson (deceased)
                c. John Dustin Montgomery (Jen's son from Craig Montgomery; adopted by Dusty; rights lost)
              a.Janet Ciccone
                c. Lorenzo Dustin Donovan
        m. Barbara Ryan
      c. Lars Stenbeck (deceased)
        m. Ingrid Ivenstrom

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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