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MUNSON Family Tree
Harold "Hal" Munson (deceased)

m. Lynda Graves (Divorced)
    c. Nikki Graves
a. Margo Hughes
    c. Adam (Hughes) Munson

m. Barbara Ryan (Divorced)
    c. Jennifer Munson (Adopted; Fathered by Darryl Crawford) (deceased)
          a.Craig Montgomery
              c. John Dustin Montgomery
         m.Mike Kasnoff (Divorced)
         m.Dusty Donovan
    c. William "Will" Munson
         m.Gwen Norbeck
              c. Hallie Jennifer Munson (adopted)
m. Carly Tenney (Divorced)
    c. Parker Joe (Munson) Snyder (adopted by Jack Snyder)
         m.Liberty Ciccone (Annulled)

m. Barbara Ryan (Divorced)

m. Barbara Ryan (Divorced)
m. Emily Stewart (Divorced)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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