Mr. Crawford

m. Mrs. Maiden Name Unknown Crawford
    c. Lyla Marie Crawford
        a. John Dixon
            c. Margo Montgomery (raised by Bart Montgomery)
                a. Hal Munson (deceased)
                    c. Adam Christopher Harold Hughes Munson (adopted by Tom)
                m. Tom Hughes
                    c. Two miscarried children; one when engaged to Tom, the other prior to Adam's birth) (deceased)
                     c. Casey Hughes
                       a. Gwen Norbeck
                          c. Billy Norbeck (deceased)
                       m. Emily Stewart (Annulled)
                    c. Miscarried child (deceased)
        m. Bart Montgomery (Divorced)
            c. Craig Montgomery
                m. Betsy Stewart (Divorced)
                m. Sierra Esteban (Divorced)
                    c. Bryant Montgomery (deceased)
                    c. Lucinda Marie 'Lucy' Montgomery
                a. Lydia Carras (deceased)
                    c. Gabriel Carras
                m. Barbara Ryan (Divorced)
                m. Rosanna Cabot (Divorced)
                a. Jennifer Munson (deceased)
                    c. John Dustin Montgomery
                m. Rosanna Cabot (Divorced)
                m. Meg Snyder (Divorced)
            c. Cricket Montgomery
                a. Cody Sullivan
                        c. Billy Ross (adopted by Ernie Ross)
                m. Ernie Ross
                        c. Suzanne "Suzie" Ross
        m. Casey Peretti (deceased)
            c. Kathryn Ann 'Katie' Peretti
                m. Simon Frasier (Divorced)
                m. Henry Coleman (Divorced)
                m. Mike Kasnoff (Divorced)
                m. Jack Snyder (Annulled)
                m. Brad Snyder (deceased)
                    c. Jacob Bradley Snyder

    c. Maggie Crawford
        m.Frank Andropoulos
            c. Jill Andropoulos (adopted)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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