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STEWART Family Tree
First name unknown Andropouulos (deceased)

m. Marina (maiden name unknonwn) (deceased)
    c. Nikolas (Nick) Andropoulos (deceased)
        m. Andrea (maiden name unknown)
            c. Marina Andropoulos (deceased)
        m. Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart
      a. Michael Christopher
    c. Stavres (Steve) andropoulos
        m. Carol Demming Hughes (Divorced)
        a. Betsy Stewart Montgomery
            c. Danielle (Dani) andropoulos
        m. Betsy Stewart Montgomery (Divorced)

First name unknown Andropoulos
m. (First & maiden name unknown) Andropoulos
    c.Frank Andropoulos
        m. Maggie Crawford
            c. Jill Andropoulos (adopted)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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