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The Dankies: 2008-2009

Thousands upon thousands of fans of As The World Turns cast their votes by their choices for the best of ATWT. Here are their nominations and winners.
Following are the final results of the 2008-2009 Dankies for As The World Turns. Winners are marked with a right angle quote (»).

Outstanding Lead Actor
Jon Hensley (Holden Snyder, ATWT) 19 %
Roger Howarth (Paul Ryan, ATWT) 32 %
Grayson McCouch (Dusty Donovan, ATWT) 11 %
» Michael Park (Jack Snyder, ATWT) 36 %
Outstanding Lead Actress
Noelle Beck (Lily Snyder, ATWT) 5 %
Terri Columbino (Katie Peretti, ATWT) 12 %
Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh, ATWT) 19 %
» Maura West (Carly Tenney, ATWT) 62 %
Outstanding Supporting Actor
» Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman, ATWT) 36 %
Van Hansis (Luke Sndyer, ATWT) 28 %
Billy Magnussen (Casey Hughes, ATWT) 15 %
Austin Peck (Brad Snyder, ATWT) 19 %
Outstanding Supporting Actress
» Julie Pinson (Janet Ciccone, ATWT) 38 %
Marnie Schulenburg (Alison Stewart , ATWT) 16 %
Marie Wilson (Meg Snyder, ATWT) 16 %
Colleen Zenk-Pinter (Barbara Ryan, ATWT) 27 %
Outstanding Newcomer
Meredith Hagner (Liberty Ciccone , ATWT) 7 %
» Jon Lindstrom (Craig Montgomery, ATWT) 37 %
Billy Magnussen (Casey Hughes, ATWT) 28 %
Julie Pinson (Janet Ciccone, ATWT) 26 %
Outstanding Younger Performer
Meredith Hagner (Liberty Ciccone , ATWT) 15 %
Mick Hazen (Parker Munson Snyder, ATWT) 30 %
» Billy Magnussen (Casey Hughes, ATWT) 33 %
Jake Silbermann (Noah Mayer, ATWT) 20 %
Most Attractive Male Star
Van Hansis (Luke Snyder, ATWT) 21 %
Grayson McCouch (Dusty Donovan, ATWT) 22 %
Michael Park (Jack Snyder, ATWT) 26 %
» Austin Peck (Brad Snyder, ATWT) 29 %
Most Attractive Female Star
Terri Colombino (Katie Peretti, ATWT) 19 %
» Ewa da Cruz (Vienna Hyatt, ATWT) 37 %
Julie Pinson (Janet Ciccone, ATWT) 12 %
Maura West (Carly Tenney, ATWT) 30 %
Favorite Storyline
All in the family: Jack and Janet fall in love and go through the throes of blending families and making wedding plans, overcoming Carly's interference, Liberty's mischief, and money troubles. (ATWT) 20 %
All you need is love: After his grandmother's new, younger husband made a pass at him, Luke turns to liquor before finally dealing with the situation. Finally, Luke reunites with Noah and they are able to consummate their love. (ATWT) 28 %
» A summer place: With his marriage on the rocks, Holden finds a sympathetic friend and unexpected lover in Carly. As their kids spend the summer in camp, Carly and Holden have a romantic, sweet summer affair. (ATWT) 28 %
You can't keep a bad guy dead: The penultimate evil, James Stenbeck, returns to Oakdale and messes with Paul's mind, but even more than that is the revelation that Dusty wasn't dead after all. (ATWT) 22 %
Least Favorite Storyline
Blackmail: Craig hires Spencer McKay, then along with Dani Andropoulos, he sets up Brad for murder so he can blackmail Katie into giving him an alibi for a past crime. (ATWT) 19 %
» Foreign affair: Noah marries Ameera so that she can stay in the country, but this causes problems for Luke, especially when Noah's father becomes entangled in the whole situation. (ATWT) 49 %
You can't keep a bad guy dead: The penultimate evil, James Stenbeck, returns to Oakdale and messes with Paul's mind, but even more than that is the revelation that Dusty wasn't dead after all. (ATWT) 10 %
Young and not so innocent: Parker and Liberty make love and greatly upset their parents and even after being told to mend their ways, they still stir up trouble (ATWT) 19 %
Favorite Character
Janet Ciccone (ATWT) 13 %
» Carly Tenney (ATWT) 45 %
Henry Coleman (ATWT) 21 %
Luke Snyder (ATWT) 20 %
Least Favorite Character
Liberty Ciccone (ATWT) 22 %
» Dusty Donovan (ATWT) 26 %
Paul Ryan (ATWT) 24 %
Meg Snyder (ATWT) 26 %
Most Memorable Moment
A Kiss is just a kiss: After holding out for months, Luke and Noah finally break the kissing ban and share a kiss in the spring. (ATWT) 33 %
Not dead yet: After being abducted by James Stenbeck, Meg finds an unlikely ally when she discovers that Dusty is alive in a cage on the island. (ATWT) 14 %
» The way they were: Jack and Carly have a tender moment the night before his wedding to Janet, nostalgically recalling their good times together when they were in love (ATWT) 35 %
Who's on top?: When they get stuck at the kids' summer camp, Carly and Holden are forced to spend the night in a cabin. When their bunk beds collapse, and they wind up sleeping together. (ATWT) 16 %
Favorite On-Screen Couple or Duo
Brad Snyder and Katie Peretti (ATWT) 19 %
» Jack Snyder and Carly Tenney (ATWT) 37 %
Jack Snyder and Janet Ciccone (ATWT) 15 %
Luke Snyder and Noah Mayer (ATWT) 27 %
Most Missed Performer
Dylan Bruce (Chris Hughes, ATWT) 18 %
Scott Bryce (Craig Montgomery, ATWT) 7 %
» Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder, ATWT) 51 %
Jennifer Landon (Gwen Norbeck, ATWT) 23 %
Outstanding Special Guest or Recurring Role
» Anthony Herrera (James Stenbeck, ATWT) 46 %
Lawrence Lau (Brian Wheatley, ATWT) 23 %
Cyndi Lauper (Herself, ATWT) 13 %
Eric William Morris (Matt O'Connor, ATWT) 17 %
Outstanding Overall Performer
Noelle Beck (Lily Snyder, ATWT) 1 %
Terri Columbino (Katie Peretti, ATWT) 3 %
Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman, ATWT) 5 %
Van Hansis (Luke Sndyer, ATWT) 15 %
Jon Hensley (Holden Snyder, ATWT) 1 %
Roger Howarth (Paul Ryan, ATWT) 9 %
Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh, ATWT) 6 %
Billy Magnussen (Casey Hughes, ATWT) 2 %
Grayson McCouch (Dusty Donovan, ATWT) 3 %
Michael Park (Jack Snyder, ATWT) 3 %
Austin Peck (Brad Snyder, ATWT) 0 %
Julie Pinson (Janet Ciccone, ATWT) 3 %
Marnie Schulenburg (Alison Stewart , ATWT) 1 %
Marie Wilson (Meg Snyder, ATWT) 1 %
» Maura West (Carly Tenney, ATWT) 38 %
Colleen Zenk-Pinter (Barbara Ryan, ATWT) 1 %

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