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James Stenbeck's funeral last week was a hoot. Barbara was in rare form, and she has definitely met her match in Audrey. It is so good to see Barbara front and center, letting folks have it at every turn.
This abbreviated week brought a bit of drama - real drama and that made the show quite interesting this week. When I sit down to write my column though, it takes me some time to remember what happened early in the week because of how the show is paced: why can't Janet and Liberty be on more than just Monday with major story? I think there should be a fairer distribution of stories throughout the week. One more thing with a shortened week like this one, why wasn't there a major cliffhanger to keep you thinking about the show over the long weekend? I was disappointed by that.

James Is Dead?
Major question mark here - James Stenbeck has never been truly dead. I thought the cliffhanger for the week would have been when Paul and Emily were toasting to their engagement; James would appear alive with a glass to toast as well. I don't believe he is dead this time either. Here's why: when they took away the body, they said he was in cardiac arrest - not dead. When they got to the hospital, who was that doctor: he definitely could have been on his payroll. This is too clean to be true and Audrey cannot get away with murder because the James Stenbeck we know would not allow it.

Isn't also possible that James got another lawyer to change his will when his regular lawyer was unavailable? Or am I being too logical for the current writers of the show? I am thinking of the most dramatic and how James Stenbeck would do. I believe that Audrey is too over the top to win in any way - I can see now how she can be the mother of a serial killer with how easy it was for her to inject James to kill him.

Didn't Henry change his tune once he became the sole Stenbeck heir? Vienna is afraid however this is so true to his character; we know how much Henry loves money. I believe that Audrey miscalculated her son and now it's time for a fight.

By the way, wasn't that funeral a hoot? Barbara was in rare form and she has definitely met her match in Audrey. It is so good to see Barbara front and center letting folks having it at every turn - great fun to watch.

Adam Turns Himself In
It's about time but now who cares? This went on a little too long for me. The interesting part is more about the Tom and Margo drama - to watch them work through their problems and not mention divorce or separation shows that this is an adult relationship. It's almost hard to believe that this show is being written by the same writers at times - they write Tom and Margo differently as other couples in Oakdale divorce and remarry at rapid speeds. Where is the romance in Oakdale?

So it will be worth watching to see how Adam is exonerated from this - I don't believe that he is going to jail unless the actor is being written out of the show.

Liberty and Janet
The scenes between Janet and Liberty were good but the scenes with Janet and her sister were powerful as they both stated how they felt about the abortion issue. I think Janet needs to really listen to her daughter and let her decide what she needs to do for herself. This is one of those stories that when you watch it - your personal beliefs can get in the way.

I liked that Rosanna saw another side of Craig in this; Craig was on Liberty's side and he was not doing this because of Parker which is what Rosanna thought - he was being compassionate and helpful without any agenda at all. I guess Craig is trying to change.

The Snyder Family
How is Holden going to get out of this mess of his? He is dealing with these two irrational people who are completely unreasonable. He needs to get home as Damian is moving in fast on Lily and his family. Faith has reason to be suspicious of Damian.

Meg, as usual, can't make up her mind about Damian and his motives - why is so hot and cold with her men. She has such problems trying to navigate a relationship.

Luke and Noah are going to have major problems soon with Mason - the way he was looking at Noah and how he will be depending on him will surely cause issues for Luke and Noah.

Let's see what other readers are saying:

Opal said, "Sounds like Janet can't win. She doesn't give Liberty enough freedom, but she should have been with her in the backseat to prevent her pregnancy? No one can protect a headstrong teenager from herself."

Sharon said, "I love seeing the older generation in a story for a change. It's to bad they only time they use them is when they are sick & need to make the show more exciting. Why should Adam getaway with his crimes when Margo never let Casey get away with his lesser crimes. Isn't Adam, Margo & Hal's son?? Casey & Allison just don't have that zing that Maddie & Casey did…. I'm sure Lily will fall in bed with Damian & get "knocked up"' and then Holden will show back up.!! "

Claire said, "The new writers you mentioned - would these be the ones that managed to bore GL into oblivion? Heaven help ATWT!"

Finally, I am going to watch the final week of Guiding Light and remember the great moments of this classic drama. I am so sorry that it had to end and continue to pray that ATWT does not go the same way any time soon.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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