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Margo calls herself a detective? Cagney and Lacey would be outraged at her lack of sleuthing skills, at least when it comes to her son's behavior. Why hasn't she figured out that Casey is the father of Gwen's baby?

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Craig is off to the big house. And I'm off to therapy. How will ATWT be bearable without his sarcastic barbs and antagonistic antics? I can't think about it. I'm in denial. This week was supposedly the last we'll see of Hunt Block's Craig. I can't quite believe that though, considering the shoddy send-off he received. Was that really the end?

If so, what a disappointing exit for one of Oakdale's all-time best characters. His fans deserved better. It's appalling that Celia, a character we've known for less than a year, got a better sendoff than Craig.

I'm praying we haven't seen the last of Mr. Montgomery-I wear-my-sunglasses-at-night. For no other reason than to wrap up this character's rich history in Oakdale. Well, and to get Craig back making mischief where he belongs.

--Katie and Mike are in my doghouse this week. Sneaking around to a hotel, while they're both still married to other people, is beyond disrespectful. They need to put their booty call on hold and show some class. Katie should at least have the decency to take off that beautiful wedding ring Henry gave her. That rock could keep him in martinis for life.

--Baby Doe got another possible moniker this week. He was almost, and still may be, baptized as Rory Cabot Snyder. This poor kid. He's going to be a natural candidate for a multiple personality storyline in about 18 years.

--Is Paul really going to keep Jen's baby's identity from her? If so, he's been taking lessons from his mother. I just don't think it's believable that Paul would hurt Jen like that. Unless, he's been taking deception lessons from James.

--It looks like we'll be seeing my favorite Bay City-attorney Cass Winthrop this week. I love it when "Another World" alums show up in Oakdale. Now, can he please run into Morgan, um, Dusty? That would be too funny.

--Lucinda can deliver a look of disgust like no one I've ever seen. When she focused that repulsed look at Keith for interrupting Holden and Lily's dinner, I almost felt sorry for the guy.

--Margo calls herself a detective? Cagney and Lacey would be outraged at her lack of sleuthing skills, when it comes to her son's behavior. Why hasn't she put together that Casey is the father of Gwen's baby? She saw him harassing Gwen and knows that Will was covering for a friend. Maybe Margo needs a secret decoder ring.

--Who keeps saffron in their cabinets? If I wasn't already impressed with Emma Snyder's legendary culinary skills, I am now, simply because of the ingredients she keeps on hand.

--Carly, Carly, Carly. Her outright venom toward Gwen is working my last nerve. I understand that she is trying to protect her sister's adopted child, but Gwen is the baby's biological mother. (Well, at least for right now, until it comes out that the little guy is really Jen's baby, and possibly Mike's.) Wow. This really does sound like a soap opera, doesn't it?

--There must be something in the Snyder genes. Is this not the best-looking family you've ever seen? Jack, Holden and Meg look like a walking ad for The Gap. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I wouldn't mind running into the Snyder boys at the Snyder pond.

--Who here thinks Gwen could take Casey? She's one tough chick. I couldn't stop chuckling when she asked Casey what he was whining about now. If he keeps pushing her, I think she may just pop him. Frankly, I wouldn't mind seeing that. Is that wrong?

--Henry looks so nice in casual clothes. Wardrobe department, can we please see more of that? That black t-shirt was perfection. And who do I pay to get more shirtless Henry? But seriously, I'm up for anything that will keep him out of that hideous rainbow-colored striped shirt. Greg Brady called and wants it back.

--I don't love Lily's new red hair color, but it makes sense for the character. She's going through a lot of change in her life right now and has a new love interest. More shocking than Lily's red locks is that Procter & Gamble didn't throw in a shameless plug for one of their hair color products.

--Is it just me or did the show honchos pair Keith with the wrong sister? Sierra has nothing to do now that Craig is gone.

--Maddie's fantasies are a hoot. I loved the one where Henry smacked macho Mike. And the one where Mike had a silly southern accent was priceless.

--Emma gets points this week for giving Meg a wake-up call about Dusty. He's in to Jennifer, and I'm glad Emma pointed that out to Meg. It's nice to see parents talking with their kids. It's too bad Dusty doesn't have John as a sounding board.

--Lucinda and Keith could be Oakdale's new super couple. Elizabeth Hubbard and Kin Shriner really chew the scenery together. It's like a highway accident. I can't look away.

--There is no question that Keith is doing something dangerous and probably highly illegal. Is he running drugs? Is he working for the mafia? Let's just hope that whatever he's involved with, that Lily doesn't end up kidnapped, yet again.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Henry complains that Katie is massaging his back too intensely.)
Katie: "If you don't like my technique, I could get that Amazon physical therapist from the hospital. She'd come right over."
Henry: "No, no, no, no Helga. She makes Vin Diesel seem like a wimp."

(Celia tells Casey and Gwen that she's leaving Oakdale.)
Casey: "It's because of me, right?"
Gwen: "Not everything is about you. Haven't you figured that out yet? Though, come to think of it, you're as good a reason as any to get as far away from here as possible."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops Reader Doug.)
"I am in complete agreement with what you said about Craig and what the writers have done to this wonderful character! The writers have backed him into a corner. They have made him unredeemable. Craig, played by one of daytime's best actors, Hunt Block, is one of my favorite characters on ATWT. He could make me angry and make me laugh at the same time! I was upset when I found out they were writing him off the show, but not as upset as I am about how they are doing it. How can he ever show his face in Oakdale again? Also, I hate when representatives of a soap say that the reason that an actor or character is leaving the show it because it is "storyline dictated." To me, all that really means is that the writers aren't smart enough to come up with a better storyline. Come on, folks, put your thinking caps on! All I can say though, is that no matter what they've done to this character, I will always love Craig Montgomery, and the actor and the character will be sorely missed!"

(From Two Scoops Reader Mary.)
"Love your column! Just wanted to add my two cents to the fan who talked about ATWT losing sight of what made it special - the families! I too, have watched it for 30+ years and so miss the scenes with everyone at the Hughes home. Nobody even mentions Frannie/Sabrina/Andy anymore. I loved the Snyder farm when all of the Snyders were there. In my opinion, the show was at its best in the late 80's and early 90's when we had lots of family, a few who-done-its and the teenagers had storylines that made sense and were interesting. The writers need to realize that these families have become our families (to some extent,) and we want to share moments like Christmas and birthdays and normal days and scenes with them. It doesn't have to be high drama all the time. Douglas Marland realized that. Was he the last one to "get it"?"

(From Two Scoops Reader Heather.)
"I really do like Ken Shriner, but I hate (Keith) and Lily together. I think he and Meg should hook up, because Meg needs to quit mooning over Dusty and both characters need a good story to be involved in."

(From Two Scoops Reader Melissa .)
"Just wanted to drop a quick note about Kin Shriner. I've always loved him whether it be GH, Y&R, or ATWT, but I have to admit that right now I'm not a Keith fan. And I know why. I really want Lily and Holden together. I hate when the writers feel like it's time to pull these two apart. I loved them as a couple since the beginning and even through the years of the "other" Lily (when the other actress played the role)."

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

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