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Michael Park
Summer lovin'
For the Week of July 4, 2005
From Dusty and Meg getting, um, reacquainted at the Snyder pond, to Jack and Carly solving the case of the melting ice cubes, to Paul and Emily's furniture fondness, love was in the air last week.
Apparently, no one in Oakdale has air conditioning, except Lucinda. And thank goodness. She seemed to the only Oakdale resident who wasn't hot and bothered this week. From Dusty and Meg getting, um, reacquainted at the Snyder pond, to Jack and Carly solving the case of the melting ice cubes, to Paul and Emily's furniture fondness, love in the afternoon was in the air.

Monday's show gave new meaning to the term summer heat. The sultry music and sexy segues between couples made me remember why I used to love summer in Oakdale. And kudos to the writing staff for including some of the older couples in these scenes, instead of just teens Celia/Casey and Will/Gwen at the Snyder Pond.

I forgot how well "ATWT" does romance. We don't see it often anymore. But it's shows like these that prove perhaps we should. Forget the murder mysteries, the one-note villains and the backstabbing. Bring on the summer lovin'

--It's about time Casey cut that hair. Now, if his attitude could just get a makeover, too, then maybe I'd start to like this kid.

--I so need to get the name of Lily's contractor. How they got her house remodeled, gutted and new dry wall up in only a couple weeks is beyond impressive. And was there no smoke damage? What about the upstairs where Carly almost burned to death inside that trunk? I'm telling you, those contractors are miracle workers.

--I'm getting a lot of questions as to the whereabouts of Curtis and Ben. Well, Curtis is starring in a new nighttime show on The WB network "The Bedford Diaries," so don't look for him back in Oakdale anytime soon. As for Ben, I don't know. Maybe he's in the cafeteria with John Dixon.

--By now, Barbara Ryan should know that it's poor form to call your ex-husband's new wife a "slut" and a "tramp." Still, I can't help but cackle when Babs gets on her high horse and lets Emily have it. No one plays moral superiority better than Colleen Zenk-Pinter!

--So, Dusty has guys now? Who is he Tony Soprano? I couldn't help but chuckle when he said "my guy" is following Craig. Dusty does smarmy well. Yes, it's a far cry from the sweet teenager we all remember him to be, but with Craig leaving town soon, we'll need someone else to love to hate.

--The apple doesn't fall from the tree, in Jennifer Munson's case. As one loyal "Two Scoops" reader reminded me, Jennifer is indeed Barbara's daughter. Her fake fall to set Craig up this week was a play straight out of Mommy Dearest's playbook. Who thinks it won't be long before Mike kicks Jen to the curb?

--For years, I've toggled between liking Jennifer and not liking her. I hated what she did to Bryant, but I really enjoyed her with Mike. But, Scoopers, no one messes with my favorite Oakdale quipper Craig Montgomery and gets to stay on my good side. Jennifer telling Craig he was responsible for Bryant's death this week, again, was unforgivable, especially since it was her hoochie behavior that initiated the events that led to his death. In my opinion, Jennifer is Oakdale's newest villain. Barbara has got nothing on her.

--Emily wasted no time in moving in with her new lover. What do you suppose she's going to do with Daniel?

--How cute was Will trying to act all macho when Paul sat him down for the talk. His defensive "who says it was my first time?" had me grinning.

--From your e-mails, you liked my theory that Gwen is Carly's sister. I hope it turns out to be true, too. Then, at least, poor Gwen could get out of that garage. However, being related to Carly would be just one more strike against her in Barbara's book.

--I'm worried about my sweet Will, Scoopers. He's trying to be the good guy by helping Gwen, but got blindsided by the Paul/Emily fling. This poor kid. It's no wonder he did time in a mental facility. It's a shame really, because it's his brother/mother/sister who really need some time on the shrink's couch.

--Lucinda's story is fabulous. I love that that she calls cancer "The C Word." That is so Lucinda. Watching her struggle with fear and a loss of control is a treat. My only complaint is that Meg is in this story. I know the character needed reintroduced to Oakdale, but Lily and Sierra are both in town, so it seems to me Meg could have been plopped into another plot. Frankly, Meg sharing Lucinda's ordeal is awkward. Lily or Sierra should be her confidantes, instead of the new girl in town.

--This week's pet peeve is Jennifer Munson's incessant abdomen touching. Do pregnant women really walk around holding their tummies? If so, my apologies. But onscreen, it's rather annoying.

--Is it just me, or does Holden Snyder get yummier and yummier with each passing year? He's even more gorgeous now than when he was a flannel-wearing teenager hanging out in the barn. Lily, fight for that man.

--Boy, did I misjudge Meg Snyder. Boring, I don't think so. Barely in town a week, and she's already getting busy at the Snyder Pond. And she doesn't seem to take any of Dusty's crap, unlike some of his past lady friends. It's too bad that she and Holden are related, because actress Marie Wilson and Jon Hensley have great chemistry, not to mention that they look amazing together. She would have been a great Molly!

--Is there anything more perfect, yet bittersweet, than watching Craig and Rosanna? No. There isn't. These two just complement one another. And the fact that Ro is the only one in town who is befriending Craig makes me love her all the more. Call me the Queen of Denial, but Oakdale without this pair is a place I just can't picture - and don't ever want to.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Rosanna defends her new marriage to Mike.)
Rosanna: "Mike, I'm not sure why the news of my wedding is so shocking. People change their partners more often than they change their socks around here."

(Rosanna tells Craig they should perhaps end their hours-old marriage.)
Craig: "So, you want to go for the record for the shortest marriage in Oakdale?"
Rosanna: "Well, we're hardly your average newlyweds."
Craig: "We're not average anything."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Marie.)
"There is a God, and he has recalled Celia! As bad as the news was about Craig, this ALMOST makes up for it. Please tell me they're putting her back into the orange crate and floating her home to Montega. On another annoying female, love your "The line to smack Jennifer Munson starts here" (comment.) Good one. She has become so obnoxious lately that even I would give the baby to Craig at this point.

(From Two Scoops reader Mary.)
"I am not sure I agree with you about Jennifer Munson. After all, she is Barbara's daughter and in comparison to Mommy Dearest, she is kind of mild. I think if I had been stupid enough to sleep with Craig and get pregnant because of it, I would be a raving maniac, also. Everyone in this quad has baggage. And I think the scribes have given them a losing hand again."

(From Two Scoops reader Linda.)
"Right on! You hit the nail on the head again. I love the thought of Gwen being Carly's sister. I wish they would change their minds about letting Craig go...Craig is the man, along with Dusty, Holden and no one loves his woman like Jack."

That's all for now Scoopers! Happy 4th of July!
Jennifer Biller

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