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The overblown Julia Larrabee murder mystery finally ended last week with a powerful episode, and now there are new stories beginning to form in Oakdale.

The overblown Julia Larrabee murder mystery is finally over with a powerful episode and now there are new stories beginning to refocus things in Oakdale. I believe there is promise with the new writers as things are moving in different directions and less visible characters are moving into the forefront.

Julia Larrabee Mystery Solved
I am so happy this mystery is over and the episode to bring it all to a close was exciting. To devote a full show to ending this mishmash was a masterful decision. This was one of the best episodes in a very long time. There were however a few flaws that I have to admit bothered me as I watched: -how could Lily look out of her window, see Carly's car and Jack came there twice and didn't see Carly's car? -how did Keith get through all the fire to get to Lily's bedroom when she was trapped and unable to get out? -why didn't Les tell the story of what really happened when Julia was killed? -how did Luke know Lily was going to the farm with the two men (Les and Keith)? -how did Les know about the farm especially the cellar? -how did Carly and Jack get out of that burning house? When I thought about it there were a lot of holes in that episode but the good thing is that is over finally.

So what's next for the Snyder's, will Lily stay with Keith or will Keith bow out after Lily thought he was a killer? After all, he did get $100,000 to pay off his debts.

Rosanna/Paul/ Craig/Emily/Katie
When Craig first adopted Cabot illegally, it has been one thing after another. There have been many lives ruined as a result of this one act. It doesn't seem to have any happy endings. So Rosanna had returned to town to get back Paul. Paul has now begun a sexual relationship with a woman who almost destroyed his life a long time ago and was once his father's mistress, Emily. Who wants to guess how that is going to turn out? A reader, Connie said, "I, too, am being reminded lately of Emily and Paul's history, and of how protective they once were of each other. But they were both kids back then, like orphans holding on to each other for safety and security. One would hope that they have grown up some and wouldn't revert to this behavior in times of stress."

Craig is back trying to get claim to the child he fathered with his deceased son's girlfriend - how convoluted is this? I have to agree with Katie, if Jennifer would just give a little then Craig would not be so pushy in his demands. Mike is starting to listen to Katie. Jennifer is taking this 'poor me victim' thing too far - she is the one who got drunk and slept with the man. She just needs to accept the consequences of her actions and stop being this whining person that makes you want to fast forward every time she is on the screen.

Oakdale will never be the same without the character of Craig, played by Hunt Block. I will be so sorry to see him leave. A reader, Talia says, "I was sorry to hear that Hunt Block was let go, he gave Oakdale a bit of humor and drama all wrapped into one...I think it is a bad move...time will tell"

The Kids
This story has its moments - great ones when Will and Gwen are on the screen. It is interesting to see how Celia cares for Will but is sticking by Casey because of the accident at the prom. Casey is feeling guilty too because I think he wants to come clean about Gwen but is afraid of losing Celia. This baby thing is going to be a major bombshell for a lot of people. I can't wait to see Margo's reaction to becoming a grandmother. I do think Gwen should try to take better care of herself and stop the smoking. This has become quite a tangled quadrangle in a short period of time.

Why is it that there are no Casey or Celia in the promos for the show but Will and Gwen are front and center?

Finally, it looks like Lucinda is getting her own storyline starting some time this week and I am so glad to see that finally. Things are changing with a new head writerand let's keep our fingers crossed it's moving in the right direction.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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