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Julia is finally gone!
For the Week of March 7, 2005
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Lucy didn't waste any time finding a new guy when she got to school. It won't be long before Dusty ends up with her mother; quite frankly, they are a much better match than Dusty and Lucy.

Well, it finally happened and I can honestly say I am not too sad except for the fact that Julia shook things up in Oakdale for two solid couples like Carly & Jack and Holden & Lily. With the loss of Julia, we now have to watch the saga of singer wannabe Celia Ortega and I am not sure if I can endure this.

Julia's Murder
We saw this coming when Lily threatened Julia's life. I do have a couple of comments regarding Lily's behavior. Can see ever make up her mind? First, it was please Carly I can't go to jail and lose my kids then the next day it was I have to tell the truth. I do understand that she may have had second thoughts about lying but when Carly wanted to call the police she begged and pleaded with her to please help her. When Jack finds out what Carly did, he might not be too forgiving.

I do not believe that Luke did this and I don't think that the fall killed her because she was found in a different place in the room. I want to put this on record now that I think is the culprit - her ex-husband, Les. I think he is out of jail and found her once again after all he did try to kill her before. I am not looking forward to JJ's reaction to the news that his mother is dead but the poor kid has not set eyes on his mother in weeks.

New Arrival Celia Ortega
I am having a real time with this actress, it is not the character but her acting needs some serious work. A reader Liesl echoed my thoughts, "Alyssa is adorable and being very young, she has the ability to grow through training and experience, but how did she get cast in this role?" She is really no match for the other young actors she is acting against namely, Casey, Will and Alison. It really takes away the enjoyment of the show when an actor is this inexperienced. Now that we have a new Rafael, they really could pack them both up and send them back to Montega.

If they plan to continue with this story, who will Celia be involved with Casey or Will? I know Will is interested in Alison and Casey seems smitten with Celia. Please, please do not throw these two together in a rapid fire story while taking up a lot of screen time because they are a lot of other stories to be told as well

Mike and Katie
It was obvious that she married Henry because he did so much for her. She is not over Mike and Mike is not over her. For Mike to propose to Jennifer is just his way of trying to forget Katie. Jennifer, fortunately, is not getting caught up in this so she not jumping in. I don't think the person she should be listening to is Craig. Craig, of course, is out to get what he wants then he now has to handle Bar-bar.

Dusty and Sierra
Lucy didn't waste any time finding a new guy when she got to school. Well it won't be long before Dusty ends up with her mother. Quite frankly, they are a much better match than Dusty and Lucy. It seems a bit too much that Dusty was involved with her daughter only a few months ago but this is a soap opera so I try my best to overlook things like this.

Finally, the Emmy nominations have been announced and there was an obvious oversight - Maura West as Lead Actress. Leanne wrote to say, "How on EARTH was Maura West passed over for an Emmy nomination? Her acting during Jack's amnesia was amazing!" Nevertheless, my congratulations to: Martha Byrne as Lily for Lead Actress, Roger Howarth as Paul for Lead Actor, Jennifer Ferrin as Jennifer for Younger Actress and to the show for their Outstanding Writing Team and Outstanding Drama nominations.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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