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The lunatics are running the asylum
For the Week of October 4, 2004

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We currently have three people in Oakdale who are indeed "lunatics": Barbara Ryan, Rick Decker and Will Munson. I don't know if I should include Will in this category but there is something about him that is not just right.

The Crazies
Of all people for Barbara to get involved with, it had to be Dr. Death - Rick Decker. Rick Decker is really crazy but fun crazy. I enjoy him and I am glad he is back and sharing screen time with wacky Barbara Ryan should be quite a fun experience. It is going to interesting watching these two try to out-crazy each other.
Will Munson needs to be back in therapy. No one has mentioned him seeing a doctor on an outpatient basis. It is really strange once Paul and Jennifer found out that he was the mastermind into getting their mother put away that they didn't see it as some kind of sign that he is not quite their innocent little brother. I guess because of their guilt I assume they want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Chris and Allison
I am glad that this duo is over. Chris could have been an adult and told her before the wedding that he didn't want to go through with it. It was obvious that towards the end that their relationship had run its course. I wonder where they will go after this - Allison will probably end up with Aaron and Chris seems to be going solo now that Emily has reconciled with Hal.
Speaking of Hal, it was nice how Hal and Emily resolved things before Benjamin Hendrickson left the role of Hal so now that Randolph Mantooth is now Hal, things are okay with them but she is living with her mother. Does this mean that there will not be much interaction between Emily and Hal? I don't believe that we will be seeing much on a romantic front for them. Emily could possibly get involved with Chris again.

Holden and Lily
Is this the beginning of the end or what? They just can't seem to get things together. I think it's time for them to go off and do some other things separately. Their relationship of late seems to be making Holden a stronger individual and Lily is going back to her erratic behavior from when Rose died. So the release of Will has caused her to become Lily avenging the death of her sister again so it appears Holden was right about her always having to have something else to do besides be his wife.
Finally, as one reader, Maggie stated that she thinks that Lucinda may be Jordan's mother. This idea also crossed my mind as a plausibility since the writers are throwing these two together as he asked her for a job. So it looks like Lucinda will be doing more business and we may have Jordan as her new sidekick like her old sidekicks - Craig and Kirk.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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