Rain Wilkins
Actor History
Kelly Overton
Resides At
The Brooke English Homeless Shelter
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Flings & Affairs
Crimes Committed
  • Panhandling on private property
  • Used a fake ID
Brief Character History

Rain first appeared as a resident of Brooke's homeless shelter. There because Becca wanted to show her the effects of dropping out of school, Bianca befriended Rain. Erica was not pleased with her daughter befriending someone "like that," but Bianca didn't end her friendship with Rain. Rain turned out to be a less-than stellar influenced on Bianca, encouraging her to skip her first day of school to hang out at the mall. Bianca was caught in the act by her Uncle Jack. Rain later proved to be a true friend by rescuing and comforting Bianca after she'd heard some of her schoolmates speaking very badly about her. Rain took Bianca to a bar; both got in using Rain's fake ID. Bianca didn't realize it at first, but the club was a lesbian bar.

Rain and Bianca continued to pal around, but Erica very much disapproved of their friendship. Rain coaxed Bianca into skipping school, panhandling and some other not-so-good things. When some other homeless folks started giving Rain a hard time at the shelter, Rain was prepared to leave Pine Valley -- until, that is, Bianca asked Rain to secretly live with her in her mother's home. Erica found out what was going on behind her back and offered Rain $10,000 to leave town permanently. Rain reluctantly accepted and hasn't been seen since.

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