Henry Chin
Actor History
Ivan Shaw
Member of the band Frequency
Former student at Pine Valley University
Former busboy at his mother's Chinese restaurant
Resides At
Currently on tour
Formerly 140 Calvert Street; The Fargate Boarding House
Formerly at his mother's home
Formerly Pine Valley University
Marital Status
Single/Never Been Married
Past Marriages
Alma Chin (mother)
Lee Chin (uncle)
Flings & Affairs
Mary Margaret "Maggie" Stone (lovers)
Crimes Committed
  • Cheated on a college exam; copied answers from Maggie [Apr 2003]
  • Assault; fought with Carlos Reyes [Jul 2003]
Health and Vitals
Brief Character History

Quiet and reclusive Henry Chin was known around campus as a know-it-all. His 4.0 grade-point-average seemed to back the claims. While Henry wanted to be a doctor, he also held a deep love of music and playing the guitar. His love for playing, however, was squashed by his mother, who would accept nothing less than her son's full attention being paid to his studies. Alma, Henry's mother, also disapproved of his budding relationship with Maggie Stone. Henry became wrapped up with Maggie and during one of his final exams, he froze. Maggie allowed Henry to copy off of her exam. They both earned As, but their answers were identical across the board. The professor accused Maggie of being the one who had cheated and Henry refused to come clean on what he had done. Henry even proposed to Maggie in an attempt to keep her quiet, but eventually his conscience shone through and he confessed to cheating. He was expelled from school and his mother automatically blamed Maggie. Henry insisted his mother was more to blame than anyone else. The family relationship was tenuous as Henry moved back home and continued to pursue a torn Maggie. Finally, Alma asked Henry to choose between his family and Maggie; he chose Maggie and moved out. Maggie helped him get a room on credit at Myrtle Fargate's boarding house, and he got a job in a band, but Maggie was still reluctant about giving him another chance.

Maggie was soon distracted by her best friend Bianca's personal problems, and no longer saw any need to revisit a relationship with Henry. Henry still loved her, but moved on with his life. His band got a gig touring as the opening act for a major group, The Fugues. Surprisingly, Henry's mother was supportive of her son and promised to see him in concert as soon as the tour came back East. Henry said one last bittersweet goodbye to Maggie, thanked her for helping him find his dreams, and then left town.

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