Derek Frye
Actor History
William Christian
June 1990 to 1995 [contract]; 1995 to August 28, 2005 [recurring]
Charles Parnell
Jerome Preston Bates
November 5, 2007 to 2009 [recurring]
Former chief of police, Pine Valley Police Department (September 11, 2003 to 2008)
Former lieutenant, Pine Valley Police Department
Resides At
Honolulu, Hawaii
Marital Status
Single/Divorced (Mimi Reed)
Past Marriages
Mimi Reed (divorced)
Livia Frye (sister)
Terrence Frye (nephew)
Jamal Cudahy (nephew; via adoption)
Danielle Frye (daughter; with Mimi)
Flings & Affairs
Angela Baxter (broken engagement)
Mimi Reed
Taylor Roxbury-Cannon (affair)
Krystal Carey (flirtation)
Crimes Committed
  • Started a relationship with fellow officer Mimi Reed, breaking the PVPD's non-fraternization policy
Health and Vitals
Knocked unconscious during a break-in at Wildwind
Brief Character History

Derek first arrived in Pine Valley in 1990, during the time when Billy Clyde had kidnapped Dixie Cooney. When Billy opened fire, Derek pushed Tad Martin out of the way and was almost killed. A few years later, when Trevor Dillon left the PD to become a lawyer, Derek was promoted from officer to detective. He married Mimi Reed, and they had a daughter together. Mimi then decided not to return to work, and they divorced a short time later. He helped Noah Keefer get his GED, and had a one-night stand with Taylor Cannon.

Derek has continued his work at the Pine Valley Police Department, popping up when the residents of Pine Valley need to be put back in line.

When Anna Devane resigned as Chief of Police and left town, Derek was appointed as the Acting Chief of Police. His most important duty at the moment is to solve the Michael Cambias murder case. Derek is determined to find and arrest the murderer even if it means sacrificing his long-standing friendship with Jackson Montgomery, the district attorney who is struggling to protect Erica and Kendall, both of whom are suspects.

The murderer eventually proved to be Bianca, and Derek moved on with solving other crimes in Pine Valley.

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