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Cecily Davidson Brent
Actor History
Rosa Nevin
1986 to 1989; 1994 to 1996
Worked at Enchantment, as Hayley Vaughan's assistant
Former detective at Valley Investigations
Resides At
Silicon Valley, California
Marital Status
Married (Charlie Brent)
Past Marriages
Nico Kelly
Bitsy Davidson (mother)
Unnamed child (with Charlie; late 1990s; born off-screen)
Flings & Affairs
Charlie Brent
Sean Cudahy
Crimes Committed
  • None known
Brief Character History

Cecily came to Pine Valley in 1987 and moved in with her godmother Phoebe Wallingford. The troubled teen came with a hefty trust fund that enticed Tom Cudahy's brother, Sean, into chasing her. First she married Nico Kelly to get her trust fund, but the two eventually fell in love. They left Pine Valley together, after Cecily won the Mrs. Homemaker contest. She came back in 1994 and divorced Nico. Charlie gave her a job as his assistant at Valley Investigations (his detective agency). They met via a chatroom on the Internet, at the time not knowing who the other was. After a brief courtship via the Internet, they discovered their mutual love and were married. They left Pine Valley in 1996 for California, and shortly thereafter had their first child.

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