AMC Recaps: The week of October 7, 2002 on All My Children
Jamie voiced his true feelings about Edmund. After seeing Maria kiss Aidan, Edmund grabbed her and pulled her into a passionate kiss of his own. Leo was shocked to learn about Trey's various misdeeds and the fact that Trey and Kendall were siblings. Anna continued to investigate David.
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Monday, October 7, 2002

Kendall tries to squirm out of a tight corner after Leo fills Trey in on Greenlee's suspicions. Erica orders Vanessa to explain how she knew what Richard's victim was wearing on the night she was raped. Anna catches David trying to sneak the serum out of her office but the doctor smashes the vial before his ex can confiscate it. Vanessa eavesdrops as Chris warns Erica that she's interfered in an ongoing investigation by the feds. Trey forces Kendall to admit that she's been spreading the story about him committing arson. Leo berates his big brother after finding him behind bars once again. Kendall encourages Trey to come clean about his crime, then punches him out when he finally confesses to burning down Erica's house. Anna lights into Jackson for lying to her about the disposition of the evidence bag. David urges Leo to join Greenlee in Paris and forget about his troublesome family for good. As she rages at Trey, Kendall receives a call confirming that she and her roommate are indeed sister and brother.

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Tad comes to Liza with a crisis. The Chandler Enterprise stockholders are becoming antsy. He thinks they need to discuss what to do. While Tad is talking, Adam comes in with Colby and begins talking lovey-dovey to Liza. Tad is speechless. They all have breakfast with Marion and Stuart who seem to think it is perfectly normal for Adam to fix Liza's tea and for her to cast him loving glances. Tad is confused and thinks they've all gone insane. However, as soon as Marion and Stuart take Colby to school, the bickering between Liza and Adam begins. Adam leaves and Liza explains to Tad that it was Stuart, Marian, and Mia's idea that she and Adam put up a front for Colby. To Liza's surprise, Tad takes Stuart's side. He believes Liza has a pretty good life and shouldn't waste her time on stupid things. She thinks Tad should take his own advice and gives him the week off work.

After Tad leaves, Liza asks Adam if they can talk. She asks if he remembers what it used to be like between them. He does and they both hate what it has become. She says she is willing to meet Adam halfway. Before Adam can say anything, the doorbell rings. It is Assistant D.A. Carol Miller with a subpoena for Liza. She says they are investigating Liza on charges of embezzlement.

Edmund and Brooke compare notes they've gathered on amnesia and its treatments. Brooke feels it's time they discussed what happened between them. She thinks it's time they took the next step: end their marriage. After some discussion, Edmund agrees to call his lawyer. Isabella comes in to give her two cents on the situation. According to her priest, Father Claude, a divorce is not enough, Edmund needs to get the marriage declared invalid.

When Isabella leaves, Edmund tells Brooke he read her letter and it helped clarify things for him. He admires how she helped with the children and did research on amnesia. Most of all, she showed grace. He is grateful for that. Tad comes in and when he sees they are still working together, asks Brooke who's idea it was. Tad tells her not to become a martyr. She needs to focus on her own life, not Edmund's. Tad asks Brooke to have dinner with him and Jamie.

Hayley takes Enzo to the hospital for his post-op check up. Maria spots Enzo and comments what a cute little boy he is. Maria then sees Hayley and recognizes her from tv and from the wedding. They begin to talk and Maria realizes that Enzo is the little boy who needed the liver transplant. She puts two and two together and figures out Hayley is Mateo's wife. Hayley is sympathetic to Maria and doesn't expect them to have a family reunion or anything. This puts Maria at ease. She tells Hayley she is working at the hospital as a nurse's aid in the pediatric ward.

Mateo comes in and can't believe his ears. His doctor sister is working as an aid? He tells Maria she was the first in the family to go to college and reminisces about how proud they were of her. When he learns Maria is living at the Pine Cone, Mateo offers the condo next door to them. Maria has no intention of taking charity, but Mateo says he owes her for all the things she ever did for him. It wouldn't be charity at all. Maria hesitates, but accepts his offer.

When Maria goes back to the motel, Aidan comes to check on her. She tells him about her day at work. Then tells him about taking the condo. She is having second thoughts about living next door to an over protective, macho brother. She hates to turn him down though and disappoint him again. She is tired of disappointing everyone. Aidan remarks she never disappointed him. Not even once.

Isabella brings Maddie to visit her mother. When Maddie opens the door, they see Maria and Aidan kissing. Edmund shows up as well and all three stand there staring at Maria and Aidan.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

The new assistant District Attorney served Liza with a subpoena, which surprised her greatly. The woman told Liza and Adam that Jackson wants the facts from the Chandler Enterprise embezzlement. Adam said it wouldn't be worth prosecuting Liza for the small amount of money that was missing. The assistant DA said she had no plans to prosecute Liza for now but to be prepared. "If she's innocent she has nothing to fear" she said as she walked out the door. Adam yelled at her "This is a witch hunt!" and slammed the door. Liza told him to drop the act, that this was his fault. They argued about the missing money and Liza said she was just protecting Colby. Adam said Colby was just as much his child as she was Liza's. Then he almost sounded repentant and said "You'll never trust me and I don't blame you." Liza was suspicious. He said he'd made many promises to change but never has followed through and never will. He said he'd do everything all over again for his kids. Liza said she had no regrets over the stolen money for Colby. Adam wondered what the difference was between them. She said it was that she has a conscience and he doesn't. Adam replied "I am you, you are me." She said not anymore but Adam said they still are and he wanted to help her. He said he wants her to stay with him and see that there is still a chance for them. He claimed that he had nothing to do with the DA's interest in Liza. Liza said that to trust him was to take a great risk. Adam said if she would trust him he would get the whole embezzlement matter dropped.

Jackson met with Kendall at Trey's apartment. She told him that Trey admitted to burning Erica's house down and that his father is Richard Fields. Kendall said that Trey cares about what she thinks and that he won't leave town. Jackson was skeptical and said Trey was with Vanessa right now, possibly saying goodbye. Kendall said she lost Ryan because of Trey and she offered to testify against him. Jack told her she couldn't because she was convicted of perjury. He told Kendall to go after Trey and get him to talk about setting the fire. Jackson said he would have the apartment bugged and they would get the information on tape. Kendall agreed and left to get Trey.

In Vanessa's room, Trey tried to get her to talk about Richard Fields. She told him some things were better left in the past. Trey told her that he and Kendall were tested and that they are half-brother and sister. He demanded to know what Richard Fields was like, saying "Tell me about my father!." Vanessa said he was handsome and famous. Trey asked if she loved him but Vanessa declined to answer. He asked how they got together and Vanessa said they met at a party and that he promised to help her career. But actually Richard Fields had needed her, he needed to be seen with a "grown up woman." Trey wondered if there was more to the man than just being a child molester but Vanessa couldn't really answer that. She did tell him that other than being handsome and having the same voice as Richard Fields, he was nothing like his father. She told him that evil was not inherited. Trey responded "I have Richard Fields as my father, you as my mother, what chance do I have?" Kendall arrived and listened outside the door as Trey and Vanessa argued about Richard Fields. Vanessa said she wished she could tell Trey the man was everything he wanted him to be but she couldn't. Trey said he'd survive and that there was only one person who could understand how he felt and that was Kendall. But he said Kendall hated him now because he had lied to her and hurt her. Vanessa was a little shocked and said "You really care about her don't you?." She told him he was better than his father because he cared about another person. Trey left the room and found Kendall in the hallway. She said she needed to talk to him but he wanted to be alone. Kendall asked what Vanessa had told him about their father. He said Vanessa said they loved each other and that he wasn't all bad. Kendall said when she met him he was a wolf in sheep's clothing. Trey said they should try to remember him as a "tortured genius." Kendall asked "So there's hope for us?." Trey answered "There's always hope." Trey told Kendall they should go home and talk about their situation. As they left the cop on duty called someone and said they were on their way. When they arrived at the apartment they stood outside for a moment. Trey said they were family now and he felt close to her. He commented that he told her about setting fire to Erica's house and that she could've gone straight to the police but she didn't. "We're family, not a traditional one, but I'll prove to you that you can trust me" he said to Kendall. This got to Kendall and when he started to walk into the bugged apartment she stopped him and told him not to go in.

Edmund, Isabella and Maddie watched from the doorway as Maria and Aidan kissed. They pulled apart and Maria saw the audience. Maddie turned to Edmund and asked "Daddy, why is angel Mommy kissing Aidan?" Edmund looked to Maria and said "Would you like to take that one, angel Mommy?" Maria stood up and Isabella took Maddie to the vending machines. Edmund demanded to know "what the hell was going on" and Maria told him it was none of his business. They argued and Maria asked Aidan to leave them alone for a moment. When they were alone a very angry Edmund said that for the last 5 years Maddie has been praying to her angel mommy, and kissing her picture every night. Maria said she'd never hurt Maddie but Edmund said she just did and that she's shutting them all out. Maria got a little tiffed and said she doesn't know Edmund and can't pretend that he means something to her when he doesn't. Edmund was very hurt by this statement. Isabella knocked on the door and said Maddie was very upset. Edmund went to her and Isabella stayed with Maria. She smiled at her daughter and said she still can't believe she's actually looking at her again. Maria was uncomfortable. Isabella started being a mother hen and insisting that Maria shouldn't be living in a place like the Pine Cone. Maria replied "Don't worry about me ma'am." Isabella got very upset that she called her ma'am and Maria got a little angry. She said "I know they've told you about my memory, you mean about as much to me as that cup over there!." Isabella was grief stricken and Maria quickly tried to apologize. Isabella said she understood and Maria said she was worried that she'd never get her memory back. Isabella told her that Edmund loves her so much he'd wait forever. Maria said she realized that and she told her mother she needed to let Edmund get back to the life he had when he thought she was dead. Isabella begged her not to leave Pine Valley. She promised not to push her anymore and even offered to call her Maureen. Maria told her she didn't have to do that and Isabella was thankful. Maria told her she was such a nice lady and that she was lucky to have had her for a mother. Isabella told her that all the memories are waiting to get out and that she'd had such a blessed life. Maria said she can't get it back but her mother told her to start over and make new memories. Isabella said that Maria's place was here with Edmund and the children. Then she spoke to Maria in Spanish and Maria responded in Spanish. Isabella was overjoyed and they hugged. Maria seemed happy about it too. Isabella said that was a sign that memories were going to come back to Maria. "All we need is faith, love and time, and time is up to you", she told Maria.

Outside Edmund talked to Maddie. He tried to explain that Maria wasn't really an angel, that she was real and hadn't died in the accident like they had thought. He said Maria could be with them now but Maddie said she was with Aidan. She asked if Aidan was going to be her new daddy. Edmund told her no, he would always be her daddy and would love her forever. They went back to the motel room and knocked on the door. Isabella opened the door and turned to Maria, asking if she would see her again. Maria said she was sure she would. Isabella happily told Edmund that Maria spoke to her in Spanish and left with Maddie. Maria started to tell Edmund she didn't want to talk but he walked on in. He said they had some things to get straight and told her that this couldn't happen again, that Maddie couldn't see something like this again. Maria told him to call before coming over and it wouldn't happen again. Then she said "That woman begged me to stay" and Edmund angrily interrupted her to remind her that "that woman" was her devoted mother. Maria reminded him that they are all strangers to her and then told him "If I'm not Maureen Gorman, I'm no one!" She then told Edmund that she was sick of his patience, understanding and pity. He told her that she didn't want him to "let loose" but she told him to let it out. Edmund screamed at her to shut up and Aidan knocked on the door, telling them that their shouting could be heard outside. Edmund shut the door and then started to vent some of his frustrations out on Maria. He yelled that she said she would try to remember and Maria said she couldn't pretend to be something she's not. Edmund said "If you hurt my little girl, I swear......" Maria yelled "What??" and Edmund told her it has taken every ounce of self control he has. He stopped talking and just took Maria in his arms and kissed her with all the pent up passion he had. Aidan watched through the window.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Mia and Jake were preparing to go to a movie when Jake was beeped. As he went to make his phone call, Frank bumped into Mia. He mistakenly called her, "Rocky", before Mia whispered to him not to call her that. He ducked away from her as Jake watched the interaction between the two.

Maggie showed up to talk to Anna as she left her office. Anna apologized for not calling her sooner, and Maggie sarcastically said "Yeah, between island divorces and arresting the father of your child." When Anna asked her if she wanted to go home and talk about it, Maggie responded, "Home? What home?" Leo and David interrupted, as he was just bailed out. David told Maggie that he's a free man, and Anna responded, "Not for long." Leo chewed him out for flaunting his freedom in front of Anna, and David said he was just happy to see Maggie. He invited his cousin out to celebrate, and the two of them left with David telling Anna to get some rest. After they were gone, Leo turned to Anna and asked her to hear him out about David. When she refused, he told her that he and Greenlee were leaving town as soon as she returned from Paris, and he didn't want this hanging over their head. Anna still refused to talk to him, and Leo responded that he didn't think David was going to hurt anyone, and he wouldn't have stolen the evidence if he did think so. Anna turned to him and asked, "You stole the evidence?" Leo backpedaled and said that Jackson falsely accused him of stealing the evidence, so it must have just been a Freudian slip. She said that it's a good think Freudian slips aren't admissible in court. He changed the subject and told Anna that he would miss her, and he made one last plea for her to forgive David. She told him that she just couldn't, and she wished him luck in Paris with Greenlee. They hugged each other, as they said goodbye. After Leo left, Jackson walked up and asked her if she was alright. She told him that Leo told her something, but assured him that it wouldn't stand up in court. Jackson told her that it was fine with him. She broke down into tears, and told him that she just found out Leo's leaving, and now she's feeling lonely. Jackson told him that there are plenty of women in her shoes that would feel this way, and he'll be happy to talk about it over a couple of steaks. After some prodding, she agreed to go with him.

Trey questioned Kendall why he couldn't go inside. Finally, she admitted that the loft was bugged. She went on and told Trey that she might not have been able to go through with the set up, but that doesn't mean she's going to let him get away with what he did. She opened up her door and walked inside, as Trey looked after her apprehensively. Kendall began shouting, "Attention eavesdroppers, Trey found out about the bugs so please send in the exterminators." A few minutes later Carol, the Assistant District Attorney, entered the loft and chewed out Kendall for wasting tax dollars, and told her that Jackson wouldn't be happy about this. After she left, Kendall handed Trey a notebook and told him to make a list of every lie he's ever told since entering Pine Valley.

Tad ordered a bottle of wine as he and Brooke sat down to dinner at the Valley Inn. He told her that he wouldn't mind seeing her return to the days of old, and asked her how long she was going to beat herself up. She told him that she doesn't deserve to be happy after what she did to Edmund. Tad told her that Edmund's not so badly off. He told her that he would trade places with him, if it meant he could have Dixie again. He continued telling Brooke that Edmund needs to get over what happened to him and realize that good people make mistakes. They didn't notice Jamie walk up to their table until he said, "Would everyone quit talking about freaking Edmund Grey!" Brooke tried to tell him that Edmund's life has turned upside-down, and Jamie told her to quit defending him. She tried to reason with him, and she remembered back to his reaction when she first told him about Maria. Brooke was brought back to reality when Tad asked, "What is he doing here?" She turned in her chair to see David enter the dining room with Maggie.

Aidan continued watching as Edmund and Maria kissed. Edmund broke away and apologized, saying it shouldn't have happened. Maria responded that it's not fair, all this emptiness between them. She added that he's making her want to be the woman he remembers. She added that she doesn't want to give him false hope, and Edmund told her that they can take this at her speed. She told him that wasn't the issue. She felt what he feels for Maria, and Maria must have been an incredibly lucky person. She told him that she wants to become a whole, complete person as much as he wants to have his Maria back. Edmund asked her, "How can we achieve that?" Maria assured him that they would have to take it one day at a time, and he told her that he could do that. He also promised no more surprise visits from any of the "Santos clan". When he asked her if it would be okay to go out sometime, she responded that she would like that. Edmund said that this evening did a 180, and he kissed her hand goodbye. She opened the door of her room, where Aidan was waiting, and saw him turn towards her.

Mia and Jake were sitting in B.J.'s, when she noticed that something was wrong with him. Jake told her that he probably shouldn't tell her, since they just got her out from under Liza and Adam's thumb. They were interrupted by Simone, who announced that she was waiting tables, and they ordered two drinks. After she left, Mia turned back to Jake and asked, "Now, what was bothering you?" He finally spit out, "Frank Hubbard." And he asked her, "What have you got going on with him?"

Zeke walked into B.J.'s and asked for a table for one. Simone turned around to greet him and shyly told him that he now had inside connections there. Zeke gave her an angry look. He told her that she spent four years at journalism school for this, and asked her if this was payback. She sarcastically responded that she took the job just to get back at her father. She became upset with him and asked him if he wants "Smoking, Nonsmoking, or to go home." Frankie walked up and stood behind Zeke, listening. He finally made his presence known by saying, "Hello, Dr. McMillan". Zeke said that he now knows why Simone was putting on a show. He left, and Frank told Simone not to bother going after him. She told him that she only takes orders for drinks or food as she turned on her heels and walked away.

Maggie was ripping into Anna while sitting down to dinner with David. She said that everyone should be thanking him for saving Maria's life, not crucifying him for trying to protect himself. While she was talking, he remembered back five years to the time he found Maria, while he was burying something on the beach.

Tad watched Maggie and David and told Brooke and Jamie that his appetite's gone. Brooke acknowledged how weird it was that she was thinking about David, and in he walked. Tad told her to start thinking of a noose or lethal injection instead. Jamie asked if they could leave, but Tad said he didn't want to give David the satisfaction of watching them go.

Mia acted dumb towards Jake, and responded, "Jake Hubbard?" Jake said the heard him call her Rocky, but before she could respond Frank walked up. He said hello to Jake, and Jake said that they were just talking about him.

Maria let Aidan into her room and said that she feels like she was just hit by a truck. He empathized with her and said that he'll let her get some sleep and they can talk in the morning. She stopped him, however, and said that she needs to let him know what just happened. Maria told him that she and Edmund connected. She said that she made a decision tonight. She wants to remember being Maria Santos Grey. She has to give it her best shot.

After making his list of lies, Trey told her that it wouldn't hold up in court. She told him that it doesn't need to, because she'll just give a copy to Maggie or Erica if he ever crossed her again. She told him that Ryan was the one man who could pull her around the corner and make her improve herself, and she lost him thanks to Trey. She said that she did a lot of awful things, but did she really deserve what he did to her? Before Trey could answer, there was a knock on the door. Startled, Trey said, "You really played me after all." When he answered the door, he found an exuberant Leo telling them that he was ready to party after getting David out of jail. He saw Kendall with her head held low and asked them what was going on. Kendall said that Ryan being gone just hits her hard. Leo suggested that they all hit the town to party, and Trey told hit he has to look at something first. He pulled the notebook out of Kendall's hands, against her wishes, and told Leo to take a look at this. Leo began reading Trey's list of lies.

David tried to defend Anna to Maggie and said that he did some bad stuff to her. He said that she'll come around when she's given some time. Maggie said that that's possible, as long as she's thinking by herself. She gestured towards the door, and David turned in his seat to see Anna and Jackson walk in. David was visibly upset as he watched them get seated. He commented to Maggie that she should at least be more subtle about it. Maggie said that he didn't really think she was into him, did he? He said that Jackson must think she is.

Frank found Simone by the bar and asked her if she's really mad at him for defending her to her father. Simone told him that she's not mad at him, but it's her first night and she needs to make a good first impression. Frank was relieved and told her that she'll make a great impression in that outfit. When she asked him what he wanted to drink, he told her that he wanted a "Working Woman": something so strong it might knock you on your....She smile and told him that she'll see if the bartender could make it.

Mia confessed to Jake that she knew Frank ages ago. He continued to grill her, and she got defensive. She told him that she knew Frank when they were just kids. Jake said that there have been secrets ever since she came to town. After remembering about her child and Trey's involvement, he asked her, "Is Trey the father of your child?"

Edmund arrived at B.J.'s, ordered a steak, and pulled out his cell phone to make a call.

Tad paid his bill at the Valley Inn when Brooke's cell phone rang. It was Edmund asking her if the interviews with the memory experts were in a secure file at Tempo. He said that he planned to do a few hours of work tonight. She said that she'll meet him there and they can work on it together. After hanging up the phone, she was greeted with sour looks by Tad and Jamie. Tad said that he isn't even going to waste his breath as he led the way out of the restaurant.

Jackson noticed David was sitting across the room from them and told Anna that room service might have been better. She said she knew he was there, and Jackson said he looks like his head might explode. Anna said that she hopes he slips up and does something incriminating tonight. She recalled all that David went though to destroy that vial, and she surmised that he obviously cared more about it then about her or her child. When Jackson confirmed that he was looking at her, she turned in her seat at made eye contact with David. David continued staring back.

Friday, October 11, 2002

At Tempo, Edmund entered Brooke's office as she is working on her laptop. He told her he has decided he has been going about it the wrong way in trying to get Maria back. He first must get to know Maureen he believes. He asked Brooke if she would help him and she agreed. Edmund wanted to know what Brooke found out about Maureen in Nevada and Brooke told him what she knew. Edmund decided to go to his office to read the information Brooke had put on the computer. After Edmund left, Brooke decided to go to the hospital. She left a note for Edmund telling him where she had gone.

Aidan told Maureen at the Pine Cone Motel that he saw her kissing Edmund. He believed she wants her husband back. Maureen explained that she felt the magic that she and Edmund must have shared when they were married. She has decided she wants to find out who Maria is and asked Aidan to stand by her. He promised he would.

Maureen is wound up and couldn't sleep so she went to the hospital to do some paperwork. She phoned Dr. MacMillan and asked for his help in getting her memory back. Brooke had arrived at the hospital and overhead Maureen making the appointment with Dr. MacMillan. As soon as Maureen hung up the phone, she asked Maureen if she would help her with her theory on her memory loss. Maureen agreed.

Anna was having dinner with Jackson at the Valley Inn. David was there as well with his cousin, Maggie. However David couldn't eat his dinner because he was preoccupied watching Anna and Jackson. Maggie carried on a one-sided conversation until she realized David wasn't listening to her.

Anna wasn't sure what David is up to. She decided David must be scared she will find out what was in the formula vial he broke in her office. Jackson was skeptical the police lab would have the tools to analyze the serum. Anna was determined to find out what was in the vial. Jackson tried to get Anna's focus away from David and teased her into ordering the most expensive item on the menu. David wanted to interrupt Anna and Jackson but Maggie wanted him to leave them alone. David finally couldn't stand it any longer and barged over to Anna's table. He taunted her and then goaded Jackson. Jackson stood up from the table and David took a swing at him. Anna stepped between them. Maggie came over to calm down David. Anna and Jackson decided to leave the dinning room. David told Maggie he was sure Anna still loved him and he was determined to convince Anna to stay with him.

At the undisclosed hotel, Nessa was going through a box of chocolates trying to decide which one to eat. Suddenly the door opened and Greenlee stormed into her room. She slammed the door, startling Nessa. Greenlee was fuming about the message Nessa left on the phone at the condo asking Leo to come see her. She had something important to tell him. Greenlee demanded Nessa to leave Leo alone and told Nessa she erased the message. Leo was not coming to see her ever. In fact they were going to move to Paris. Greenlee demanded Nessa to tell her what was so important she wanted to tell Leo. Nessa said it had to be said in person. Greenlee didn't buy it. In fact, she countered, you have lost your phone privileges. Greenlee's grandfather called in a favor and had the FBI disconnect Nessa's phone. Nessa begged Greenlee to let her talk to Leo. She had a going away present for him. Greenlee declared Nessa will never see Leo again and left the hotel. Vanessa talked to herself. "You're not going to take Leo anywhere and you won't get on the plane either. I'll see to that," she declared. She threw the box of chocolates across the room.

Leo confronted Trey in Trey's condo. Trey confessed he did set Erica's house on fire. Leo was furious and reminded Trey that Bianca almost died in the fire. Trey defended himself. He didn't know Bianca was there. Leo shoved Trey against the wall. Kendall goaded Leo on and told him to hit Trey. Leo ingnored Kendall and demanded answers from Trey. What did he want? Leo looked at the list of bad deeds Trey had written down at Kendall's request. He couldn't believe all the bad things Trey had done. "You have been playing me," Leo shouted at Trey as he threw the tablet at Trey. Trey told Leo all he wanted was to make Vanessa pay for abandoning him as a baby. Leo could not believe why Kendall was not going to press charges against Trey for framing her for setting the fire. Leo called Lt. Frey on his cell phone to turn Trey in but before he could take to the detective, Kendall grabbed the phone away from him. Leo was confused until Kendall told him Trey was her brother as well as his. Leo was stunned. He wanted to know the details. Trey explained he and Kendall had the same father, different mothers. Leo was concerned Fields may be his father as well. Trey explained Leo's father could not have been Richard Fields as Vanessa's affair with Fields was short termed. Trey realized he needed to take responsibility for his bad behavior and misdeeds and agreed to take his punishment.

Trey lamented he lost whatever family he had as Kendall gave him the photo album he had hidden away. Trey went through the pictures talking about how the Kenyon family accepted him as one of their own. Leo questioned Trey about the real Trey Kenyon's death. Ben Sheppard (Trey) told the story how the real Trey went out on the lake in a boat with some friends and a storm suddenly came up drowning Trey.

Greenlee entered Trey's condo, glad she had found Leo. She commented on how cozy the group seemed to be: Kendall, Trey and Leo. Leo told her she was right; Trey had set fire to Erica's house.

Vanessa pulled down the covers of her bed and called to the guard outside her room. When he entered the room, she told him she had a horrible headache from Greenlee's visit and was going to bed early. She didn't want to be disturbed for the rest of the night. As soon as the guard left the room. Vanessa moved a table underneath a spot in the ceiling. She then placed a chair upon the table muttering to herself about Greenlee, "Wait until you see the surprise I have planned for you."

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