AMC Recaps: The week of November 17, 1997 on All My Children
Ricky learned that Jim was only interested in Brooke's money. Liza refused to go back to Adam. Tim was arrested for stealing Janet's car, leaving him determined to get revenge on her. Edmund convinced Gloria to go to a local hospital and check out Maddie and Dimitri's blood types.
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Monday, November 17, 1997

Myrtle paid Erica a visit at the correctional facility, but her visit served more purpose than to merely provide Erica with someone to talk to. Myrtle informed Erica that Jack and Bianca had settled nicely into Linden and that all seemed to be going well. Erica worried that she'd upset Jack because he hadn't spoken to her since the night he escorted her to Wildwind. Erica professed her undying love for Jack and Myrtle listened with an attentive ear. When Erica finished her tale, however, Myrtle offered Erica some words of advice. She agreed that Jack had done a great deal for Erica and pointedly asked Erica if her "love" for Jack wasn't a strong feeling of gratitude. Erica seemed almost offended by Myrtle's implication. She announced that Jack had always been the man for her. Myrtle was quick to note that Erica once uttered those same words about Dimitri. Erica disregarded Dimitri as a "big mistake." Again Myrtle was quick with the witty comeback and called Dimitri "a mistake [Erica] married twice." Erica was tired of hearing Dimitri's name and asked that Myrtle refrain from mentioning Dimitri to her again. As Erica issued her request, Jack entered the room and told her that he had late breaking news on Dimitri. Erica mistook the news of Dimitri's exodus from the United States as good news---that was until Jack mentioned that the departure plans showed that Maddie and Glo were in tow. Erica deduced that Dimitri went in Budapest, a conclusion that Jack confirmed. Myrtle decided to let Jack and Erica talk in private and told Erica that she'd speak to her later. Jack asked Erica to give him a room-by-room description of Vadzel, hinting that every detail might become important in the event that something bad happens to Edmund. The mention of the castle's name brought back many memories for Erica. From her descriptions of the good life with Dimitri, one might have argued that Erica lived a fairytale life with her ex-husband. Once she go to the end of her tale, Erica stated that her life with Dimitri was one big "web of lies... that wasn't love." She insisted that her marriage to Dimitri meant absolutely nothing to her. Jack cut her off and told her that he had to get going. Erica wouldn't allow him to leave; She asked him why, after all she's put him through, has he decided that he wants to be with her. Jack couldn't express himself in words and told her that his actions will have to speak for themselves. With that, he turned and walked out of the room.
A few hours, perhaps, had gone by until Erica was once again summoned to the visiting room. Jack had set up a caviar and champagne candlelit snack for them. He hoped that they'd be able to create new memories together.

Allie pulled away from Jake and told him that she couldn't kiss him. Yes, she admitted that she'd wanted to kiss him for quite a while, but the timing wasn't quite right. There was, after all, a race to run. When pressed for an answer as to why she is avoiding a relationship with him, Allie told Jake that she had some unfinished baggage to cast aside before she could move on with a new relationship. Allie helped Jake to his feet and they prepared to make their way towards the finish line.
Inside the hospital, Ruth told Joe that she was planning a big celebration dinner for Jake and Allie. Joe figured out that "celebration dinner" was Ruth's way of saying she had planned a dinner to try to get Jake and Allie closer to each other. He asked her to allow nature to take its course. A fraction of a second later, Allie and Jake made their way to the finish line. Allie had to help Jake because his sore leg was still giving him problems. They crossed in unison and Joe declared the race an official draw. As they broke through the tape, they tumbled to the ground and fell on top of each other. Joe nudged Ruth and told her that nature has apparently already begun to take its course. Jake tried to be noble and forfeit his time, but Joe announced that the event sponsors had decided to double their donations because the race ended in a draw. Bianca raced over to Allie and handed her a bouquet of flowers. Bianca teased Allie by saying that she might have a secret admirer. Allie flashed a smile at Jake and the read the card attached to the flowers. Bianca read the card over Allie's shoulders: I haven't changed my mind... I still want you. Bianca dashed over to Jake and praised him for his romantic gesture. Jake knew nothing about the flowers and insisted that he didn't send them. Bianca suggested that he find out exactly who did send the flowers!

The party at Vadzel began without Gloria's presence. Aunt Eugenia arrived a few minutes after the rest of the guests, but the party was hardly a party until the Duchess arrived. Dimitri bowed in front of his aunt and told her how humbled he was by her presence. Eugenia was an old spitfire of a woman and asked why Gloria had not been there to greet her. She then ordered Dimitri to track down his wife and introduce her to her.
Upstairs, the doors to the master suite were stuck and Gloria was unable to easily enter the room. The noise created by Gloria's pushing sounded an alarm to Tad and Edmund. They put Maddie into her crib and ducked into the closet. Gloria finally gained access to the room and walked over to Maddie's crib. She told the baby that her mother was watching over her from heaven, but assured her that she'd be there to be her second mommy. Inside the closet, Tad wanted to seize the opportunity to tell Gloria about the paternity test. Edmund stopped him from exiting the closet, but not before he thumped against the door. Gloria heard the noise, but she chalked the disturbance up to the wind. Dimitri entered the room and told Gloria that the partygoers demanded her presence. Gloria obliged and followed her husband down to the party. Edmund and Tad jumped out of the closet and raced to Maddie's side. Edmund prepared to pick his daughter up and make a run for it. Tad felt that it was cruel to take Maddie without alerting Gloria first. Edmund agreed that Gloria has Maddie's best interests at heart, but said that she opted to marry the wrong kind of man. Tad asked Edmund to stay put until he could scout the area and find a proper escape path.
Eugenia was quite pleased with Gloria. She praised Gloria's excellent posture and bone structure, but worried that she might be a little on the thin side. Gloria explained that she had a fast metabolism. The biological term meant nothing to Eugenia, a woman who claimed that she hadn't seen herself au naturelle until her wedding night. Eugenia seemed amused by Gloria's occupation. Only in America, she quipped, would a woman want to be a man's equal. Eugenia asked Dimitri to allow her some time to speak to Gloria one-on-one. Dimitri left the conversation and then the party as one of his security guards whispered something in his ear. Eugenia told Gloria a tale of how she met Alexi, the one true love of her life. Gloria was moved to tears by the tale and again Eugenia couldn't explain Gloria's reaction. She asked the new Countess to find her husband and enioy the party.
Edmund could wait no longer for Tad's return. He grabbed Maddie and walked towards the door. When he opened the door, Dimitri was standing on the other side. Dimitri ordered him to give back his daughter. Edmund wasn't intimidated and told Dimitri that he knows the truth about Maddie's paternity test. Two guards stepped into view and flanked Dimitri. Seeing that he was outnumbered, Edmund agreed to give Maddie back to Edmund. Dimitri grabbed the baby and stepped away from his brother. The two guards lunged at Edmund, one pulled a gun on him. They carried Edmund to the wine cellar where Dimitri announced that he intended to keep Edmund until the authorities arrived to cart him off to prison. Edmund was left alone in the dank cellar until her heard a noise at the door. He grabbed a wine bottle and prepared to assault whomever walked through the door. The door swung open and Tad was pushed into the room. Fortunately he was able to duck just a split-second before a wine bottle came hurtled towards his head.
Back upstairs, Dimitri returned to the party as if nothing had happened. Gloria asked him to kiss her and he obliged. After the kiss, Gloria smiled broadly and announced that she must not have been dreaming because her life was just as wonderful after the kiss as it was before the kiss. Dimitri proposed a toast to his wonderful wife, the Countess Andrassy.

Tuesday, November 18, 1997

When Adam's not in a good mood, so one is spared his wrath. He vented his frustration on Barry, ordering his attorney to do anything in his power to stall Liza's planned filing of divorce papers. Marian dropped by the mansion to pick up some of Liza's belongings and ordered Adam to give up his quest to win back Liza. Adam flashed a wolfish snarl as he told Marian that he will not give up his fight. He accused Marian of not knowing anything about her daughter. He, he said, was meant to be Liza's partner for life and therefore knows her every thought. A term Adam used to describe his life with Liza included a reference to his "home." Marian argued that his mansion was just a house, not a home. Adam reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring that Liza had had made for him. Marian was unimpressed. She told Adam that Liza had no intention of reconciling with Adam. In fact, she smiled, Liza had a meeting with Palmer and some associates to discuss a potential lawsuit against Adam. Adam was dumbfounded by Marian's statement. He had not anticipated a civil suit against him---and he certainly never expected that Palmer would get involved. After getting as much information out of Marian as possible, Adam grabbed Marian by the arm and tossed her out the front door.

At WRCW, Liza sat in her office and recalled some of the happier times she'd spent with Adam. Hayley dropped by for a visit to ask Liza about the meeting at Cortlandt Manor. Liza defended her decision to give the thumbs up to a lawsuit and added that she wants to get as far away from Adam as possible. Surprisingly, or maybe not as surprising as some might think, Hayley was on her father's side. She told Liza that she's tried to evoke some hatred from herself, but said that she cannot hate Adam for what he'd done. She admitted that he hadn't made the best choice possible, but said that the loss of his child and wife had taken their toll on Adam. Liza hinted that she might have stood by Adam had he been honest with her from the start. Hayley explained that her father worried that Liza would leave him if she learned that he was the owner of Corview. At risk if Liza does decide to leave Adam is that "new" Adam that Liza helped create. Hayley commented that she'd miss the new Adam and asked Liza if she would too.

Trevor prepared for a date with Janet. He put Tim in charge of babysitting duties. He wasn't exactly thrilled, but Tim accepted his big brother role and agreed to stay with Amanda. When Janet showed up, Amanda tried to weasel her way into going along on the date. Both Trevor and Janet told her that it was getting late and that she had to go to bed. So what does a precocious little girl do? She asked Tim if he would extend her bedtime. Tim smiled at his sister's attempt to stay up later, but told her that she had to go to bed.
In the park, Trevor told Janet that he worries that Janet will beat herself up over her past. He told her that he wants her to forget about the past and move on with her life. Janet smiled and said that she's trying to reach out to Tim. She assured Trevor that she wasn't going anywhere---even if things didn't get better with Tim. The two spent several moments looking at the moon before they shared a kiss.
Back home, Oyster called Tim and begged him for help. He explained that his car had broken down and that he needed a jump-start. Tim told his friend that he was babysitting and couldn't leave the house, but Oyster turned on the urgency and convinced Tim to leave the house. Sometime after Tim left, Amanda was roused from her sleep by a nightmare. She jumped out of her bed and called for her brother, but there was no response. She ran downstairs and looked all over for Tim, but of course she would not find him. Janet and Trevor returned home a short time later and found Amanda curled up on the floor. She told that she had had a nightmare and that Tim wasn't home. Trevor was furious and when Tim returned home he flashed him a look that could've knocked Tim over.

The victory celebration at The Martins' proved less than festive. Jake questioned Allie about her bouquet of flowers, asking if there was another man in her life. Allie confessed that she had been seeing someone, but that she broke it off when she moved away from the West Coast. Allie told Jake that the guy mustn't have understood her and that she'd tell him that it was over. Joe received a phone call from a noted physician based at Stanford University. The doctor, David Hayward, agreed to attend a cardiac conference at Pine Valley Hospital. The very mention of the name caused Allie's mouth to drop. She shook her head part in anger and part in frustration.

At Holidays, Miles pulled up a chair to Belinda's table. He asked her if she'd completed her background check on him. Belinda nodded and offered an apology to her gentleman friend. She told him that his background was crystal clear and that she'd misjudged him. The door was open for Miles to make his move. He asked Belinda if she would consider going out on a real date with him. Belinda thought for several seconds, perhaps to make Miles' heart beat a little faster, before reaching into her purse and giving Miles' a business card with her home phone number on it. Miles smiled happily and thanked her for giving him another chance.
Hayley returned from her meeting with Liza and told Mateo that there will not be a reconciliation between her dad and stepmom anytime soon. Mateo was sorry that his news split up Liza and Adam, but he was quick to point out the loss he'd suffered. He said that the holidays will not be the same because he has lost so many loved ones. Hayley kissed him gently on the checked and promised to start some new family traditions of their own.

Adam showed up at WRCW and told Liza that he knew about the lynch mob that Palmer had formed. Liza refused to explain herself to Adam. Only after Adam rambled on and on about his past dealings with Palmer did Liza speak her mind. She told Adam that she'd suffered a great loss when her baby died. She blasted him for comforting her and crying with her and telling her that he'd go after the people responsible for TransGlobal's problems. Adam once again flashed the ring he'd come across. As with Marian, the ring had little effect on Liza. She told him that she'd had the ring engraved before she learned of Adam's involvement in the crash. Adam refuted the notion that Liza's "neverending love" for him could disappear in the course of a day or two. Every attempt Adam made to convince Liza that he was sincere failed. He called her his right arm. "Then your right arm resigns," Liza snapped. Adam wasn't about to resort to begging, but he almost did. He handed over the ring and told Liza that he will not bother her. In time, he commented, she will see that he is the best thing for her and she'll find her way back to him. Without another word, Adam left Liza's office. Liza turned and threw the ring against the wall and broke into tears.

Wednesday, November 19, 1997

A school project on genealogy brought Jamie, Laura, Brooke, and Phoebe together to browse over some old family photographs. Brooke enjoyed having her entire family together, a sentiment that Phoebe toasted. The fathering gathering was momentarily interrupted by a visit from Jim. Brooke was pleased to see Jim, but he hadn't picked the best time to make an impromptu visit. Jim flashed a toy from an expensive children's boutique and told Brooke that he wanted to use the gift as a way to get to know Jamie better. That caused Brooke to shy away even more. She explained that Jamie had lost a lot of close friends recently and that she didn't want him to become attached to Jim too soon. Brooke did allow Jim to enter the house briefly and say hello to everyone. Phoebe did everything in her power to get Jim to stick around, but Jim concocted a bogus excuse about having work to do in order to honor Brooke's request that he leave. Once Jim was gone, Phoebe scolded Brooke for making a terrible decision. That decision, of course, was allowing Jim to walk away. In spite of not agreeing with Brooke, Phoebe said that she enjoyed the evening immensely and that she'd like to do it again.
In an alley just off of Front Street, Jim bumped into Ricky. Jim's pleasant demeanor was nothing more than a façade hiding a devious mind. He told Ricky that he'd managed to win over "the old bag" (Phoebe) and even convince Laura to keep her mouth closed---but now he was being kept away from Brooke by her "spoiled brat" (Jamie). Jim told Ricky that he will not let a child stand between him and Brooke's money.
Brooke turned out the lights and prepared to go upstairs to bed. She had started to climb up the steps when Jim knocked on her door. Brooke allowed Jim inside, saying that everyone was asleep and it was okay for them to be together. Jim confessed that he envied Brooke and her family. He compared the gathering to a Norman Rockwell painting and expressed a strong desire to become part of a loving, caring family. Someday, Jim wished, he wants to be a part of Brooke's perfect family. Brooke closed her eyes and leaned over to kiss Jim. In an attempt to tweak her heart, Jim pulled away and left the house.

Trevor blasted Tim for walking out on his sister. Tim felt noble for helping out his friend, but no one else saw it that way. Trevor told Tim that something bad could have happened to his sister while he was gone---even if he was gone for only a few minutes. Amanda begged her daddy not to yell at Tim. Janet suggested that Trevor tuck Amanda into bed. While she had Tim all to herself, Janet tried to reach an agreement with her nephew. She told him that they need to find a common ground so that they are not always fighting. Tim refuted Janet's claim that she's "concerned" about him and his sister. Janet confessed that she'd done a lot of bad things in her past, but pointed out that she'd never harmed Tim. Again, Tim disagreed. He told Janet that her very presence is hurting him. With that, he raced across the room, grabbed Janet's keys, ran out the front door, and raced off in her car. Trevor heard the screech of tires and raced to the doorway. When he learned what Tim had done, he called Derek and asked him to be on the lookout for Tim.

Several thousand miles away in Budapest, Eugenia decided to take a late night stroll around her old stomping grounds. With Gloria upstairs tending to Maddie, Dimitri had the house to himself. He phoned a local judge and told him that he wanted his assistance in deporting two Americans. The judge agreed to do whatever it takes to help out the Count. Gloria returned a few minutes later and told her husband that Maddie was fast asleep. Dimitri wanted Gloria to accompany him to their bedroom, but Gloria opted to stick around downstairs and engage in some royal girl talk with Eugenia.
Down in the dank and dungeon-like wine cellar, Edmund and Tad searched high and low for a way to escape their prison. They had no luck. Eugenia gained access to the wine cellar through a secret entrance that Hugo had constructed to prevent his hired help from stealing his wine. Tad overheard the noise and went to investigate. Upon seeing Tad, Eugenia called out the name of her late-husband Alexi and passed out. Tad caught the woman before she hit the ground and pulled her aside. Edmund wandered over and immediately recognized the woman as the Duchess. Edmund asked Tad to play into part of Alexi in the hopes that Eugenia would lead them to an exit door. Eugenia slowly came around, still in disbelief that she ran into her dead husband. She asked "Alexi" to get her a drink of water. Tad leapt to his feet and retrieved a glass of water. In the few seconds that he was gone, Eugenia disappeared into thin air.
Eugenia was shaking when she returned to the main room of the castle. She told Gloria that she believes she saw Alexi in the wine cellar. She described her husband's blue eyes. Gloria asked her if she was feeling all right and inquired about any medicine the woman had been taking. Eugenia stated that she takes heart medication and Gloria wondered if the medicine had interacted with the cognac Eugenia had been drinking. Eugenia seemed to be calming down and Gloria advised her to lay off the alcohol. Something about the Duchess' story struck a nerve with Gloria and she asked Eugenia to show her to the secret entrance to the wine cellar. Eugenia smiled and told Gloria that she'd show her all of the ins and outs of the castle in the morning. Eugenia claimed that she was going to return home and go to bed, but she took a circuitous route and headed back to the wine cellar.
This time Tad and Edmund were waiting for Eugenia. When she entered the cellar, Tad approached her and smiled. Eugenia knew that she hadn't been seeing things. Actually, that was even scarier than thinking that she'd lost her mind! Eugenia turned and exited through the secret entrance. Tad struggled to hold the door open. Edmund assisted him and used an old barrel to prop the door open. Then the two men slipped through the door and headed towards Maddie's room.

Derek was able to find Tim---and fortunately he was still in one piece. A police officer pulled him over for doing seventy in a thirty mile-per-hour zone. Time swerved off the road, hit a rock, and one of the tires blew out causing him to go up and embankment. He came within inches of having the car flip over. Derek told Trevor that he's aware of the home problems he's been having lately and told him that he'll overlook the incident and that no charges will be brought. Derek turned to walk away. Trevor called out to the detective and told him that he wants Tim to learn his lesson. The only way he'll learn is if charges are levied against Tim.

Thursday, November 20, 1997

Alone and asleep in her jail cell, Erica dreamed of the day she would be released from prison. In her dream, she and Jack ended up at a posh hotel and declared their love and need of each other.

Tad urged Edmund to locate Gloria and tell her the truth about the court ordered blood test. Edmund doubted that anything he could say would change Gloria's mind, but he agreed to go along with Tad's plan. For his part, Tad explained that he would call Liza and ask her to contact some well-known journalists in Hungary. He figured that he might be able to entice the local media with an exclusive story about the Count's mischievous ways. Tad slipped out of the house and Edmund returned to the wine cellar to spend the night.

At Linden, Gillian braided Bianca's hair, keeping the young girl up past her bedtime. Jack returned home in a foul mood and told Bianca that she'd better get to bed or that she'd be tired in the morning when she went to her therapy session. Once Bianca went to bed, Jack informed Gillian why he was being such a gretz. He spoke to Bianca's doctors and learned that Bianca had been skipping her group therapy sessions. Gillian offered to pitch in anyway she could, but suggested that Jack not tell Erica that Bianca had taken a step backwards in her recovery. Jack felt a need-an obligation---to tell Erica the truth and told Gillian that he couldn't lie to the woman in his life.

Derek told Tim that he'd have to spend the night at the station. Protocol, he explained, requires that all car thieves be locked-up over night and arraigned in the morning. Tim turned and demanded that Janet talk Trevor out of his decision. Janet was noticeably quite and simple stated that it was not her place to get involved. That didn't satisfy Tim and he accused Janet of trying to get him out of the way. Derek tried to convince Tim that yelling wasn't going to make things any better. Before being carted off, Tim blasted Trevor for lying to Natalie. Tim reminded Trevor that he had made a promise to Nat to never let anything bad happen to him. "You lied," Tim growled.

Things didn't change much for Bianca in the morning. She quietly groused about not having any friends. Esther commented that she hadn't had many friends when she was younger because people were always making fun of her. Soon Esther began talking of food which set Bianca into a tizzy. She ran off and yelled that everyone is always trying to force her to eat.

Janet spent the night at Trevor's house, sleeping in the guest room. Trevor worried that he might have made the wrong choice in dealing with Tim. Janet assured him that he'd done the right thing. Amanda woke and searched for her brother. When her hunt came up empty, it was time for Trevor and Janet to tell her the truth. They explained that Tim had stolen Janet's car and was being punished by spending the night in jail. Belinda had heard about Tim's arrest and dropped by to ask Trevor and Janet for more information on what had happened. Trevor allowed the two women to talk and escorted Amanda to her school bus. Belinda asked Janet how she's been able to cope with Tim's bad attitude. Janet admitted that she was having a hard time with Tim, but explained that she needs to remain level-headed or risk bashing someone's head in with a crowbar. Belinda was unamused by Janet's exaggeration and encouraged Janet to "let loose" and speak her mind. And speak her mind she did. Janet's voice became quite angry as she called Tim a brat and ranted about how the boy needs to grow up and stop driving her crazy. As she fumed, Trevor returned home through the back door and overheard every word.

Tad met with Mikolos (Mick for short), a noted Hungarian tele-journalist. As promised, Liza had called Mick and teased him with the promise of an exclusive story on Dimitri. Tad made Mick promise that he would not go soft on The Count. Mick worried that it might be difficult to paint Dimitri in a bad light because he and his family are loved by the Hungarian people. Tad's face grew serious as he told the man that the Count had imprisoned him in the wine cellar at Vadzel.

Eugenia assured Gloria that the night's sleep and agreed with her and that she had not seen Alexi since waking. Gloria suggested that Eugenia consult her doctor and make sure that she's taking the proper dosage of her medicine. She asked the woman to take her on the tour of the secret passageway to the wine cellar, but Dimitri entered the room and told Gloria that he was ready for their country ride. Just to make sure that a tour wasn't taken, he reminded Eugenia that she had a shopping trip planned and asked that she be on her way. Dimitri received a call from Mikolos, asking him if he had any comments on a wave of accusations that had the Count fleeing America to keep custody of Madeline. Dimitri had nothing to say and asked the reporter to hold his story until later. Mick refused; He said that he had to run with the story. Dimitri decided that it was in his best interest to shuffle his schedule and deal with the reporter.

Dimitri showed up for the interview and denied any of the allegations against him. He explained that strong ties to his homeland spurred his trip to Hungary. The sound of clapping emanated from a nearby room. Tad slowly walked into view causing Dimitri's face to pale significantly. Dimitri tried to convince Mick that Tad was off his rocker, but Mick wasn't about to doubt a well-known American journalist. Tad accused Dimitri of stealing Maddie because it was the only way to keep her. Dimitri threatened to sue the news agency, a move that Tad encouraged. He knew that Dimitri could not sue anyone over the truth!

Back at Vadzel, Gloria slowly rocked Maddie to sleep. A rumble echoed from the wall and a voice called out Gloria's name. Gloria looked up and saw Edmund standing before her. Her face dropped and she threatened to call the guards. Edmund reached into his pocket and pulled out the court orders asking for a new blood test. A second set of papers also granted temporary custody to Edmund. Gloria issued to reply. She fought to keep herself from looking at the papers. She reached down and clutched Maddie close without saying a word.

Friday, November 21, 1997

At a table at a Holidays, Kelsey tapped away on her laptop presumably working on the next great American novel. As she typed, an elegantly attired and seemingly high-class woman wondered over to the table and asked Kelsey if she had time to answer a few questions. The woman explained that she has a teenage son who has been begging for a laptop. Knowing next to nothing about computers, the woman asked Kelsey if laptops are expensive. Kelsey nodded. She said that they cost quite a bit of money and were even pricier to have fixed. Kelsey groaned as she told the woman how she'd dropped her laptop and how is hasn't been the same since. If they were not so expensive, she continued, she'd have bought another one. The woman smiled broadly and asked Kelsey if she'd be interested in a part-time job to help earn money for a new computer. This was no ordinary job---this job paid seventy-five dollars an hour! Kelsey's jaw dropped far enough to stick tree laptops into her mouth. The still unidentified woman told Kelsey that she throws parties for corporate executives. All Kelsey would have to do to earn the big bucks was serve drinks and make small talk. Kelsey expressed her interest and was told to drop by a suite at the Valley Inn. Once the woman had left, Gillian sauntered over to the table and asked Kelsey if she knew what type of woman she'd been talking to. Kelsey didn't care; She had big dollar signs flashing in her eyes. Gillian shook her head and sighed. The woman, she chuckled, was "a pimp." Kelsey didn't believe her and prepared to shuffle off to the Valley Inn. Gillian opted to follow Kelsey so that she could see the look on her face when she found out the truth.

In Budapest, Dimitri told the news reporter that Tad had fabricated the entire story. Tad, he said, was spurned lover who was trying to get back at him for stealing Gloria. Tad brought up the fact that he'd been locked in the wine cellar. Dimitri offered to return to Vadzel so that Mick could interview the security officers and finally learn the truth.

Meanwhile back at the castle, Edmund continued to plead his case to Gloria. Since Gloria didn't believe him, he urged her to contact Jackson. Edmund next used the blood-type evidence as he hoped to appeal to Gloria's medical training. Gloria nodded her head and said that she'd talk to Dimitri about his blood type once he returned home. Edmund remembered that Dimitri had been treated at a local infirmary and suggested that they travel to the infirmary and look up Dimitri's medical records. Gloria walked over to the phone. With a cold and calculating expression, she called Corvina and asked her to send the car around. Edmund breathed a sigh of relief once he realized that Gloria was not calling security. Gloria lied about her plans, saying that Maddie's "cold" had gotten worse and that she wanted to take her to the doctor.

Mateo showed Hayley some Thanksgiving decorations he'd procured for the restaurant. Hayley looked at the decorations with tears in her eyes. She was thinking about the holidays and how she longed for a normal family gathering. She told Matt that Adam had invited them---and Isabella and Rosa---to Thanksgiving dinner at Chandler Mansion. Mateo was dumbfounded; He could not believe that Adam had to gall to invite him to dinner. Hayley stood up for her dad and said that he is trying to apologize in his own way. Mateo flat-out refused to set foot inside the mansion and told Hayley that she'd have to attend dinner without him.

Janet's outburst worried both Belinda and Trevor. Janet insisted that she was fine and just needed to blow off some steam. Trevor urged her to take a walk to help herself relax. Janet felt that Trevor was trying to get of his. Actually, he was trying to get rid of her so that she would not be around when Tim returned home. Janet nodded her head and, after assuring them again that she was fine, agreed to leave. Belinda told Trevor that she's worried that Janet might "snap" because of the problems she's having with Tim. Trevor asked Belinda to track down Janet and make sure that she's okay.
Tim was released early from jail and Derek escorted him home. As luck would have it, he was returning at the exact moment that Janet was leaving. In a defiant voice, Tim told Janet to "go to hell." Janet tried to make peace with the boy, but with every word widen the chasm between them grew a little bit wider. Derek criticized Tim for being too rough on Janet. Tim defended his position and said that Janet is "evil" and that he's afraid of her. Derek nodded his head and commented that he believes that Janet is being sincere. Once inside, Tim wanted nothing to do with his father. Trevor wanted to talk about what had happened. Tim patronized his father by saying that he knew that stealing Janet's car was wrong. In the same breath he described the horrible conditions he had to endure in prison. Trevor decided that it might be best for Tim to go to boarding school. He said that he'd spoken to Dr. Tolan, a psychiatrist, and learned that boarding school might give Tim the structure and independence that he needs. Tim was crushed by the news. He felt that his dad was trying to dump him off. He successfully fought back tears but not his anger. Once his dad left the room, he called is friend Oyster and asked him for his help in getting even with Janet.

Dimitri arrived at Vadzel and contacted his security team. When the men arrived, they denied knowing anything about Tad's supposed imprisonment in the wine cellar. Tad hinted that the guards had to lie because they were working for Dimitri. Then came Tad's saving grace, or so he thought. Eugenia returned from her shopping trip and entered the room. She stared directly at her late husband's doppelganger. Tad urged her to tell everyone that she'd seen him the night before in the cellar, but Eugenia said nothing. Her pride had gotten in the way. Mick agreed that Tad must have been lying and announced that he was leaving. Eugenia apologized to Tad, but said that she couldn't tell everyone that she thought she saw her dead husband because they'd think that she was senile. Dimitri summoned Corvina and told her that Edmund was in Budapest trying to cause trouble. Corvina told the Count that Gloria had taken Maddie to the infirmary. Someone Dimitri knew that something was amiss and asked Corvina to keep Tad occupied so that he couldn't case any more trouble.

Kelsey and Gillian arrived at the suite at the Valley Inn and were given a formal introduction. The woman who had gone out of her way to keep her name a secret identified herself as Victoria St. James. She pointed to a second woman named Penny. Penny led them to a rack of silky outfits and told them to change into something a little more comfortable. While the two girls were out of the room, Penny commented that "the brunette" possessed a great deal of sophistication. "The blonde," Penny sneered, is naïve. Victoria assured Penny that Kelsey would go along with whatever their plans because she is in awe of the money. Gillian and Kelsey returned to the room wearing their new frocks. A few minutes later, the "corporate executives" began arriving. Penny pulled Gillian aside and told her that she could make a lot more money by doing more than "hostessing." The second phase requires "more intimate things." If she wasn't sure before, Gillian was now certain that Victoria was running a prostitution ring. Another knock at the door signaled the arrival of still more men---about a dozen men. Police. Derek entered the room and announced that everyone was going to be arrested!

Tim met Oyster in a cellar. He asked Oyster to help him slip inside of an old pipe or some type of machinery. Oyster was perplexed and asked why Tim would want to hole himself up in a smelly old pipe. Tim grinned devilishly and told Oyster that he plans on telling everyone that Janet put him there.

At the hospital, Edmund bribed a nurse to allow them to take a peek at Dimitri's medical records. Gloria looked over the chart and found that Dimitri was, in fact, AB-positive. Edmund nodded his head and told Gloria that he would never lie to her. He offered to explain to her how the paternity test results were altered, but Gloria didn't want to hear him out. Until the results of Maddie's blood work, that the nurse agreed to perform, had come back she, she wasn't going to believe a word Edmund had said. A short time passed and the nurse returned toting Maddie's test results. As Edmund had stated, Maddie was tope O-positive. Gloria now knew that everything Edmund had said was true. She fought a losing battle with her tears. She motioned to a nurse to give Maddie to Edmund. As Edmund held his daughter, Gloria broke down in tears. Dimitri burst into the hospital and flashed Edmund an evil glare. Then he saw Gloria crying and his expression changed from stone cold furor to shock. He knew that the truth had come out.

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