The 1999 Dankies
Paternity Storyline Wins Top Prize
Posted Sunday, December 19, 1999 - 8:41:53 PM
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For almost the entire year, AMC fans were left to wonder when everyone would find out that Adam Chandler was really Colby Martin's biological father. At the completion of voting in this year's Dankies, only a handful of people knew the truth. The complex storyline involved Adam having to stay in the background as he watched another man -- Jake Martin --- assume the role of father to Colby. David Hayward got into the act by blackmailing Adam. Of course, David's insistance on revealing the truth spawned another front burner storyline --- the car accident that nearly cost Erica her beauty forever.

The storyline, which we called The Great Daddy Swap, inched past David and Erica's romance for Outstanding Storyline honors. For Least Favorite Storyline, Trouble To The Max was the the big, um, winner. That storyline, of course, featured Mateo Santos learning that he had fathered a child with a former love, Raquel Dion. The revelation broke up Mateo's happy relationship with Hayley Vaughan. Unfortunately, viewers were so upset with the writers for breaking up Mateo and Hayley, that there seemed to be no course of action other than completely getting rid of Raquel and little Max.

Another unliked storyline was Erica's quickie plastic surgery operation in Brazil. Viewers were outraged that Erica's injured face was never shown on the air. They were further irked when Erica headed to South America for a few days and had her face miraculously healed. This storyline came in as the second least favorite of the year.

Tad and Dixie's reunion proved to be a highlight of the year. The couple's New York rendezvous won honors as the Most Memorable Moment of the year. In one scene, Tad was upset that Dixie would not express her true feelings over their breakup several years earlier. Finally, Dixie broke down and showed Tad how she really felt. She slapped him across the cheek not once, not twice, but three times. Also on the memorable scale was one involving another well-liked couple: Mateo and Hayley. The Worst Moment of the year happened at Sounds of Salsa. Mateo poured a shot glass of vodka and pushed it towards Hayley, a recovering alcoholic. Though Hayley fought the urge to drink, viewers were unable to forgive Mateo's cold treatment.

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