Mark Consuelos
Sounds of Salsa spices up AMC
Posted Wednesday, May 05, 1999 - 4:51:52 PM
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When you watch television it's difficult to tell the exact size of a particular set. For example, the parlor at Chandler Mansion seems huge because, after all, it's a room in a sprawling mansion. Of course there is no mansion and the living room is just one of a series of sets that makes All My Children seem so real.

For Sounds of Salsa, Hayley and Mateo have led us to believe that they've been putting in hours of work to get the club ready for its grand opening. But don't be misled. The club set is actually the brain child of Boyd Dumrose, AMC's Production Designer. The set is one of the larger sets in AMC history, but the full set isn't expected to be put together very often. When big events take place, like the grand opening, the entire set has to be put together. But for every day use, only portions of the set will have to be constructed. Using some careful camera angles, viewers will never know what they're missing---or what the set is missing!

According to ABC, every aspect of the set was carefully discussed before anything was built. The furnishings were picked up a New York City store and the walls were painted with colors that matched the colorful tables and chairs.

If you thought that the dancers at SOS were just a little too good to be ordinary actors, you were right. The casting department, headed by Judith Blye Wilson, put out a call to local dance studios in Manhattan. The top dance students from each of the classes were sent to ABC for auditions.

Look for SOS to replace Holidays as the meeting place for the residents of Pine Valley. There are currently no known plans for more mini-concerts like the one done by Tito Nieves on opening day. It seems highly likely, though, that there will be more concerts considering that the stage area is a key component of the set.

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