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The much-anticipated return
by January 1999

Is Eva LaRue returning to All My Children? If you're to listen to a noted gossip columnist from Canada, the answer is yes. If you opt to listen to LaRue's camp, the answer is not just yet. And if you're willing to give me a few minutes of your time, I'll tell you why I believe the answer is a definite yes.

Eva LaRue left the rigors of daily taping nearly two years ago. The move was designed to let the actress spread her wings in primetime and in films. "Head Over Heels," the low-rated, horribly written sitcom that Eva starred in after leaving AMC, was doomed before it even aired. While LaRue has appeared in a primetime television film or two, the movie career never took off either. This is certainly not do to a lack of talent. Eva LaRue is a wonderful actress and one of the most beautiful women to have appeared on television---daytime or primetime. So why the lack of success? Timing is everything. The roles that Eva chose were certainly not the best choices. The character she played on "Head Over Heels" was a scatterbrained counselor at a dating service.

In Pine Valley, Edmund has moved on with his life. He's found someone to open up to---even if he's moving about as slow as a giant tortoise. Fans have not warmed to his new love interest, Kit Fisher, the way they had to Edmund and Maria's relationship. If Maria were to return, Edmund would be forced to deal with his new found feelings for Kit and those of the love of his life, Maria. Presumably, Edmund would ditch Kit in a hurry. For years, men have broken up weddings just as couple was about to say, "I do." Might Maria be one of the first women to interrupt a wedding? It's highly unlikely that Edmund and Kit will get that far, especially since fans do not like Edmund being paired with Kit. If you recall, Tad was to have been linked with Camille Hawkins, but when fans were unreceptive to the couple, the writers went and blew Camille sky high!

My guess is that Maria will have to return during a Sweeps period. Since February is here already, that leaves May, August, and November. August really isn't a Sweeps period, but since college is out during the summer there are more viewers to lure with a big return. I don't see thing playing out in November. That's simply too long to wait especially since Kit's sexual assault investigation will have been long over by then. So, my conclusion is that Eva LaRue will return to AMC in late April or May---and AMC will do extremely well in the May Sweeps period.

To say that I do not want fans to be able to control the storylines is not to say that I don't think we're an incredibly creative and inventive bunch. I've patrolled the message boards on Soap Opera Central and I have seen some excellent ideas for storylines. If I may be so bold, I've even had a few of my own from time to time. Fans of soaps need to remember that the shows are entertainment; they strive for perfection just as any other program does. Soaps try to remain believable, but they also need to have creative license in order to keep us tuning in day after day. As for fans of soap operas, we need to remain patient and allow the writers to work their magic. Our relationship with the soaps is typical of any soap opera relationship. Maybe we're unfaithful on occasion and watch a talk show or another soap. Maybe we get jealous because a particular character isn't on as much as we'd like or a storyline seems to be getting more attention than another. In the end, though, we love our soaps and we have to be willing to stick it out --- for better or worse, in good times and in bad.

Dan J Kroll

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