Cady McClain
ABC confirms McClain's return as Dixie
Posted Monday, May 11, 1998 - 2:10:26 PM
In a move that is sure to make AMC fans rejoice, ABC has announced that Cady McClain will be rejoining the cast of All My Children this summer.

McClain, who had played Dixie Cooney from October 1988 through May of 1996, left AMC to pursue other ventures. Recently she enrolled in a New York art school to study illustration. The Emmy-winning actress says that she'd one day like to do work on a children's book.

On Monday, May 11th, ABC issued a statement confirming that McClain would be returning to the show in July. She will be a contract player drawn back to Pine Valley to be with the love of her life. There's only one glitch at this point---will that love of her life be ready to welcome her back?

All the news, however, is not good. McClain's return to AMC means that the show will lose one character --- Camille. Camille, Tad's current romantic interest, will depart soon after Dixie's return.

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