2014 All My Children Dankies Ballot
Posted Sunday, March 2, 2014 12:39:35 PM
The nominations for this year's All My Children edition of the Dankies Awards have been tabulated, and the top vote-getters have been placed on the final ballot for your votes. It's time now to cast your votes.
Once again, All My Children fans can vote for the best of the best from the year gone by. In January, fans were asked to nominate their choices in a variety of categories, including Lead Actor and Actress, Favorite Character, Favorite Storyline, and Most Attractive Male and Female stars. Those nominations were tabulated, and the top four vote-getters in each category have been placed on the final ballot.

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If you'd like to encourage your friends to vote in this year's Dankies, use the promotional tools below to let everyone know that you've voted. Simply click the "Like" or "Tweet" buttons and you'll be able to show support for your favorite actor or actress. Please note that tweeting or liking a performer does not count as a vote. You must click here to vote.

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Lead Actor
Vincent Irizarry
David Hayward

Thorsten Kaye
Zach Slater

Darnell Williams
Jesse Hubbard

Robert Scott Wilson
Pete Cortlandt

Lead Actress
Julia Barr
Brooke English

Debbi Morgan
Angie Hubbard

Sal Stowers
Cassandra Foster

Denyse Tontz
Miranda Montgomery

Supporting Actor
Matthew Cowles
Billy Clyde Tuggle

Martin Harvey
Uri Harvey

Michael Nader
Dimitri Marick

Eric Nelsen
AJ Chandler

Supporting Actress
Lindsay Hartley
Cara Castillo

Jill Larson
Opal Cortlandt

Cady McClain
Dixie Martin

Brooke Newton
Colby Chandler

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