All My Children gets new head writers in writing team shakeup
Posted Friday, May 24, 2013 12:00:02 PM
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All My Children has reshuffled its writing team. In a statement, AMC creator Agnes Nixon announced the hiring of two new co-head writers, both of whom she said have a "long and stellar history" with AMC.

There are more changes coming to All My Children. One week after the show's episode load was reduced, Prospect Park has announced that it has replaced the show's head writing teams.

Lisa Connor and Chip Hayes have been named co-head writers of AMC in a move that is believed to bring on a writing team that will be better able to handle AMC's new two-episode-per-week format.

"It is now my pleasure to announce that the future stories involving the lives of All My Children's beloved characters are from now on in the capable hands of the co-head writers Lisa Connor and Chip Hayes, both of whom have a long and stellar history with our program," AMC creator Agnes Nixon said in a statement.

"Lisa Connor collaborated with me on the final draft of the All My Children Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Family Album. For two years she also served as a line producer of the program and was creatively involved in plotting and writing daily episodes since 2002. In addition to his six years as a producer on Melrose Place, Chip Hayes in 2003, became a vital member of those devising the ongoing drama of All My Children. He remains in this crucial work through its incarnation on the internet," Nixon continued.

The Emmy-winning Connor currently has been working as the script editor of All My Children. In addition to her previous work with AMC, Connor has also worked on As the World Turns, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, Guiding Light, and The Young and the Restless.

Chip Hayes, who has been serving as script writer for All My Children, also has previously experienced as a writer, director, and producer of the primetime soap, Melrose Place.

The other members of All My Children's reshuffled writing team are script writer Rebecca Taylor, Suzanne V. Johnson, scripter writer Joanna Cohen, and story coordinator Tara K. Walsh.

The changes means that Marlene McPherson and Elizabeth Snyder, who helped launch the AMC reboot, are out.

"I agree with Prospect Park's decision to replace the head writing team for All My Children," Nixon stated. "However, I particularly want to thank Marlene McPherson and Elizabeth Snyder for their incredibly positive dedication to the show and their constant helpful attitude during many long hours of intense work. It is greatly appreciated."

For its part Prospect Park said that it hopes the changes help provide even stronger storytelling.

"We are excited for the opportunity to put the lives of our characters in the capable hands of the new writing staff," Prospect Park said in a statement. "We appreciate their commitment to great storytelling that will build upon an already solid foundation."

New co-head writers were also appointed at One Life to Live.

According to a show source, the changes are not totally unexpected. Faced with a short turnaround time when production on All My Children and One Life to Live resumed, Prospect Park hired experienced soap writers who could get stories cranked out in a relatively quick period of time. Now that the broadcast schedule has been adjusted online, the company is "taking steps to really develop long-term story."

Do you think changes were needed? We'd like to hear from you, send us feedback or post your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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