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Vincent Irizarry inks deal for AMC reboot
Posted Friday, December 28, 2012 4:41:36 PM
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Emmy winner Vincent Irizarry reports that he's signed on to appear in Prospect Park's planned Internet relaunch of All My Children. The actor notes that the reboot isn't yet a done deal, but urged fans to continue their support of the show.

Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward) wants to continue breathing life into the doctor that everyone loves to hate. The long-time soap vet has informed fans that he has signed a contract to appear on Prospect Park's planned relaunch of All My Children.

"Happy to share that I just signed on with Prospect Park for the All My Children reboot," Irizarry informed fans on his Facebook page. "Excited to bring dastardly Dr. David back to life, as he did for so many others, and to see my dear friends in Pine Valley once again. A great, big thank you to all the fans for your tenacity in keeping the hope alive. You're awesome!!! Let's all keep our fingers crossed together that it becomes a reality."

Irizarry's most recent on-screen love interest, Lindsay Hartley (Cara Castillo) has also reportedly signed a deal with Prospect Park.

The Emmy-winning Irizarry has a long history with All My Children. The actor joined the show in November 1997 for what was to have been a short-term role. Several months later, Irizarry was given a long-term contract, and he remained with the show through 2006. Irizarry subsequently returned in 2008 and remained with AMC through its final episode on ABC in September 2011.

During his time away from AMC, Irizarry played David Chow on The Young and the Restless. Prior to his time on AMC, Irizarry earned fans for his work as twins Nick McHenry Spaulding and Brandon "Lujack" Luvanoczeck on Guiding Light. Irizarry also appeared in the late 1980s as Santa Barbara's Scott Clark.

Irizarry earned an Outstanding Supporting Actor Daytime Emmy in 2009. He was nominated as Lead Actor in 2002, and in the Younger Actor (then called Outstanding Younger Man) category in 1985.

Prospect Park, which secured the rights to All My Children and One Life to Live in 2011, is once again making a push to broadcast the shows on the Internet. It shelved plans late last year after running into various roadblocks.

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