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Has Susan Lucci nixed appearing in the web-based AMC?
Posted Tuesday, September 06, 2011 5:33:34 PM
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Could All My Children continue without Susan Lucci? The show might have to, as a newly published report claims that Lucci rejected an offer to continue with AMC when it moves to the web. Even worse, plans for AMC to continue could be shelved.

With less than three weeks until All My Children's final broadcast on ABC, word is emerging that the show's transition to a web-based format are not going as smoothly as fans might hope. A newly published report states that the show's most recognizable star, Susan Lucci (Erica Kane), has rejected an offer to continue with the show.

"[A]fter a two-week deliberation, Susan Lucci has turned down Prospect Park’s offer to stay on the show," Nellie Andreeva wrote in a blog for industry site Deadline Hollywood.

Citing an anonymous source, Andreeva went on to say that Lucci had requested to work fewer hours and to get a commitment for a primetime series. Deadline Hollywood had previously reported that Prospect Park's offer to Lucci guaranteed the actress a salary that was on par with her most recent ABC pact. The blog goes on to say that Lucci attempted to "gouge" the new production company for a higher salary.

Susan Lucci has offered no public comment on the story, but according to at least one fan attending the actress' September 7 book signing at the New York Friars Club, Lucci told fans, "Don't listen to the media."

The report of Lucci's rejection came just a few days after she was in the news for another matter. As first reported by last week, Lucci has updated her memoir, All My Life, to include an epilogue about All My Children's cancellation. In the new chapter, Lucci blasts ABC Daytime chief Brian Frons, and former head writer Charles Pratt, Jr.

Some soap skeptics wonder if the story of Lucci's diva-like attitude is retribution for speaking out in her memoir.

"We have all the respect in the world for Susan, and are sorry she felt the need to write this epilogue to an otherwise incredible career,” ABC said in response to Lucci's remarks.

Deadline Hollywood also reported that "Prospect Park may reevaluate its short-term strategy for the two soaps and put its muscle behind the higher-rated OLTL, while moving AMC to the back burner."

Meanwhile, than mood at One Life to Live is decidely happier. One Life to Live will also move to an online format after its conclusion on ABC in January. Prospect Park released a statement that it had reached deals with four of One Life to Live's stars to continue on with the show.

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