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Lindsay Hartley discusses her AMC role
Posted Thursday, November 04, 2010 5:40:57 PM
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In just about a month, former Passions and Days of our Lives star Lindsay Hartley joins the cast of All My Children. In a new interview, the actress reveals how she angled to be part of the ABC soap's lesbian storyline and what's ahead for her new alter ego, Cara.

In a new interview, soap vet Lindsay Hartley discusses her excitement over her new All My Children role and reveals that she made the first move -- not ABC -- to land a gig in Pine Valley.

Hartley debuts next month in the role of Cara Finn. As previously reported by, Cara is actually Jake Martin's former wife, Carolyn. Hartley explains that "Cara" is simply a nickname for Carolyn. It's been seven years since actress Amanda Hall Roger originated the role of Carolyn.

"When I was told I was leaving Days, I had my management contact some of the L.A.-based soap operas," Hartley told TVGuide Magazine's Michael Logan. "[AMC exec producer] Julie Carruthers and her casting director, Judy Wilson, wanted to meet with me. Incredible women! I was blown away by both of them. I was so open to anything and everything going in there -— I even told them I'd love to do a lesbian storyline with Bianca. Bianca [being revealed] as a lesbian was an awesome story. I'd love to be a part of that."

In addition to discussing how the AMC role came about, Hartley also dished a little bit about her upcoming storyline. AMC viewers already know that Jake and Cara were married, but during their time together working with Doctors Without Borders, Cara left Jake for a truck driver. The details of the split have never been addressed on-air -- until now.

"I can't say what's really going on in her life but I think it's incredibly creative and well thought out," Hartley teased. "I really dig it! And Griffin [the new character played by Jordi Vilasuso] is heavily involved as well."

Hartley is best known to daytime viewers for the nine years she spent as Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald on Passions. Hartley was hired last year as a high-profile recast for the role of Arianna Hernandez on Days of our Lives. A year after her hiring, DAYS execs opted to write her character off-canvas.

Hartley will first air on December 9.

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