Alicia Minshew
Alicia Minshew reports back to work on All My Children
Posted Tuesday, July 13, 2010 1:50:19 AM
As previously reported, Alicia Minshew will be back on AMC fans' television screens full-time beginning next month. The Emmy-nominated actress is back at work following an extended maternity leave. And in an added surprise for fans, she'll be joined by Thorsten Kaye.
After an extended break from All My Children to spend some time with her newborn daughter, Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart) reports back to work this week. And the Emmy-nominated actress won't be returning to Pine Valley alone: she'll be bringing along a very familiar face.

It's been several months since fans caught their last glimpse of Minshew. The actress went on maternity leave in late 2009, but she's appeared on-screen a handful of times since then. Minshew appeared briefly in scenes that aired in January to fete All My Children's 40th anniversary. In April, Minshew appeared in a week's worth of episodes involving Greenlee's return from the dead and the memorial service for Palmer Cortlandt.

Minshew's return should defuse rumors that the actress wants to leave the show. Minshew's status with All My Children has been fodder for rumormongers since last summer when ABC announced that the long-running soap would be moving from its New York home to Los Angeles. It was widely believed that Minshew did not want to relocate to the West Coast because her husband owns several restaurants in New York. Still, some sources continue to assert that Minshew will remain with AMC only through the end of her contract.

An ABC spokesperson has previously assured that Minshew "is not leaving All My Children."

Just in case Minshew's return isn't enough to have AMC fans jumping for joy, Minshew's on-screen husband, Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater), will also be returning -- though Kaye's stint is only slated to last a short time.

It is unlikely that Kaye will make any long-term appearances on All My Children any time soon. The actor has gone on record several times stating that he doesn't like the idea of working so far away from his partner, Susan Haskell, and their children.

Minshew returns on August 9. Kaye shows up a week later on August 16.

Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/ABC

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