Kate Collins
Kate Collins returns to AMC's orbit
Posted Sunday, April 11, 2010 12:30:46 PM
Things in Pine Valley often seem out of this world, but next month the small Pennsylvania town will be visited by something from another planet. Well, sort of. Kate Collins will reprise her role as Janet "From Another Planet" Green and cause headaches for her daughter, Amanda.
As previously reported by, Kate Collins (Janet Green) is headed back to All My Children. The actress, who was last seen in Pine Valley nearly three years ago, will be back to cause turmoil in Amanda's life beginning later this month.

"Janet, in her insanity, thinks she can manage Amanda’s career better than anyone else and wants to take her and the grandbaby off to Europe. She’s even made fake passports," Collins tells Michael Logan of TVGuide Magazine. "And of course she sees Amanda’s husband, Jake, as a big threat to all this. He’s an obstacle and he must be dealt with!"

For viewers who just tuned in to All My Children recently, Janet became pregnant with Amanda after she tossed her sister, Natalie, down a well, assumed her identity, and slept with Natalie's lover, Trevor. Several years later, after Natalie died, Janet and Trevor became close and were eventually married. Off-screen in 2005, Janet killed Trevor and stuffed him in a freezer. Janet had apparently stopped taking her medication and went off the deep end. Janet has made several appearances since then, and her sanity has been very much in question in each of those visits.

In Janet's latest escapade (escape-pade?), she manages to sneak out of Oak Haven wearing a nurse's uniform. She's also apparently become extremely savvy with computers, thanks to classes she's taken in the sanitarium.

Collins first appears on April 30.

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