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Amanda Baker
Amanda Baker is headed back to AMC
Posted Monday, June 01, 2009 2:28:38 AM
Amanda Baker will reprise the role of Babe Carey beginning this week. Her character, however, remains very much dead. Instead, Babe will appear as a vision to David -- and possible other Pine Valley residents. Baker debuted on All My Children in October 2007. She exited the show a year later.
Amanda Baker (Babe Carey) will reprise the role of Babe Carey this week. Fans hoping for a miracle resurrection may be in for a disappointment. Baker will be appearing as a ghostly vision in a handful of episodes.

Last October, All My Children viewers were glued to their television sets a series of tornadoes cut a path through Pine Valley. Babe was forced to make the difficult decision to sacrifice her own life for that of her son's. While Little A survived, Babe later succumbed to the injuries she'd sustained when a wooden beam pinned her to the ground.

A show source told that Baker knew that she'd be leaving the show for several months prior to her actual exit.

Baker tells Soap Opera Digest that she said "yes in a heartbeat" when contacted by the show about a possible return. The actress will get the chance to interact with her on-screen father, Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward). Irizarry returned to All My Children after Babe had died and the only previous scenes Baker shared with Irizarry were as a dead body.

Baker makes her first of several appearances on June 4.

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