Hogan Sheffer
Sheffer says he's staying at ATWT
Posted Sunday, December 01, 2002 9:19:14 PM
Hogan Sheffer has broken his silence about the rumors that have him taking over head writing duties at All My Children. In short, Sheffer says that while he's flattered that his name is being bandied about as the show's new head writer, he isn't leaving his gig at As The World Turns.

Sheffer signed a new contract with Procter & Gamble Productions, the producers of CBS's As The World Turns, in April. While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, Sheffer now states that the deal has him remaining as the wordsmith for the fictional town of Oakdale for another 18 months.

Of course, there are some fans and inside sources that remain adamant that Sheffer is headed to ABC's All My Children. Sheffer has been a very public fan of All My Children for quite some time. Upon accepting the Outstanding Writing Team Daytime Emmy in 2001, Sheffer announced that he had been convinced that the AMC scribes deserved the award.

ABC has not yet announced who will succeed Richard Culliton as head writer at All My Children. Culliton was released from the show in November after just a year as the show's top scribe. There have been other names tossed around - even while Sheffer was said to be a shoo-in. Among the names was that of Megan McTavish, a former head writer for All My Children. As for Sheffer, he muses that when his contract with As The World Turns expires in 2004, he might listen if ABC comes calling.

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