Eric Dearborn
Gabriel, Eric Dearborn out at AMC
Posted Sunday, August 05, 2001 11:20:46 AM has learned that Eric Dearborn (Gabriel) has been let go from All My Children. The actor joined the cast on April 20th of this year.

According to the actor's official web site, it would appear that the character of Gabriel is one of the first casualties of AMC's new writing regime.

"I've pretty much been searching for the right words to say and am still not sure how I want to say this without possibly offending some people," says Dearborn. "Early [S]eptember is the last show [in which] Gabriel Devane will [appear]."

Dearborn remains reluctant to tell fans to begin a writing campaign to "Save Gabriel." While fans are already mobilizing for a fight, the actor explains, "As [for] writing into the studio to keep me on, that is your business."

Remaining optimistic, Dearborn philosophically remarks, "[T]here are no goodbyes just [I]'ll see you later. And who was that kid that said the sun comes after the dark?"

The role of Gabriel will not be recast. Stay tuned to for further details on Dearborn's release from AMC and an exclusive interview with the actor.

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