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The final Dankies ballot is here!
Posted Monday, December 04, 2000 3:53:05 PM
After an extensive counting and recounting process, the nominations in this year's Dankies have all been counted. Thankfully, the only dimples involved in our counting process are the ones on the faces of some of the nominated performers. But we're still not able to pick a winner.

That's where you come in.

The final Dankies ballot is now online and waiting for your votes. We've amassed the top vote getters in each of the sixteen categories. You did not have to place nominations in the previous round of balloting --- the final ballot is open to everyone. Additionally, we've placed all of the Supporting and Leading Actor and Actress nominees into one Outstanding Overall Performer category. It's going to be a difficult choice, but you'll have to pick one nominated actor or actress as this year's top performer.

If you're ready to vote, click here and you'll be able to cast your votes. If you have net yet signed up for your FREE Soap Opera Central username and password, you'll need to take a few moments to do so before you can vote. To register, simply visit our Registration Desk.

The Dankies ballot was filled with a lot of surprises this year. Some of the names on the ballot have been there before --- and many are previous winners.

The Outstanding Leading Actor category features four familiar names - Canary, Callahan, Nader and Irizarry. All four were nominated last year. The Supporting Actor category features just one new name: Josh Duhamel (Leo). Duhamel was a big winner in the nominations phase. In addition to Supporting Actor, he was nominated as Best Newcomer and his character earned a nod in the Favorite Character field.

Duhamel's on-screen love interest, Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), also received a heap of praise. Budig was nominated in the Supporting Actress category and she'll butt heads with Duhamel in the Newcomer section of the ballot.

Both Duhamel and Budig were nominated in the Attractive Performer categories.

This year there were more nominations in the Most Memorable Moment than in any other year. With ten contenders, 2000 may just have been one of the more memorable years of All My Children.

AMC fans again showed that they can be a fickle bunch. Several of the nominations in the Most Memorable Moment showed up in the Worst Moment and a few Favorite Storyline nods popped up in the Least Favorite Storyline section.

Robin Mattson and James Kiberd (Janet and Trevor) were both nominated in the Most Missed Performer category. They'll go against Forbes March (Scott) and Mathew St. Patrick (Adrian).

The Outstanding Recurring or Special Role category saw the most new faces of any category. Only one performer, Lynne Thigpen (Grace), is a repeat nominee. Other nominees include Colleen Dion (Leslie) and Joseph Barbara (Paolo).

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