Daytime Emmys
AMC shut out at the Daytime Emmys
Posted Friday, May 19, 2000 11:12:09 PM
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It wasn't the best of nights for All My Children. About a dozen Pine Valley residents crowded into Radio City Music Hall for the 27th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Two of these residents, who double as professional actors in the real world, were even nominated for awards.

For fans of AMC it was a long wait until they actually got to any awards categories in which AMC or its stars were nominated. In fact, for the first half of the show there was barely a trace of All My Children.

Susan Lucci (Erica) hosted the annual awards show. Kelly Ripa (Hayley) and Mark Consuelos (Mateo) and John Callahan (Edmund), Vincent Irizarry (David) and Finola Hughes (Alex) were featured presenters.

Photo: Husband and wife, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

AMC was completely shut out of the winners' circle on the night. Nominations for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series and Outstanding Drama Series were unfulfilled. In the acting categories, AMC was similarly passed over.

David Canary (Adam and Stuart) lost out for the second consecutive year to General Hospital's Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer). Former General Hospital star --- and Emmy winner --- Finola Hughes gave The Bold and the Beautiful's Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester) a standing ovation as her name was read as the Outstanding Lead Actress. Flannery is a previous Emmy winner, but she hasn't won since 1975!

The good news is that AMC did win a few Emmy Awards --- two technical awards to be specific. The people who make it possible for viewers to actually see the show each and every weekday were honored for their hard work. The awards for (take a breath) Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design for Drama Series and Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design for a Drama Series were given to All My Children. In total, All My Children was up for eight technical awards, which included a nomination in almost every technical category!

Perhaps the stars of film and primetime television could learn a bit from their daytime counterparts. Nearly everyone up for awards or on stage as a presenter was dressed to the nines. Cameron Mathison (Ryan) looked quite dapper in all black. Finola Hughes could easily have walked away with Best Dressed honors, except for that fact that the Emmys don't honor individual's attire. Her fellow presenter and on-screen love, John Callahan, appeared to have forgotten the top button in his shirt.

Photo: Hughes is the best, Callahan flashes chest.

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