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Are All Those Returns Really True?
by Winter 2000

You've seen the items on the Internet and in your favorite soap magazines ---- so-and-so is coming back to All My Children. You wait, you watch, and that person never shows up on your television set.

For well over a year now, AMC fans have been hearing that Eva LaRue Callahan (Maria Santos Grey) wants to return to the show. And for just about as long, the actress has said that if she returns to daytime she will only return to All My Children. There were reports that LaRue turned down an offer from the now defunct NBC soap, Sunset Beach. For many that proved that AMC still held a special place in the actress' heart.

More recently, rumors began circulating that Keith Hamilton Cobb (Noah Keefer) and Sydney Penny (Julia Santos) were being courted by the writers for a possible return. Cobb was spotted by an AMC Pages reader just a few blocks from the ABC studios in New York. Still, Noah and Julia have not made the trip back to Pine Valley.

So how are you supposed to know when a report is true and when it's nothing more than hot air? It's not easy.

Every show and every network has its leaks. A person or persons who blab secret details to the media or other outlets. What many fans don't know is that many of the leaks come directly from the networks themselves. This seems to greatly contradict the frequent "no comment" quotes from shows, executive producers, and network gurus. Look at it this way: These leaks keep fans buzzing and generate interest in the show. Let's suppose that no one was told about Finola Hughes' (Alexandra Devane) plans to join AMC last year. There would have been no expectations by fans --- and many might not have even bothered to tune in if they hadn't known that Hughes was joining the cast.

If a writer tosses around an idea of having a particular character return to the show, that does not mean that the character is, in fact, returning. But if someone overhears the talk --- they could mistakenly assume that the return is already in the works. This rumor gets distributed to the newspapers, radio, and Internet. It's not true, but no one really knows that.

So let's get back to the aforementioned trio.

It is true, according to a spokesperson, that Eva LaRue Callahan wants to return to All My Children. However, the actress wants some time away from the day-to-day grind of filming a soap. She's had about three years of rest, but that still might not be enough time. In her "spare" time, LaRue has filmed several television movies and taped appearances for the Lifetime cable channel with on and off-screen husband, John Callahan (Edmund Grey).

Sydney Penny did return to daytime television since she left AMC back in December 1996. This past summer, the actress filled in on Sunset Beach while another actress was filming a movie. From there, the Emmy nominated actress, headed to yet another soap --- this one a primetime gig. Penny signed to appear on the Aaron Spelling soap, Beverly Hills: 90210. Strangely, Spelling also produced the since-ended soap Sunset Beach. Penny has never ruled out a return to AMC, but her return could be dependent upon former co-star Keith Hamilton Cobb.

Daytime seems like a distant memory for Keith Hamilton Cobb. The actor is currently in Washington DC appearing in Shakespeare's Coriolanus. Cobb has a background in classical acting and has often referred to his days on AMC as a stepping stone to other, more lucrative ventures. Later this year he'll also appear in "Andromeda", a syndicated drama series. Cobb declined a request by soapcentral.com to discuss his plans for the future or his current projects through his spokesperson, saying that an interview he'd granted to a soap opera magazine was the last he'd give.

It's been said that Michael Nader (Dimitri Marick) would also like to return to the show. He's been gone only a few months, but many sources say that he'd like to return --- even if it's only a few days per week. That report has been echoed over and over by various media outlets.

So in the end, it's not as easy to sift through reports as you might think. As with everything, The AMC Pages strives to present the most accurate and dependable reports. Sometimes, though, sources prove inaccurate or the executives change their minds at the last minute. Nevertheless, count on The AMC Pages and Soap Opera Central to continue to provide you with the latest news and information.

Dan J Kroll

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