MARICK Family Tree
Hugo Marick (deceased)

a. Flora (deceased)
     c. Edmund Grey (deceased)
     Raised at Wildwind as Alfred Gresham's son.
          m. Maria Santos (Married March 1994; see Santos)
               c. Samuel Carlos Grey (born 1996; adopted)
               Biological son of Bobby Warner and Kelsey Jefferson.
               c. Madelyn Flora Grey (born 1997)

          m. Brooke English (Married: August 2003; invalid; see English)

          m. Maria Santos (Married: June 2003; see Santos)

m. Anna Sporades (deceased) (see Andrassy)
     c. Dimitri Marick
          a. Corvina Lang
               c. Anton Lang
                    m. Kendall Hart (married 1995; annulled; see Kane)
          m. Angelique Voynitzeva
          Daughter of Helga Voynitzeva, the Maricks' housekeeper.
          m. Erica Kane (Married: 1993; divorced; see Kane)
          m. Erica Kane (Married: 1995; divorced; see Kane)
          m. Gloria Marsh (Married: 1997; see Chandler)
          m. Alexandra Devane (Married: 1999)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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