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The Dankies: 2010-2011

Thousands upon thousands of fans of All My Children cast their votes by their choices for the best of AMC. Here are their nominations and winners.
Following are the final results of the 2010-2011 Dankies for All My Children. Winners are marked with a right angle quote (»).

Outstanding Lead Actor
David Canary (Adam Chandler, AMC) 22 %
Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward, AMC) 28 %
» Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater, AMC) 30 %
Jacob Young (JR Chandler, AMC) 18 %
Outstanding Lead Actress
» Melissa Claire Egan (Annie Chandler, AMC) 41 %
Susan Lucci (Erica Kane, AMC) 7 %
Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart, AMC) 28 %
Debbi Morgan (Angie Hubbard, AMC) 22 %
Outstanding Supporting Actor
» Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake Martin, AMC) 40 %
Michael E Knight (Tad Martin, AMC) 32 %
JR Martinez (Brot Monroe, AMC) 9 %
Darnell Williams (Jesse Hubbard, AMC) 17 %
Outstanding Supporting Actress
Rebecca Budig (Greenlee Smythe, AMC) 28 %
Stephanie Gatschet (Madison North, AMC) 27 %
Jill Larson (Opal, AMC) 15 %
» Chrishell Stause (Amanda Dillon, AMC) 29 %
Outstanding Newcomer
Trent Garrett (Asher Pike, AMC) 9 %
Lindsay Hartley (Cara Castillo, AMC) 28 %
Christina Bennett Lind (Bianca Montgomery, AMC) 20 %
» Michael Nouri (Caleb Cooney, AMC) 41 %
Outstanding Younger Performer
Brittany Allen (Marissa Tasker, AMC) 7 %
Natalie Hall (Colby Chandler, AMC) 31 %
Jake Vaughn (Spike Lavery, AMC) 21 %
» Finn Wittrock (Damon Miller, AMC) 39 %
Most Attractive Male Star
Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward, AMC) 11 %
Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater, AMC) 34 %
» Jordi Vilasuso (Griffin Castillo, AMC) 37 %
Jacob Young (JR Chandler, AMC) 16 %
Most Attractive Female Star
Melissa Claire Egan (Annie Chandler, AMC) 17 %
Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart, AMC) 19 %
» Chrishell Stause (Amanda Dillon, AMC) 42 %
Denise Vasi (Randi Morgan, AMC) 20 %
Favorite Storyline
Angie's Choice: A selfless, but careless gesture to save a life renders Angie blind. At about the same time, Angie learns that she is pregnant. Instead of taking medication that could harm or kill her baby, Angie decides to accept the loss of her sight. (AMC) 21 %
The Best Town in America: Hayley Santos returns to town to celebrate Pine Valley being named the Best Town in America. The special documentary relives 40 years of memories and brings back some familiar faces. (AMC) 18 %
Crazy For You: Once bitter enemies, JR and Annie are unable to deny their attraction to each other anymore. After a few romps in the sheets, they decide that they should make their relationship official -- but it also has to remain a secret. (AMC) 27 %
» Palmer's Gift of Love: Once married and often bitter enemies, Adam and Brooke find their way back to each other when Brooke steps in to make sure Annie isn't using Adam. Palmer's death makes Adam realize that he's always loved Brooke, and the two leave town together. (AMC) 32 %
Least Favorite Storyline
Mountain Man: Erica Kane's private plane crashes in a remote region of West Virginia, where she is rescued by a gruff mountain man. The two bicker, but eventually become business partners when it's learned that Caleb is Palmer's nephew. (AMC) 19 %
Not Ex-Zach-tly How We Planned It: Zach worries that his business partners might have it in for him. During what was to have been a routine flight to pick up Ryan and Greenlee, Zach's plane explodes, and with it, so do Kendall's plans for a happily ever after. (AMC) 25 %
» Rylee Ever After: Greenlee's arranged marriage to David hits a snag when she and Ryan realize that they still love each other. (AMC) 41 %
Who Didn't Kill David Hayward?: Pine Valley's most hated man, David Hayward, drops dead at a party -- and everyone's a suspect. Greenlee takes the fall and is sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison, until David turns up very much alive. (AMC) 13 %
Favorite Character
» Annie Chandler (AMC) 35 %
Greenlee Smythe (AMC) 14 %
Kendall Hart (AMC) 19 %
Zach Slater (AMC) 30 %
Least Favorite Character
Caleb Cooney (AMC) 10 %
Greenlee Smythe (AMC) 20 %
» Marissa Tasker (AMC) 37 %
Ryan Lavery (AMC) 31 %
Most Memorable Moment
The Corpse Bride: David gleefully invites his enemies to watch him marry a mystery bride. When the bride's veil is lifted, everyone learns that Greenlee Smythe is still alive. (AMC) 22 %
The Mourning After: A grieving Kendall walks into the courtroom and blasts David for Zach's death, telling him she wants the guilt to eat him alive until there's nothing left. (AMC) 20 %
The Walking Dead: Greenlee is sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison in jail for the murder of her husband, David Hayward. As she is led away in handcuffs, David appears in the door of the courtroom. (AMC) 19 %
» Welcome Home, Uncle Palmer: As Palmer Cortlandt's loved ones gather after his death to share their memories, Dixie Cooney makes an unexpectedly heavenly appearance to welcome her uncle 37 %
Favorite On-Screen Couple or Duo
Jake Martin and Amanda Dillon (AMC) 25 %
Jesse Hubbard and Angie Hubbard (AMC) 23 %
JR Chandler and Annie Chandler (AMC) 19 %
» Zach Slater and Kendall Hart (AMC) 31 %
Most Missed Performer
Julia Barr (Brooke English, AMC) 10 %
David Canary (Adam Chandler, AMC) 38 %
» Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater, AMC) 44 %
James Mitchell (Palmer Cortlandt, AMC) 6 %
Outstanding Special Guest or Recurring Role
» Julia Barr (Brooke English, AMC) 70 %
Eddie Matos (Rev. Ricky Torres, AMC) 15 %
Shannon Kane (Natalia Fowler, AMC) 12 %
Wanda De Jesus (Mayor Iris Blanco, AMC) 2 %
Outstanding Overall Performer
Rebecca Budig (Greenlee Smythe, AMC) 4 %
David Canary (Adam Chandler, AMC) 6 %
» Melissa Claire Egan (Annie Chandler, AMC) 20 %
Stephanie Gatschet (Madison North, AMC) 1 %
Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake Martin, AMC) 4 %
Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward, AMC) 10 %
Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater, AMC) 11 %
Michael E Knight (Tad Martin, AMC) 6 %
Jill Larson (Opal, AMC) 0 %
Susan Lucci (Erica Kane, AMC) 5 %
JR Martinez (Brot Monroe, AMC) 0 %
Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart, AMC) 12 %
Debbi Morgan (Angie Hubbard, AMC) 7 %
Chrishell Stause (Amanda Dillon, AMC) 1 %
Darnell Williams (Jesse Hubbard, AMC) 1 %
Jacob Young (JR Chandler, AMC) 3 %

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